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New Beginnings _ Horror Stories _ Scary Stories

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Chapter 1 .

New beginnings .

My name is Sarah , and I am a 28 year old marketing specialist .

In 2018 , I resided in a charming 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles .

This residence featured large windows and offered a delightful view of the city .

While I appreciated the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles , the financial burden of living alone became increasingly challenging .

Consequently , I decided to seek a roommate .

I posted an advertisement on Craigslist and received several responses .

1 applicant , a 25 year old named Mark , distinguished himself from the others .

He appeared to be an ideal candidate .

Clean , quiet , and respectful .

Our initial meeting went well , and we quickly established a rapport .

Subsequently , Mark moved in on July 1st .

Initially , everything proceeded smoothly .

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Mark was amiable , and we frequently engaged in conversations or watched television together .

Although he exhibited some idiosyncrasies , I attributed these to his introverted nature .

Chapter 2 .

Strange Behaviors .

As the weeks passed , I began to observe peculiar behaviors in Mark .

He would frequently stay up late at night , either typing on his laptop or watching videos .

On several occasions , I overheard him whispering to himself or muttering unintelligible phrases .

When I inquired about these actions , he dismissed them , claiming he was either working on a project or talking to himself to maintain focus .

Over time , his behavior grew increasingly erratic .

He neglected to wash his dishes and often left trash scattered around the apartment .

His mood swings became pronounced with sudden transitions from calm to irrational anger .

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Despite my attempts to address these issues , he consistently dismissed my concerns , attributing his behavior to stress or fatigue .

Chapter 3 .

The nightmares begin .

1 night , I was awakened by the sound of Mark screaming in his room .

I rushed to his door , but it was locked .

I could hear him crying and pleading with someone , although there was no 1 else in the apartment .

I tried to calm him through the door , but he continued screaming .

The next morning , he behaved as though nothing had happened , leaving me confused and concerned .

In late August , the situation took a darker turn .

Mark entered the apartment 1 evening , muttering to himself and pacing back and forth .

I attempted to ignore him , but he began knocking on my bedroom door , whispering my name repeatedly .

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When I opened the door , I found him standing there , his eyes wild , and his face contorted into a grotesque grin .

He started ranting about how I was just like the others , and how he had been waiting for me .

I was paralyzed with fear , unable to move or speak .

As he closed in on me , His hands reaching out like claws .

I snapped out of my trance and fled the apartment , not stopping until I was several blocks away .

I never returned to that apartment and never saw Mark again .

Later , I discovered that he had a history of mental illness and had been off his medication for months .

His behavior had been escalating , and I was the final trigger .

Chapter 4 .

Lessons learned .

Reflecting on the events , I realized that I should have recognized the warning signs earlier .

Mark's quirky behavior and mood swings were red flags .

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But I had dismissed them , thinking he was merely an eccentric roommate .

I learned a valuable lesson .

Trust your instincts and do not ignore warning signs .

The experience left me deeply shaken and I still have nightmares about it .

However , I am grateful to have survived and learned from my mistakes .

By sharing my story , I hope to warn others about the potential dangers of living with a stranger , and the importance of trusting one's instincts when something feels off .

Chapter 5 , a new perspective .

Following my experience with Mark , I moved in with a college friend , Emily .

We shared a small apartment and got along well .

However , strange occurrences began to happen again .

Initially , it was small things , like finding cryptic notes on my car windshield or my desk at the library .

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The notes contained messages such as , I'm always watching you or you're mine .

I tried to dismiss them as pranks , but the notes persisted .

They appeared in my mailbox , on my phone , and even on my pillow .

It felt as though someone was following me everywhere , monitoring my every move .

I became increasingly anxious and fearful , constantly looking over my shoulder .

When I discussed it with Emily , she shrugged it off , suggesting that I was being paranoid .

Despite her dismissal , I knew what I saw and felt .

Someone was stalking me .

Chapter 6 , unveiling the stalker .

As the days went by , the notes became increasingly frequent and menacing .

They conveyed messages such as , I know what you did last night , and , you can't hide from me .

I felt trapped in a relentless cycle of fear .

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1 night , upon returning home , I found Emily waiting for me in the living room .

She asked about my evening , but her demeanor was unsettling .

She seemed nervous and fidgety with her eyes frequently darting toward the door .

It was then that I realized Emily was the 1 stalking me .

She had been monitoring my every move and sending those ominous messages .

Overwhelmed by a mixture of fear and anger , I packed my bags and left that night , never looking back .

I did not inform anyone , not even the police .

I simply wanted to forget and move on .

Chapter 7 .

Another encounter .

Years later , during my junior year at the University of Michigan , I met Michael .

Both engineering students , our friend ship blossomed through late night study sessions .

We decided to rent a house off campus with 2 other friends .

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Initially , everything seemed fine .

Michael was quiet and introverted , but a great listener and always willing to help .

However , as the semester progressed , I noticed strange behaviors .

Michael would spend hours in his room , sometimes not emerging for days .

When he did come out , his eyes were sunken , and his skin was pale .

1 evening , I found him staring at a blank wall .

His eyes fixed on something invisible .

He did not respond when I spoke to him , sending a chill down my spine .

Chapter 8 .

Descent into madness .

Michael's obsession with true crime podcasts and serial killers became disturbing .

He spent countless hours listening to episodes , taking notes , and researching cases .

He grew convinced that our neighborhood was haunted by a serial killer , and his paranoia escalated .

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1 night , I woke to find Michael standing in my bedroom doorway , his eyes wide with fear .

He whispered , I saw him .

I saw the killer .

Despite my attempts to calm him , he was adamant that our house was being stalked .

As months passed , Michael's behavior became increasingly erratic .

He etched strange symbols into the walls , and his room transformed into a shrine to true crime memorabilia .

His obsession consumed him , and our friendship began to deteriorate .

The final straw came when I discovered a hidden journal in his room .

The entries were cryptic , describing a dark dark presence haunting him and urging him to commit unspeakable acts .

It was clear that Michael's descent into madness was complete .

Chapter 9 , the final escape .

Terrified of what Michael might do , I moved out of the house .

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Our friends tried to intervene , but he refused help .

The last I heard , Michael had been institutionalized .

His mind consumed by the darkness he had invited in .

In retrospect , I realized the horror was not supernatural , but the slow unraveling of a troubled mind .

Michael's obsession with true crime and serial killers had become a self fulfilling prophecy , driving him to the brink of madness .

Epilogue .

Moving forward .

These experiences left me scarred , but they also imparted valuable lessons about trust , intuition , and the fragility of the human mind .

By sharing my story , I hope to warn others of the potential dangers lurking in the shadows of seemingly ordinary life .

Always trust your instincts and never ignore the warning signs .

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