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2024-07-08 10:21:51

The Problem with Stevia

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This is another reason why you need to start reading the labels very carefully , because of the assumption that just because something is keto friendly like Stevia , it's healthy .

Right ?

Well , on a lot of the brands out there , they'll have things like maltodextrin .

Now that is an oxymoron because you're buying Stevia to go low sugar .

Right ?

When the actual Stevia in it has the absolute highest type of sweetener on the glycemic index of all the sweeteners , maltodextrin .

I think it's like a 110 .

I mean , think about like sucrose .

That is 65 .

Glucose is a 100 .

Maltodextrin is over , like , a 110 .

So it's gonna definitely spike your blood sugars .

So you really wanna make sure it doesn't say maltodextrin or dextrose or dextrin , any of those types of sweeteners .

Now that's Stevia on the wrong .

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Sweet leaf has inulin , which is fine for most people , but it can create some bloating .

And then you have better Stevia , organic cane alcohol .

Well , I'm not sure you wanna consume that .

Then you have pure Stevia , which is organic Stevia in natural flavors .

1 little point about natural flavorings is many times they will use GMO ingredients .

So you wanna make sure if it's a natural flavoring that's non GMO .

But for the most part , if you can just get Stevia by itself , it's gonna be okay .

Ideally , it'd be great if you can get stevia that's actually green .

It's not , turning to this white powder , which they use certain chemicals to bleach it .

And , of course , they don't need to put those chemicals in the label if it's under a half of a gram .

But they do use chemicals to process Stevia to get rid of that aftertaste .

On some people , they're gonna react to it .

Most people are not gonna be sensitive to it , so it's not a big deal .

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But realize that if you do react to it , chances are you're not gonna react to the actual stevia plant if you grow it or if you buy it in a actual green powder .

Personally , I don't like Stevia in my coffee .

I think it's good in a liquid form in certain types of carbonated beverages .

Other people like to bake with it .

But the point about this video is just because something is so called keto friendly , doesn't mean that it's really keto friendly if it has things like this in it .

Thanks for watching .

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