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2023-08-24 09:48:31

Hogwarts Express Walkthrough

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is how the game works .

Thank you .

We begin with the video of Dumb Boulder .

It's now a placeholder for the , we have the lock outside the cabin locked .

Those are the the theater section .

Yeah .

Well , yes , they walk outside .

You will have to free yourself .

And when the dumb builder will finish , the UV light will turn on .

So this is the UV light you need to and steal as much money as you can .

We also have the , the lock to the uh to the next puzzle to the box with the key , it's closed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now players shout Luna and UV light turns on .

OK .

So the UV light is on .

We see the uh the writings and uh we have to stop moving .

Uh This will be the motion sensors uh When you will connect them right now , we will um we will close them , we close the contacts and the UV light will turn off .

So wait a second , I didn't close it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So in five seconds UV light will turn off and the light pay attention , the light turns on , it blinks and turns on and now you can see that the lock that held the key is off now .

So now we receive the key from the handcuffs uh and uh we will hear in 15 seconds the audio , it's flu one .

This is the express .

I repeat .

This message is addressed to the express and the from the legendary honey do shops .

Waits for wizards .

I am in a difficult predicament and I need your help be c package about the cabin .

I have to put them away on this wooden advertising poster before we arrive at school .

If you can help me , I promise to open the doors of your locked cabins with a powerful spell .

Ok .

Thanks for your help .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the uh this was the instruction and the players solve uh the next puzzle and get the candies for the kiosk puzzle .

So now we gonna solve this one .

And right now there , there are two wires for the logs from the , from the kiosks .

So this one from that one and this one from the other one .

Ok .

So we place all the candies .

These are the attacks .

Oh , and after the assault , we will um see the dumb builder's video again and the doors will open .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the doors are opening , the door is open and uh another dumble video will play now .

Ok .

You have to free yourself .

Now you must find a way to .

Ok .

So now we need to stop time .

Players receive these uh things .

So let's place them .

Ok ?

We activate the clock now and pay attention there .

Ok .

Wait , wait a second .

So now we can control the clock with these uh figures .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the purple one controls the purple and the green one controls the green .

We need to put the time to 2 40 .

Let's do it 2 40 .

I will do it from the other side to show you .

And when we do it , we will see the effect and also we will open the lock , we will open the lock to the next room .

So , and we will activate , ok .

Take pay attention to the effect .

You should never have come here in .

True that you've entered goblin territory and we don't OK .

I just , I just activated the go now the go looking for the sword of Gryffindor , but I can't give it to you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's protected by an anti goblin speller .

The Debbie doesn't know I want her .

They warned me if you don't return that sword to me , I'll have to warn them of your intrusion .

Ok .

We'll listen to it .

And so I accidentally activated this sensor immediately after I finished the clock .

This is the proximity sensor because I was close to it .

But you'll notice that when we finished the clock , we this log turned off and this is the entrance to the next room to the spider's labyrinth .

And we activated after the clock , we activated this lead eye that you requested us to program .

So now , yes , we missed the stages labyrinth and we immediately activated the goblins territory , but we also activated the , well not activated , but the goblin wants the sword and to get the sword , we need to finish the ball puzzle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Here's the two limit switches , three , actually three limit switches .

And here's the lock that closes .

So this is the ball game lock , it closes this sword .

So let's finish .

The two limits the three limit switches .

OK ?

We open the lock box with a sword .

So here's that sword .

And when we uh insert the sword into this uh desk , we will also uh open the lock to the bank um to the um this is the the of the uh so here you can see the writing the green God's grid .

So it will open .

Once we enter the sword , you paid well , intruder , you were able to convince me to help you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will now open this gate to allow you to leave the premises safe and sound .

It was the gate .

But remember my services have a price .

So I will ask you for a few bags of gold in exchange for my help .

It's a fair deal , isn't it ?

Don't forget if you need help in the future .

Don't hesitate to come see me .

I'm always there for those who know how to pay me .

