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2024-01-23 12:00:04

3 Most Powerful Seduction Techniques! #seduction #manipulation #psychology #darkpsychology

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Three dirty seduction techniques to make a woman obsessed with you .

Number one , push her away , say things like , oh I thought I liked you until you did that .

Beautiful women have men crawling at their feet .

If she has everything , she doesn't want anything .

And when you push her away , you're saying you cannot have me , she'll do everything she can to get a man .

She can't have .

Number two , make yourself less available .

Focus on your work .

Not only she will wonder what she can't get your attention so easily , but she will appreciate your work ethic and determination .

Number three , create competition .

Mention casually that there might be other women in your life .

When women sense a bit of competition and the possibility of losing your interest to someone else , they become more focused on you .

Turning that focus into genuine interest .

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