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2023-12-24 08:42:40

7 WORST Beginner Print on Demand Mistakes to Avoid

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Why are some shops able to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month while others are left seemingly picking up the scraps that are left behind or worse , getting nothing at all .

Now , after four years of growing my own multimillion dollar print on demand business , I can confidently tell you that actually reaching $10,000 a month isn't too difficult if you follow the steps that are in this video , so that you don't end up like the other 99% .

These are the seven tactics that will take you from being one of many to one of few without having to outwork everyone or burn out in the process .

Ladies and gentlemen , one of the primary reasons that 99% of people don't actually reach their financial goals is because they simply don't actually know where or how to get started .

You feel lost in information and potential opportunities that are around you .

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Paralyzing you from getting started in my experience starting is the hardest step as silly as it sounds just getting signed up and positioned to start your business or side hustle puts you ahead of 80% of the other people which makes you 80% more likely to reach your financial goals .

This is the first and most essential step that can never be skipped and it only has to be done once .

Now , I've made this step really easy for us .

After you watch this whole video , you'll be able to download the quick start guide , which will walk you through everything that you need to know to set up a business that's ready to sell in less than 10 minutes completely for free .

Following these steps , it will put you on the right track to making $10,000 a month and beyond .

Now , the second issue at hand is a common belief with drop shipping and print on demand .

And that's that the market is oversaturated .

The idea that there's more sellers than buyers for the products that are available with over 7 million competing sellers .

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There must not be any room to actually win right to explain this .

We have to talk about a video that I made about a year ago .

Now , if you had followed this tutorial from the beginning of the year where I showed you how to use A I to make it digital download art , you could have done something pretty incredible .

Like the handful of people who actually got started .

A lot of people were scared since there's millions of other listings in this niche , but a few people pushed on regardless .

See if you had decided to try this out as well .

You may have found that like this shop called Antique White Art that opened on February 18th , which was just 22 days after I posted that initial video , what they did was ignore the competition and consistently post listings for months until things really took off .

Now with over 30,000 sales and about 100 and $89,000 in revenue .

Over the last 11 months , this shop is doing quite well and all this beautiful artwork that's making them a fortune is made using A I .

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This is just someone from Austria using this strategy to make a bag online .

And sure , maybe this is just a one off example , except that it's not .

This shop called Lexington Prince uses the exact same business model that I dove into in detail a year ago .

And they've just been slightly less successful with about 13,000 sales .

But what makes this shop so unique is they started selling all of their A I artwork on August 8th of 2023 which means that all of their success happened in the last four months time .

They clearly didn't care about the millions of other listings that they were competing with .

And I think it's safe to say that t-shirts are another competitive niche , right ?

With about 10 million other listings .

How could anybody be successful ?

Well , what about this shop called us Quality Shirts .

They're not doing anything too crazy .

All of their designs could be made in Canva or in fig a like what I teach .

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But what's most interesting is that they joined Etsy January 27th of this year , they didn't make any sales at first , but because they were consistent in March , they finally started to take off and they ended up making over 28,000 sales so far in their first year .

Were they worried about selling one of the most competitive products on Etsy ?

No , they just made it work .

Becoming a successful seller .

Doesn't mean running away from the competition or finding a hidden niche .

It means finding competitive products that have high demand and adding a small unique twist .

If you had followed my A I product tutorials , you would be set for years .

The problem is that 99% of people get paralysis when they see all the competition and they feel like there's no spot for them with the billions of dollars that are spent on Etsy each year .

There's a spot for everyone .

You simply have to carve out a spot for yourself .

Competition means that there's demand .

Now .

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Maybe you did watch my videos from a year ago when A I was blowing onto the scene and you were part of the few that actually tried it .

But as the year went on , you didn't see as many sales as you would have liked .

So over time , you slowly stopped trying as hard .

But what if I told you that to reach 10 or even $20,000 a month .

All you had to do was simply follow the method of learn and try see some shops open up and post 100 and 37 listings for sale .

They're all basically the same product and they seem simple enough .

And after just being open for six months , they're pulling in well over six figures .

Now , that's obviously ideal .

But for a lot of shops , it takes months of work without seeing any kind of payoff .

That's definitely the case with this shop that's selling A I generated mockups , which I mentioned in a video earlier this year as well .

Uh They had to post over 2900 listings to finally grow their shop to the point .

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It's at , I'm sure that a lot of their mockups didn't sell , but that's ok because look at how successful they are .

Now , when you have a longer term mentality , you're able to keep going , keep making products without feeling like a failure or like you're wasting your time .

This beautiful meme explains success .

Quite simply .

I am telling you that all you have to do is learn and try the issue is that most people will reach the upper stage where they don't get any results and they feel overwhelmed with all of the work that they have before them .

This is also known as the Valley of Despair .

But eventually , if you keep learning and trying , you'll get the results that you're after the difference between the 99% and the 1% is two fold first , they don't give up on learning and trying because that's all there is to do anyway .

Second is arguably the hardest sacrifice that you'll make in growing your business .

And that's the sacrifice of time .

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It's incredibly painful to spend time working on something with uncertainty that it's going to pay off in the way that you had it planned out in your head .

When you're learning and trying to grow your business , you have to just allow time for it to grow .

If we look at really any successful shops like this one here on Etsy , they're from Denver , Colorado , which is pretty cool because that's where I live right now .

But they're focused on selling high quality prints .

They have consistency in all of their listings and their mockups and they have a professional vibe , but it's really not their logo or their banner or their business name or any small detail or even their products that are substantially better than anyone else's .

