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2023-11-05 22:33:28

News Wrap - Zelenskyy warns conflict with Russia will spread without more aid

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Ukraine's president called on the United States to provide more funding in his country's ongoing war with Russia .

President Biden has pressed Congress to pass a spending bill that includes billions in weapons aid for Ukraine .

But so far only a bill with money for Israel is advancing in Congress on nbc's meet the press .

President Vladimir Zelensky warned that without additional help , the conflict will spread .

He spoke in both English and Ukrainian .

If Russia will kill all of us , they will attack NATO countries and you will send your sons and daughters and it will be I'm sorry , but the price will be higher .

Ukraine is defending both the European Union and the European continent and our common values .

The Russian military reported today it has successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile designed to carry nuclear warheads .

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Video from the Russian Defense Ministry shows it launching from a new nuclear submarine somewhere in Russia's northern White Sea .

It's not clear when the test took place .

Voters who went to the polls in Moldova today for nationwide local elections amid claims of Russian meddling the former Soviet Republic sits between Romania and Ukraine and last year became a candidate for EU membership .

Today's vote will elect nearly 900 mayors and 11,000 local councilors authorities there maintain Russia has been conducting hybrid warfare to undermine the vote .

And two days ago , the Prime Minister announced a ban on candidates from a pro Russian party .

And there are two new winners of the New York City Marathon and one new course record .

Tamara Toll of Ethiopia won the men's race in two hours , four minutes and 58 seconds .

That's eight seconds faster than the record set in 2011 in the women's race .

It came down to the final stretch when Helen obey of Kenya pulled ahead to win .

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She also won the Boston Marathon in April .

Still to come on PBS News Weekend .

A look at description and over the counter drug shortages across the country and the story of the first native American to earn a medical degree .

This is PBS News Weekend from W ETA studios in Washington .

Home of the PBS news hour , weeknights on PBS .

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