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2023-06-14 19:36:31

Stanced BMW M5 (E39). Driven like a proper M car! [4k]

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mhm .

Actually , I always was interested in cars Engines .

Overall , it just developed with time turned , like 16 or something about my first car .

It was a Volvo , and I had a bit of Volvos .

And , uh , how did you get stuck with BMW s ?

I love BMW .

I bought my first one .

I wanted a bigger engine than a Volvo , Uh , for a nice price .

And I bought my first , uh , BMW 5 .

40 e 34 .

That was the first BMW I actually drove .

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Yeah , that was the car that kind of made me fall in love with the Yeah , exactly the same for me .

It was a touring .

It was awesome .

I loved it .

It was so fun .

And from there on Yeah , from there on , I I sold it .

I bought a E 36 to build a drifting car , and I have a couple of BMW between and some winter cars , some Volvos , and bought my first M 53 years ago .

It got stolen .

And what kind of an M 54 .

That was the same .

Exactly the same .

The same colour , uh , different interior and stuff like that .

But it was very nice too .

So then this one came up and I bought it .

I called the guy and sold it after 10 minutes , and I bought this one and it was already lowered and everything .

And I always like lower cars .

I mean , when I was little , I took my toy cars and I stood on them just to get them low , so that was really fun .

So I bought this one and it was I just changed the clutch and some stuff just to make it perfect in the driving way .

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Yeah , the lip in front of the car and new rims and just some small details just to make it mine , you know , and not bought .

And I have G stands that I represent and run here in Sweden .

We start in Norway .

Tell me about the E 39 m five .

Is it something you were specifically looking for ?

It was my dream car .

And I got the first one .

I was so happy .

I bought it cheap from friend .

But it was awesome .

I was looking at e 61 m five , touring first to get it from Germany with the black and white interior and everything but I love this car and I wanted the manual one and everything because I like to play as well as I like to drive .

And this is the perfect car for everything .

You can play with it and you can drive fast .

And I mean , you can look good on shells and everything , So so can you run us real quick through the mods ?

You did , Starting with the engine .

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The car it runs on E 85 98 .

Petrol ?

Yeah .

454 160 horses in the engine , though , and it's mapped by cat and everything .

So I have a A man exhaust with X pipe .

The clutch is upgraded and that's about it .

Like the wheels .

Yeah , the wheels are Japanese wheels as 5 to 100 43 so it don't fit .

I have converted spaces and everything in because I think it's two sets of wheels in Sweden .

Of these ones , it's mine and a guy with a Nissan tell me a bit about the interior .

You said something that this one is pretty unique .

Yeah , this is very new .

I think it was 312 .

If I'm not mistaken ever made it work and we are two that have it in Sweden .

So I like it a lot .

Just because of that , it's more .

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It's more character to the car and it's cool .

Everything else is interior is original , except I have a short shift and performance knob and I have upgraded sound system a bit .

Tell me , are you driving the car ?

Actually , I drive it as much as possible almost every day in the winter .

No , not the winter , Not the winter .

I put it in the garage and rest .

I'm thinking of making an airlift system on it .

And I will rebuild the wheels , the front wheels to wider and put them in the back and take the back wheels and put them in the front .

And that's the plan .

So far , maybe I will rebuild the exhaust again .

I've done it a couple of times , so I love the sound now , but you can always get it better .

This is one of those cars that sounds good .

Even stock .

Yeah , Exactly .

Exactly .

So what do you think of BMW s current lineup ?

I love dam cars .

Obviously the M four and M two I I love that big 11 ?

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Yeah , I think it will be the M four .

Actually .

I love it .

What ?

That's a fast .

Yeah , it's great .

A little bit .

The suspension isn't that firm .

No , it's , uh , kind of possible to go in .

I think the only issue you have is with those big potholes and speed bombs .

Do you scrape it often or No , actually not .

I know most of the roads around here , so well , it happens and the exhaust isn't too loud , But you can just inside it's quite good , but outside it's really screams .

So yeah , it's really loud .

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Yeah , the whole car was is a snitch of from the start with the front and the rear and the wing and everything .

OK , the wing .

I don't don't like it , It's too big .

I like it .

The original and the rear so , but I like the front .

It's different from original .

Yeah , that's AC .

I did it myself .

I actually like to be a bit different from everybody else and do something that I created or you know .

So what's it like to maintain this car ?

Is it expensive to own or Yeah , it's manageable ?

Uh , because I mean , if you just ride like this or take it slow and everything , it's not .

I don't need to put so much petrol in it .

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But I don't drive this like this .

Usually you shouldn't .

No , because it's AM car .

I like to use it as AM car .

Even though it's static and low and everything .

We're gonna play a role later over there .

Should I hang on to something ?

No , it's OK .

This is properly awesome .

We call you have man .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Yeah .

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Mhm .

Mhm .


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