They've been successful because they've been consistent over time .

We can see that they've posted over 2000 listings , which would be a lot of work , but they've been working on their shop since 2015 .

They took the slow and steady approach and now they're making over $13,000 a month .

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And again , since these are digital products , that's almost all profit after they pay the Etsy fees .

Is it worth posting 2000 products to make $13,000 a month in passive income ?

To me , that's a no brainer .

I know that I would rather spend nine years working on my own business that will pay me six figures and working for someone else for nine years to still have to work for them .

But then also maybe get paid six figures .

Even if you spent nine years like this shop has posting one listing every day .

Even excluding weekends , you'd have a 2349 listings and a digital download business that could make you $10,000 a month .

Passively , if you can't make it through the months where you're not seeing direct progress in , it sometimes feels like you're moving backwards , then you won't be around when things start taking off , even if you do the lowest amount of work , but still have time on your side .

You can still get there whether it's a digital download or print on demand business .

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This is why I've spent so much time developing strategies for making products faster .

And why I spent over $20,000 on the print five product upload a program that I just released .

You can check out that video if you want to .

But even with all the A I tools and the automation that I've built , the next reason that 99% of people really never reach their goals is because when their motivation fails and they're feeling discouraged , they have to fall back on a system .

A good system allows you to sit down and work on your business at different stages of the process , regardless about how you feel about the work .

This is why I developed the temp platties , produce post system .

You build out a template which is an almost finished product that we can slightly modify in multiple ways to get a completely new product .

Large shops I have understood for a while that having more listings directly correlates to more sales , just looking at the top seven figure shops , they all have thousands of listings making them millions of dollars .

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So if listings are a variable that we can control a good system would allow us to post more listings while working less on our business .

Now , back when I got started out , I went up my shop , I posted a few listings for sale and then I'd work on it a little bit here and there some weeks being much more consistent than others .

I remember sitting in the corner of my room at my desk staring at the screen .

I had made maybe my 10th sale online .

I felt like it was never going to be enough money if I could only make 10 sales every month or every week or whatever it was now .

Instead of being like , ah , this kind of sucks , maybe I should switch businesses or get a higher paying job .

I decided to double down and build out a system that would allow me to increase .

The only thing that was in my control , my output .

If I work the system enough , I can predict the output .

A strong system means that even when I don't feel like doing something , I can walk through the process and the system will help me knock it out .

Now , 99% of people who start this business just start throwing stuff at the wall hoping that something will stick .

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Only a very , very small percentage of people take the time necessary to build out a great system that allows them to continuously scale their business .

Now , after generating millions of dollars with the print on demand business model , I can tell you that the next one isn't exactly obvious , but it's completely necessary in order to succeed , you must master one product at a time .

This is difficult to do because 99% of people will post multiple products to widen their net thinking they'll get more sales , but it'll backfire because the other 1% of people who are only focused on one product will always beat them .

You do this by making the product your niche and then you target customers using designs and positioning .

But again , don't believe me , look at the numbers .

This shop is selling mugs and even more specifically just print on demand camper mugs .

If we look at their overall sales they've sold over 21,000 units .

And aura estimates that they've made $11,000 just this month .

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This shop is selling just ornaments .

Now , this might not seem too special or impressive .

Plus people only buy ornaments once a year for Christmas .

So their sales probably aren't that good .

Right .

Well , Aura estimates that this shop has made millions of dollars since they opened up just five years ago .

Even the newer less established shops that are still focused on just one product such as ornaments are able to compete heat and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a couple of years .

Just by staying focused , you get your foot in the door by mastering one product at a time and this works for almost any product .

There are 67 and eight figure earning shops selling all products from t-shirts to Tumblr wraps to phone cases and they've only gotten there by focusing on one product at a time .

This approach can make you feel like you're missing out on selling everything else .

When in reality , you're just maximizing how much you're going to make with one product .

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My own six figure shops are each focused on just selling one product , one shop that just sells print on demand products like the ornament shops that we just looked at by focusing on one product .

I could be more effective than any of the competition who's trying to master two or more products at a time .

They'll be half as effective selling each of their products .

Now , at my stage , I do run multiple shops that each have their own product , but I'm able to do that because I've grown each of the products and learned how to scale them past six figures .

And the final reason that prevents people from reaching their financial goals with print on demand , drop shipping is that 99% of people genuinely don't believe that it's possible or they do believe that it's possible , but they aren't sure if it's possible for them .

This disbelief will cause most people to never take even the first step towards success .

Why would you even start if you don't think you can get there ?

This is why to me it's important to show you behind the scenes of real life shops that you can check out for yourself .

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All of the numbers and data is available publicly .

This is also why I've built the Alec Discord where our community can check out some of the wins from other people in the same position as where you might be doing the same exact business .

This is why I'll show you the actual numbers from the viewers who are subscribed to my channel and making thousands of dollars a month .

This is why I recommend coming and scrolling through and looking at the seven and eight figure shops , looking at these businesses and studying what they're doing so well , absorbing their vibes and their success and basically surrounding yourself with success will program you to believe and act differently .

You'll start to see frequencies and patterns and you'll notice that you start to choose to act like a successful business owner and not just some random shop online .

I show you these things not to flex on you because there's plenty of other people who can do that better than I can , but rather get you to believe what's truly possible .

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This business is not reserved for anyone special , but rather just those who are willing to commit to learn and try .

I hope this video was helpful and stay dangerous .

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