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2023-12-24 14:03:27

05 - Inpainting additional details

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We now have our wall in place .

So let's go ahead and finish the lower half of this image or the lower third and let's create a floor .

So I'm gonna use my rectangular marquee selection tool and let's just select out that bottom portion .

Now , I wanna make sure I'm at the top of my layer stack because I wanna want this to see that floor and to see the shadowing because that will help guide it to a solution .

So in this case , I'm just gonna type in wooden say platform , just see what happens .

We can always modify that if we need to and there's the results actually , that's not too bad .

Oh That looks pretty good .

That one .

Yeah , that one looks really good .

I like that .

It's got a lot of nice character .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , the one problem with this is that we do have a little bit of that edge along the bottom and I wanna get rid of that .

So I'm just going to use my polygonal lasso tool and just select out the bottom of this .

Now , let me show you a little trick that you can do with generative fill and that is , you can use it as kind of a super duper content aware fill .

So if you don't put anything in it , it's going to look at the pixel surrounding that selection and use that as the guide .

So all I have to do is just select , put nothing into the text and hit generate .

So generative fill basically just fills in that gap .

And if we go to this layer , we can go over to our properties .

And you can see we have a couple of different options here .

So I'm gonna select option three and let's use that .

Now , I want something else on this table or this platform .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so let's go ahead and add in some more colors on either side .

So on this side , I'm just going to use my regular lasso tool and let's just kind of sketch out an area that we want to fill with flowers .

Well , what do we want to fill this with , let's say bunches of pastel colored flowers , see what happens ?

Not bad , not quite pastel , that's not too bad .

Oh That looks really good .

I actually like this a lot .

And so what we can do now is we can start to work with this .

So one of the things I can do is I can take this layer and we can just add into it .

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video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's see what happens if I do a generative fill between here and here and just don't put anything in there and see if we can generate some more flowers based upon what's already in there .

That's not quite what I'm looking for .

So let's go ahead and just type in again that same prompt , bunches of pastel colored flowers .

See if we can force it to create something similar .

OK .

Well , it kind of bridges that gap a little bit .

Now , another thing we can do is we could actually raster these layers and just paint whatever we want .

So I can select say the layer below four and three and we can create a new layer , let's just call this flowers , flowers left .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then all I have to do is just do a merge down control E and so now I've got these kind of baked into a layer .

So one of the things I could do is just take this layer and move it over a little bit , say I wanted a little bit more flowers there .

And all I have to do now is select this and let's do a generative fill and see what happens there .

So now actually , it's much better filling in this gap than it is this gap .

So just by moving this layer over a little bit , I can fill that in .

So I've got a little bit of a mark here from where I move that .

So I'm just gonna go ahead and select out that wood and just do one more generative fill .

Now , we can do the exact same thing on the right side of the image to create some more flowers over there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm gonna leave that up to you to create .

So as you can see , we've kind of filled in that detail , we've added a lot more flowers .

So I'm gonna give you the exercise of adding those same flowers over on the other side .

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