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2024-01-24 09:20:58

Law 1 - Never Outshine the Master - psychology of success explained #manipulation #robertgreenebooks

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I shouldn't be telling you this .

But the secrets of power and success that any person from Donald Trump to Mr Beast use like a cheat code to get anything they want .

Can be yours too .

Today will be the first part in a 48 part daily upload series .

Condensing hours of intensive reading into a simple and effective guide based on Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power .

Now let's make a deal .

Hit that like button right now and save the video and revisit it in six months .

If your life hasn't significantly improved after this series , feel free to take it back .

So give your tiktok brain a two minute break .

Listen and prepare to have your entire perspective flipped on its side law one never outshine the master want a smart way to climb the success ladder .

Here's a pro tip .

It's not about always being in the limelight .

Sometimes the real power move is to play it cool , especially with those in charge .

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Think of it as strategic invisibility , knowing when to step back and let others take the stage picture this you're in a meeting and you have this brilliant idea instead of taking all the glory , you casually pitch it , giving your boss room to be on it .

The idea takes off and your boss is impressed .

But here's the kicker , your boss notices your contribution and values your teamwork .

You've not only got your idea implemented but also earned brownie points with the boss setting you up nicely for future recognition and opportunities .

This tactic is rooted in understanding social dynamics and psychological egoism by not overshadowing your boss .

You're aligning with their inherent desire to feel competent and respected .

It's a psychological win win .

Your boss gets a boost in self esteem and you're seen as a collaborative and insightful team player .

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This approach is about triggering the reciprocity principle in psychology where your boss feeling acknowledged and supported by you is more likely to return the favor and kind .

You've subtly influenced their perception , ensuring they associate you with positive experiences , which can lead to trust and more significant opportunities in the long run .

It's a clever play of cognitive biases where your restraint and tactical support lay the groundwork for your ascent .

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