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2023-08-24 08:00:48

The 12 Best AI Tools That Change EVERYTHING!

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Either he could have 10% of the programmers or you can have the same number of the programmers producing 10 times as much stuff .

Yeah .

And I think there's going to be a lot of trade offs like that .

You'll the once these things start being created , there'll be hugely more stuff created .

Artificial intelligence keeps getting bigger , better and even crazier , it can reply to your emails , edit your pictures most naturally turn your words into videos and so much more .

I found the top 12 A I tools that are currently changing the world that you need to try out ASAP .

Let's check them out .

Number one A I photo mixing the cool A I tool used to achieve .

This is called Osto gram and it can be accessed from both your phone and computer .

These A I tools help you fuse together two pictures in all shades of perfection .

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This helps you take two pictures that you took differently and put them together in just a single image to achieve something more distinct and amazing to get this done .

Go to their website , upload the two images you want to work on , select your preferred style and in a matter of minutes , something unique and magical will be generated for you .

Number two , text to video .

Let me show you how you can turn your words into videos with this tool named Runway Ml .

The best thing is that it is free to sign up and you can use it on your phone and PC .

After signing up , the first thing is to click on the introducing gen two option and it will take you to a place where you can input your text prompts after inputting your prompt , for example , you can type a short click about two guys shaking each other's hands afterward , click on the preview option and it's going to come up with various options for you to pick from , select your favorite one from these options .

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And it will generate something for you based on your prompt .

It's crazy because this tool helps you make a video out of your thoughts .

All you only need to do is to write down your ideas and run them on this tool .

But do you know the best part with time ?

This will even get better and more improvements would be made .

Number three , the next generation of A I art , it is easy to think that A I art has reached the peak of its functionality .

However , with this next tool , there are still more functionalities that A I art can perform .

Clip drop has a provision for this with one of its tools named stable diffusion XL to access this tool , go to clip drop dot co and head over to the tool section where you will see it .

These A I tools have multiple abilities and they all make it unique and special .

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Once you input your prompt , you have the option to select your favorite style and then click on the generate option in a matter of seconds , you get beautiful and artistic artwork that perfectly matches your prompt clip drop .

Also has another tool named UN crop , which can help you resize your image by putting in your A I generated picture or any other picture of your choice .

It gets more interesting with another tool from this same website named re light that allows you to adjust the light setting and light source .

You can adjust the brightness shadowing and color and do all other editing settings .

This is crazy because it offers you so much control in a way any other A I art cannot number four A I emails .

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This is a new Google A I that will transform the form in which emails are written first , go to this address to sign up for the workspace where you will access this A I to use this head to gmail to try composing any email .

There is a new icon below that helps you create a mail based on the prompt you input inside the prompt bar of this tool , you also have the option to recreate the mail to your taste and it can also reply to the mail .

Another cause of excitement is that this tool works in Google Docs and you can create a prompt , asking it to create a copy of whatever you need and it will be generated in a matter of minutes .

The good news here is that this tool can be accessed for free .

Number six A I QR codes , this A I generated QR code took people by surprise and its wonders will wow you to access this A I tool head over to QR Craft dot XYZ and it can be used on your phone and computer .

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Once you're on the website , you might find it a little complicated , but with time , you can find your way around it at the top of the website type in your prompt , which should be made up of a short description of what you want your QR code to be characterized with afterward .

Paste the link where you want the QR code to take people then click on generate in a matter of seconds .

You will get an authentic and original QR code that has never been used anywhere before .

Number seven , the best A I tool for deep fake .

This A I named Reface A I on their website , scroll down till you get to this place where you can see options to swap faces to use this first upload your desired video .

Next , choose the face you want to swap to , you can get interesting face characters .

Like many of the celebrities , you know , in a matter of minutes , your video will be generated and now you have your video characterized by an entirely different face .

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This is a hilarious app as it has other features that can also allow you to put your face on someone else as well .

Number eight , create A 3D A I world .

This A I named Skybox is an exciting A I tool that will blow your mind .

Once you get to their website and drag the mouse around , you will see a view of a 360 degree world .

And the interesting part is that you can create your own , go over to the create new button and click on it afterward .

Type into the prompt bar , your desired description of any view you would like to see and the result will blow your mind .

It can create a city landscape feature that has never been seen before .

It has a menu named realistic , which allows you to pick any style you want to work for .

And there are many styles to pick from .

Number nine A I transformation with this tool named Wonder Studio .

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Your transformation is even about to become bigger and better to get started .

Sign in for free , make a video record of yourself or your friend doing anything in a particular video and then go over to their website and click on create new project , import the video you want to transform for the A I to detect what it needs to change .

It is important that you scrub through and choose a frame where the person in the video is highly visible .

Once the A I scans the body , you can choose the character you wish from the available list of options and drag and drop it into the video .

After processing your transformation video is up and ready .

This A I tool can allow you to do exciting things like transform yourself into an alien robot or any other exciting personality .

You want number 10 , generate A I images for free .

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Let me teach you how to get unlimited art generations from diffusion B Unfortunately , this download can only be done by Mac users as a Windows version will be out soon .

The download doesn't take much time .

So you will get this done in minutes after downloading open it and go over to the bar type in whatever you would like to generate rate and move over to the various options below the prompt bar to choose the style option .

This option jades up different styles of prompts that will help you get a better result when you are done , click on the generate button and there you have your final result .

The beautiful thing is that this is free and it allows you to generate images even with your internet connection off when stable diffusion XL comes out , you can download and upload to diffusion B so that you can have access to these A I art tools on your computer to generate vast artwork .

Number 11 mix .

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So this is a website creation tool that requires you to input only a prompt with this prompt .

It will develop a full landing page email list , subscriber management tools and even come up with a brand base and business logos for you .

The great thing is that all of these are done in minutes .

These A is are best for trying out ideas before an actual site is built .

It creates your full site in minutes and you can run ads , drive traffic and do other marketing strategies .

Note down how many people sign up for the email list and use this to gauge how much demand is before building an actual product number 12 11 labs .

This is probably the best voice clone A I that helps your audio sound in the most natural and realistic way ever .

You can upload recordings of your voice and fit them into a script with this script having audio .

That is exactly your voice .

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You can add intonation , emotions and other features to your content .

With these A I tools above your life is about to get better and more fun and much more productive .

We would love to hear from you , feel free to comment on your favorite tool in the comment section below .

A lot of research was done to put this video together , show us support by liking this video and sharing it with your friends too .

See you in the next video .


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