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2024-04-24 01:12:17

Metaphors _ English For Kids _ Mind Blooming

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Metaphors .

Metaphors are a direct comparison between two things .

It's like saying one thing is something else .

For example , if an author says he has the heart of a lion , that means he's saying that boy or that man is brave .

If the writer or author says she has the heart of gold , that means he's saying she's kind .

When someone says my brother was a real bear this morning , that means he's saying his brother was grumpy .

There was a blanket snow on the streets .

When you use the word blanket , you mean that it's fully covered .

So that means the streets are fully covered with snow .

Now let's compare similes and metaphors .

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Similes use words like or as to compare , while metaphors directly compare both things .

Something is something else as we've seen in the previous examples .

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