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2024-05-31 19:51:48

Vitamin B6 Can Cause Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

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Hey .

I'm back with a redo of a past video I did because there was an error in it and the topic is this .

If you take a vitamin b6 in the wrong form , the wrong type , it has the potential to cause vitamin b 6 deficiency symptoms .

So vitamin b 6 is supposed to prevent these , but taking the wrong form can actually cause these symptoms .

So what is the wrong form ?

A pyridoxine , hydrochloride .

Okay ?

Now in the past video , I left out this part right here .

If you're taking pyridoxine from a natural source , let's say it's from a food source or nutritional yeast that's not fortified with some other synthetic vitamin , this is a natural source .

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So really has everything to do with the source because this version comes from petroleum esters , hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde .

Okay .

So you want to avoid that .

So this is a no , but these are a yes depending on if the source of this is from a natural source .

You also have a few others , pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxal 5 phosphate .

These are all good as well .

And it's not even necessarily the amounts of this that you take , it's the type of B6 .

Taking the wrong type can set you up for a deficiency of the actual thing you're trying to correct .

Normally , b 6 helps you control cortisol .

That's why it helps reduce stress .

Also , vitamin b 6 helps make serotonin , the hormone that gives you a sense of well-being .

It's an anti depression , anti anxiety hormone .

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Also , b 6 is involved in turning amino acids into glucose through this process called gluconeogenesis , making new sugars out of non carbohydrate sources .

So if you can't do that , then you're gonna constantly have a blood sugar issue and that can create these symptoms just from that alone .

So how do you become deficient in B6 ?

By taking the wrong source , synthetic version .

Drinking alcohol can create a b 6 deficiency .

Stress can do it .

Having inflammation , birth control pills , having malabsorption .

There's a gut issue .

You can't absorb it .

And certain genetic problems like what's called polymorphism where you have this defect in your gene that won't allow you to absorb it , that could be another factor .

Alright .

Thanks for watching .

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