Now , we will need this one to play the mirror game .

So first we solve the Caesar cipher game and we receive the code or one to .

Well , we receive the symbols and we enter them on the mirror .

So this is the first symbol one , this is the second two .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um then three five is this one and we have ninth symbol is this one .

So , and we will open that compartment and pay attention that we will also activate this screen under the glass .

OK ?

It turns turn green compartment opens and the video behind the glass starts playing .

OK .

There's also an audio but we don't have the video yet .

So we will put the video together with the audio and it will play right from the screen .

So now from this mirror , we receive a lot of things that you will place in this compartment .

But what we are actually receive after solving the next puzzle is another code to open the mirror .

So let's do it .

It's uh 456456 .

That's our uh numbers of four fourth stol is this one and uh pay attention .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I was telling you about it that it's a little bit different from your clue .

So this one and they look a little bit different .

I hope you are OK with it .

So five is uh the cross .

Now the six is the is this one ?

Now another video will turn on and the fog starts a meeting and the door opens and also pay attention that the UV light in the room behind the glass , the looking glass is activated now .

Uh OK .

So now they enter the room behind the glass , they get this uh um whatever they do , they solve the game with smells and they receive the final code to open this compartment .

Uh So this will be the 89 10 again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's activate it .

This is the eighth for us .

Uh I think that's this 18 than nine .

The symbol and 10 is the symbol .

Again , all opens from that they receive a bag of gold .

Now let's proceed to the pensive puzzle .

It activates together with the glass .

We have this video playing quite for a while already .

So it gives us the clue for the OK .

So it gives us a clue for your puzzle .

Uh And uh we will receive once uh solving this puzzle , we receive the first uh flask and when we place the flask , uh pay attention to how the video will change now to this , to the other one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So another clue and that will tell us how to solve the uh the puzzle with this .

Uh um Yeah , pay attention with this hand .

So when we enter the flask one , we actually activate this puzzle .

We marked it as change chains UV light .

And once players solve it , they receive a code for some compartment that will give them the bag of gold and also the flask uh number two .

And when they enter the flask , number two , another video will start playing , this is going to be video number three .

OK .

So the video number three will tell them how to solve the puzzle with the .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um well , the other puzzle that will give them the flask number three and the candles .

So this will be your candles .

So let's place the flask number three .

So I guess that's what we're doing right now , right ?

Yeah .

Uh Then there will be the fourth video that will tell them that they need to use the candles for activating UV light .

OK .

So we apply the candle to this sensor and this is going to be the UV light .

OK .

UV .

Light activates .

They solve the puzzle .

They receive a call from this uh log and from this log , they get this the flask number four and they enter the flask number four here .

And I think this will be uh the final puzzle here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , let me show you that once we saw like put this final flask here , we will these uh death eaters and we will turn off the exit lock that is currently um So this is our light of the main lighting of the room .

This is the exit lock and it will turn off .

So all wires are mark marked .

So lock the door , this will turn off .

I cannot stand to see you standing anymore .

I remain faithful to the master of darkness , thief , to thief .

OK ?

Lock turns off .

A light starts blinking .

This is the main light of the room and the death eaters are off .

So the death eaters are released .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is it the final uh sound .

And one more thing that I want to show you , let me decrease one more thing that I want to show you is that we integrated this control for light , you can blink with the light by pressing this button .

You see uh you can activate Death eater one and Death Eater two .

Well , we already , I think finished them .

OK .

We have to turn it , turn it off , I guess .

Ok , we off the light and we turn the light on .

OK .

You can control the Death Eaters with these buttons .

Um , actually this is the first one we didn't connect the , I think they already finished .

So that's why this is the end of the game .

You cannot now control them , but you have these two buttons here and that's it .

Here's your , er , panel .

Oh , yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

By the way , the pensive , you can conveniently see which flask is placed already in the slot and you can finish it manually if players cannot find the flask .

So , yeah , that's how it works .

Well , that's it .

Um , hope you liked it .


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