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2024-07-07 11:42:15

The Worst Sugar Alcohol (Artificial Sweeteners) for Weight Loss - Dr. Berg

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So today , we're gonna talk about the absolute worst sugar alcohol .

Now the first thing you need to know is that sugar alcohols are not alcohol .

It has nothing to do with alcohol .

So that's 1 thing .

They're basically low calorie sweeteners , that don't get totally absorbed .

There's something called the glycemic index , which basically is things that you consume that spike the blood sugar .

The higher on the scale , the worse the spike in blood sugar .

The lower the scale , the less the effect on blood sugars .

Okay ?

So we want a 0 effect , if possible on the glycemic index as being a good sweetener .

Erythritol will give you a 0 effect .

Okay ?

So it has , it does not spike your blood sugars at all .

Some people have a lot of bloating .

Sometimes people don't like this because it's very cold .

It gives a really cold , sensation , but it's in used in a lot of different things .

Okay ?

Xalitol is 13 .

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So that's pretty low .

That's the 1 I like .

So it it's not 0 .

It has a slight effect .

If you're having just a small amount , it's gonna be okay .

But just make sure that anytime you're doing these , it's a , organic or non GMO , product .

Sorbitol is 9 .

That's pretty low .

Isomalt 9 .

Lactitol 6 .

And mannitol is 0 .

Certain doctors use this for glaucoma .

They will inject you to actually help intracranial pressure as well .

I don't actually recommend this 1 even though it's 0 .

But the worst 1 is maltitol .

There's a glycemic index of 52 .

I mean , table sugar is 62 or 63 .

So this is crazy high .

So this is gonna spike your blood sugars big time .

So maltitol is the 1 that you want to avoid .

And also there's a bunch of other ones that I didn't list as well , but I'm just kinda giving the basic ones .

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And of course , I'm assuming you already know to avoid the artificial sweeteners like aspartame , which comes as equal or nutraSweet or saccharin , which is sweet and low or sucralose , which is Splenda .

So I'm assuming , you know , you already know that these are not very good .

They create problems with your microbiome , your , microbes , your friendly bacteria in your gut .

They create fluid attention .

They're linked to insulin resistance , a lot of other issues .

Stevia is a really good sweetener .

Monk fruit is good .

Inulin is a fiber .

A lot of people are using that .

Sometimes you might get too bloated if you have too much .

So it's always a balance of trying to find a sweetener that is very similar to sugar that doesn't have an aftertaste .

K .

That doesn't affect the blood sugars , but then doesn't give you the bloating , the gas , and the diarrhea .

So different people react differently with different sweeteners .

So you just have to test it out and see what works good for you .

Alright .

Well , thank you so much for watching .

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Hey , guys .

So there's a whole bunch of people that really need this information .

So press the share button and let's get it way out there .

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