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2024-05-30 13:17:45

Vitamin B6 - Benefits, Deficiencies, Causes, Symptoms, and Sources – Dr. Berg

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Hi guys .

In this video , I wanna share with you some information on vitamin b 6 .

Okay ?

Now vitamin b 6 is kinda like a co enzyme .

It's a helper vitamin involved in so many different body chemical reactions .

It's kinda like the the catalyst , the thing that allows everything to work .

It's like the glue that connects things together .

But you have the inactive version , okay , and then the active version which is called Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate .

It's PLP .

K .

And , if you're gonna take a supplement , I think I would recommend this active form because it's stronger and it's , it's pretty effective for a lot of different things .

So let's just kinda go through , the symptoms that you would have , if you were gonna take this .

1 is carpal tunnel syndrome .

Okay .

Also fluid retention .

Okay .

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Pins and needles , sleep problems , neuropathy , that's nerve damage , trigger finger , fatigue , dermatitis , cracks in the corners of your mouth right here , sleepiness to the point where you need so much sleep and you can't seem to recover .

K .

I mean , you can't seem to wake up , basically .

You're just like sleeping .

You're just not waking up .

K .

You might have a child like that that just won't get out of bed .

Give them some b 6 .

Okay .

Heart attacks , mainly due because a b 6 deficiency will increase , something called homocysteine which I'm gonna put a link down there below but it's an it's a risk factor for heart attacks and heart problems .

Okay ?

Alright .

So the function is a catalyst for over a 100 enzymes mainly in protein reactions .

Helps you make the blood .

Makes GABA which is a neurotransmitter that helps with your mood and relaxation and stress and pleasure .

It makes helps you bring your mood up .

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Glycogen breakdown , it breaks down sugar so it's involved in blood sugars .

It's involved in metabolism in general and also in the making of neurotransmitters .

And that would be like serotonin and everything .

Those are all protein based .

What would cause a deficiency , which is interesting because this is on a lot of foods .

It's very easy to get this vitamin , but it's really not that you're not getting it from your diet .

It's that either maybe you're drinking , you know , alcohol that could be depleting it , or you're diabetic or have blood sugar problems because insulin can lower that as well .

Insulin resistance , liver damage or dysfunction , gallbladder problems , ear , bowel issues , leaky gut , any type of IBS , any type of bowel problem .

Let's say you had gastric bypass , rheumatoid arthritis , birth control pills , antibiotics , or steroids which is adrenal hormones like cortisone or prednisone .

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That will deplete this and you may find that , you know , you can start developing these symptoms and all you have to do is take some of this and you'll start feeling better immediately .

Okay .

So I just wanted to mention it and thanks for watching .

So press the subscribe button and this is misspelled so I can't spell .

So I'm gonna have to add that in here .

Okay .

Take 2 .

Press the subscribe button and , I can't even say this .

Hey , if you're enjoying my videos , press the subscribe button below and I will keep you updated on the future events .

Thank you so much .

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