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2023-06-14 19:36:55

How To Easily Remove Silicone Caulk

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All right .

So starting off , we'll use a putty knife and this should be in good condition , a sharp edge and overall just clean surface then uh the heat .

So just a simple hair dryer uh or heat gun .

Uh If that's all you got , we'll do .

Uh this one has a uh low and , and a high setting , but we'll just use the low during uh the removal of the silicon .

So first up , you got to kind of prep the area .

So you want to go back and forth heating up the silicone that you're going to try to remove .

So this will just put some heat into the silicon silicon will stay hot and then you'll be able to place the putty knife at the starting point and then build up the heat right in front of the blade .

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And really you want to apply pressure down to try to get completely under the silicone but allow the heat to do the work .

So the heat and just a little pressure will start working the silicone off the tub and it should be all in one strip , the more you take your time and not force it the less passes you're going to need to do back and forth .

So you're trying to work just a continuous strip down and always keeping that heat right out in front , in front of you at a constant pace .

So if we look at the results , we have pretty much all the silicone off .

But if you look closer , you will see some of the silicon residue still there .

So this is where we'll go into the second path to remove that residue .

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So next , we'll use a straight razor blade .

And depending on when you start this , if the silicon is cooled down , I would heat it up a little bit more .

But here it's still warm for me .

So I can angle the razor blade and then start to apply pressure , uh working through the area that I just worked with the putty knife .

And again , a continuous strip should come up like you see here and this should really remove all of the remaining residue .

Uh But be careful not to gouge the fiberglass .

So all that come off .

Now , I'm gonna do one more pass here .

And when you do the , when you do the final pass , you shouldn't see any additional residue coming off .

That's good .

That'll be a good indicator that you got everything off .

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So looking closer , you can see the line there where we started to do the razor blade and then how clean it is going to where we ended with the putty knife and really that's it .

That's gonna take all the , the residue off and then you can just keep working around , uh , your tubs around .

All right .

So that's it .

So we got all the silicone off , the tubs around came off .

Uh , pretty easy .

And next up , I'm gonna be filling the screw holes which are from the old , uh , glass shower door and frame .

So , don't forget when you're tackling this job , the putty knife in the straight razor blade will do it .

Uh But the heat uh is actually so just a simple hair dryer .

If you have a heat gun , uh go easy uh because you can melt the silicon to kind of make a mess .

But that heat is going to make it a lot easier and reduce the chance that you're gonna damage your , damage , your fiberglass tubs around .

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So take your time , add a little heat , work it through with the putty knife and then come back through and clean it up with a straight razor blade .

My name is Scott with everyday home repairs .

And if you like these sort of videos , go ahead and like and subscribe and we'll keep them coming for .

You .

Have a good one .


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