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2023-06-14 19:36:26

Snow driving tips for the BMW M2 or any other rear-wheel drive car!

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What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to the channel and welcome to a very snowy day in Stockholm in today's video .

I want to give you guys five quick tips for driving a rear wheel driven car in the snow and ice based on my experience of driving my BMW M two for the past two seasons .

So without further ado , let's find my car and get this video started .

Oh crap .

Ok .

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So the obvious first tip is to clean your car but don't do something like this or even this , no matter how efficient you think it is .

Try something like this maybe much better is it ?

But I left out something really important , much better .

Another quick tip is that before you set off , make sure to clean the snow from your wheels as well because if it starts piling up , it becomes heavy and it will cause quite nasty vibrations in your steering wheel as you drive .

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So now let's get this car rolling and this conveniently brings me to point number two on my list .

Don't get stuck , du like you see in this image .

But if you manage to get yourself into such a situation your best bet is to disable the traction control so that the wheel spin freely and start to slowly balance the car back and forth .

And as soon as you feel the wheel start to gain traction again , keep going forward until you're out .

Another thing you might want to avoid is getting stuck on ramps or heels or whatever you may call them .

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It's really important if you have a rear wheel driven car to keep the wheels spinning .

Because if you stop for whatever reason and underneath your rear wheels , you'll find a patch of ice , you're basically screwed .

Here's an example , this might not look like a steep hill to climb .

But if you stop the car on it and the surface underneath is slippery , this happens .

Yes .

And the only way to get unstuck , so to speak is to gently go down the hill until you find a dry patch and start the climb again .

Let's say , for example , I have a car in front of me and we're going up a hill and on top of that hill , there's a stop sign .

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If I see the car in front of me preparing to stop , I'm actually going to slow my car down just so I don't have to stop along with the car on top because that's the whole idea .

Keep your car running at all times and avoid stopping .

Especially on hills .

Tip number three .

And this is very , very important , especially for cars that don't have four wheel drive is , please buy proper winter tires .

I can't stress enough how important that thing is in order to have proper traction on your car .

And if your budget allows it , try and not buy the cheap ones , I mean , the really , really cheap ones and for the love of God , please do not use all season tires .

They're pretty much useless on snow and ice .

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So tip number four is a change of attitude and that basically means that BMW drivers such as myself need to turn into Volvo drivers for the winter .

And that of course means no more pointless , full throttle acceleration in the middle of nowhere , keeping a proper distance between you and the car in front of you .

No more tail getting sorry guys and keeping the car with its action control on .

And that's very important because that's what you're trying to avoid during winter is wheel spin and believe it or not , the DC system in BMW are actually really good nowadays and they will keep you out of trouble .

A good thing to remember when driving around town on roads , full of snow is to try and not drive in parallel with other cars , especially if the snow has piled up on the middle of the street and to the side because that essentially means that instead of a two lane boulevard , you have a 1.5 lane one .

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And if you push the , just a little bit too hard and the back goes , you'll most likely hit the car next to you .

So if you can avoid running in parallel with other cars and while you're at it , try to keep a safe distance between you and other cars .

So that brings me on to the last point I want to cover today and that's having fun , which I think is the most important thing to do when driving a rear wheel drive car in the winter time .

And in order to do that , you have to follow two simple steps , traction control off and then find an empty parking lot and just drift the damn thing .

Oh , yes .

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And you know what the best thing about drifting in the winter is , you can do it at very slow speeds .

Look at this 20 kilometers per hour .

I often found that it works much better if there's snow on the road and not ice patches because when you have ice , you tend to spin the car 3 60 basically .

So there you go .

My friends , these have been my five tips on how to drive a rear wheel drive car in the winter .

I hope you've enjoyed this video .

I had lots of fun filming it .

If you did , please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for plenty more videos to come and until next time , take good care of yourself and I'll see you around .


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