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2024-07-07 10:42:57

Artificial Sweeteners - Monk Fruit, Stevia, Erythritol & Xylitol – Dr. Berg

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Hey , guys .

I had a recent question related to monk fruit and Stevia and erythritol and xylitol .

Which one's the best ?

Which one's the worst ?

So let's just talk about these 4 sweeteners .

Monk fruit , and stevia and erythritol all have a 0 glycemic index , so they will not increase insulin .

Okay ?

Xylitol on the glycemic index is 30 , so it's low , but it's still a little spike .

If you consume this 1 in small amounts , it should not be a problem .

Now , I do use xylitol for a lot of different recipes simply because it really tastes just like sugar .

Okay ?

Stevia has a little bit of an aftertaste , but this is really good in things like , like flavoring water and carbonated water to make like a soda .

And it's good in certain recipes .

Monk fruit also has a slight little aftertaste .

It's really , really sweet , so you don't need much of it .

Both of these are very similar .

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They're they kind of give a little bit of an aftertaste .

They don't really taste a 100% like sugar but they're good in certain recipes but not in others .

I don't really use this 1 as much .

I use Stevia a little bit more .

Now , Erythritol , doesn't have the aftertaste , but it definitely does not taste like xylitol .

It has more of a , a cold taste , a cold sweet taste .

But I still use this in recipes because it's great to combine this maybe with this or these 2 together and to have the , the right balance .

Now the other point about erythritol is sometimes it's made from corn which is GMO .

So you wanna make sure this 1 is non GMO .

Same thing with xylitol .

This you want this from birch bark and non GMO .

And if you're actually chewing gum , make sure it's xylitol gum , and don't worry about it interfering with your intermittent fasting .

It's not gonna bump you out of ketosis .

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It's such a small amount .

The gum that you don't wanna consume is the gum with aspartame .

You wanna avoid these artificial sweeteners .

These are sugar alcohols and this is a fruit and this is from a plant .

So these are totally fine .

There's a lot of other sugar alcohols and natural sweeteners that you can do but these are the common ones right here .

Between these 2 , I found this 1 tends to give people a little more digestive , problem .

It consumed in larger amounts .

This 1 can be as well , But if you're having small amounts , it doesn't seem to be a problem .

But when you start making these keto bombs or these recipes , boy , it just tastes so good .

You wanna eat a lot of it ?

Well , then you'll start getting some problems because they can act as a laxative or give you gas .

And sometimes you'll hear this idea that if you consume anything sweet , whether it's monk fruit or stevia , even though it's 0 calories , it's still gonna spike insulin .

I've never had a problem with that .

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I never see a problem with that .

I wouldn't worry about it .

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

I appreciate your attention .

And if you're enjoying these videos , go ahead and subscribe , and I will definitely keep you updated on future events , live events , and webinars that we're gonna do very soon .

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