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2023-06-14 19:36:21

The Subaru-powered Speedhunters Super Beetle - Launch Control Ep 3

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I've always liked my cars modified .

You know , I , I wouldn't settle for just , you know , standard .

I was a Subaru fan as well as I was a Beatles fan .

So somehow the two disconnected because they box the engines and they were flat motors and I thought , you know , it , it should work .

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I remember as a child growing up , uh , we , we have family outings and , uh , we'd go to the beach , uh , when we were finished , we used to run to my uncle's beetle and everybody wanted to sit at the back of the beetle and that would be nice and warm .

We used to sit in the back and , uh , we'd get this new car smell because the car stood in the sun the whole day .

So , um , that inspired me to , to one day own a beetle of my own Clint Cou he was , uh , the inspiration behind the build .

I remember distinctly .

It was a Friday afternoon and my son was very small .

He was probably about four years old or so .

And , um , Clint offered to take me for the drive in the Subaru Built Beetle and I got hooked .

It was love at first sight and that's where the love affair started .

So uh we opt for a two liter Subaru E J 20 turbocharge engine for the supporting mods .

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We managed to at the end get out almost just over 281 kilowatt , which is quite a , a significant amount for such a small car .

When we decided we were going to build a drag car .

We obviously wanted the right supporting mods .

and , uh , we then bought uh off the shelf T three T four turbo .

We had custom fuel rails made .

We had 1000 cc injectors added on Clint match , ported the intake and the exhaust to get the best performance out of it on the front .

We've got a BMW dis on the rear .

We've got uh V W disc brakes , we put in a drift hand brake , got some racing seats .

We've got a full roll cage , we're running on semi clicks .

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Uh We've got some ducting that puts the air into the intercooler .

So they're dysfunctional .

It's just not for show , a nice spoiler .

And , uh , we've got a big drag , uh , wing which definitely helps for down force down the drag strip .

When we originally built the car we put on 18 inch Porsche cup rims , which we thought will , will go well with the German look , um , that we were originally starting with , but that didn't work out too well because it was just a terrible ride .

So we ended up buying a brand new set of B BS wheels .

We had them widened nine J and 10 J and , uh , that's the custom wheels that we had sprayed candy apple center with a high gloss black lip .

We've also , um , did some upgrades with the polyurethane bushing on the front end .

We did some supporting arms with the rose joints .

We had some , uh , custom coil overs made front and rear and some custom springs .

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So from , from a suspension point of view , we've overruled everything and we feel that we're on the right track .

Yeah , we obviously want people to see it .

We want , we want to get it out there .

We want to showcase what we're capable of doing in our backyard or in our garage .

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Often people ask me .

So , you know , where did this color skin come from ?

Um 11 thing that inspired me was a picture that I saw almost 10 years ago on the internet .

So , um thanks to my spray painter Graham who went on this journey with me , uh We've had our ups and downs in terms of trying to get to the result or happy medium , so to speak .

And um I think we've nailed it .

I think we've pretty much got something that is damn close to what we originally saw on this picture .


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