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2023-06-14 19:36:34

Riding Solo - 6,000 Mile Motorcycle Adventure in the USA Backcountry - Camping, Cooking, Relaxing

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Hey guys Sterling here with the motorcycle travel channel and I've got something really exciting to announce and share with you guys today .

It's a new project that I've been working on .

And it's something that I'm going to share with you guys here on this channel very soon .

And I want to tell you all about it in this video .

So it's the summer of 2020 and I just got back from an epic 6000 mile 30 day solo ride across North America .

And for those of you that know me , you know that for the last 10 years , I've been producing the B D R Back Country Discovery Route series of videos .

And this summer was a little unique because we didn't do a B D R project like we normally would because of the COVID-19 situation and the virus around the country .

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So I decided to ride around the back country of the United States and create the project that I'm telling you about .

Now .

I didn't have an itinerary .

There was no schedule .

I was free to just wake up and ride as far as I wanted or as little as I wanted any day .

And that's what I did .

I made the route up as I went along , I filmed everything along the way and I just took my time and had the time to be able to do this kind of project that I've wanted to do for so long .

This project was all about spending time by myself riding on my motorcycle , camping , cooking and just relaxing in the back country .

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I think when you spend time by yourself and particularly in nature , um , it gives your soul a chance to quiet down and settle down and you begin to appreciate the world in a new way .

You begin to appreciate nature and wildlife and solitude in a way that's invigorating and it's a renewal of the spirit and you can go back to your everyday life refreshed and ready to contribute in a better way .

So what are you going to see in this new series ?

I promise you're going to see some of the best roads in North America .

I really did my best to get out in the back country and find these amazing scenic , beautiful tarmac and unpaved roads .

And I found a lot of them .

You're going to see some really beautiful campsites on this trip .

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My goal from the start was to camp every night on this trip and cook my own food , breakfast and dinner at the campsite .

And that's exactly what I did .

I spent so many nights at beautiful locations out in the desert on tops with just me and my motorcycle and my tent and my Hammock cooking my own food , enjoying the beauty of nature around me , relaxing .

And I think that's going to come across really well in this series .

And if you're interested in that kind of stuff , I think you'll really like this project at different points along this series .

I'll talk about some of the practical things like the bike that I'm riding , why I choose to ride that style of motorcycle and that bike in particular , I'll talk about the cameras and some of the filming that I did on this trip using my Fuji X three mirror less camera .

My DJ I drone and my gopro camera .

I think I got some pretty awesome cinematography on this trip and some of the best footage that I've ever filmed .

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And I'm particularly excited about sharing some of the drone footage that I got with you on this trip .

I just , it takes my breath away every time I see those landscapes that I rode through .

So the end result of this ride , 6000 miles , 30 days riding solo , the end result is that I've got over 20 brand new youtube videos for this series .

If you like the idea of riding solo in the back country of the American West , camping , cooking , relaxing and just seeing some incredible scenic beauty , you're really going to like this series .

And I'm so happy to be able to share it with you guys .


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