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2023-06-14 19:36:20

The CRAZIEST widebody BMW X1 I’ve even seen! [4k]

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Well , I wanted an SUV , but I couldn't afford an X three or x five .

But I still wanted a BMW , so I chose the smallest model .

So yeah , it's 1.8 diesel , 143 horsepower and 300 new metres original .

We removed the D P f and we optimise the E C u .

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So approximately 210 250 horsepower and around 25 millimetres it good .

Yeah , but it's quite heavy , so it needed to be done .

It's the X Drive model .

No , it's A S drive , so it's a real drive .

So it's a proper .

It's a proper BMW .

That's good .

Did you originally had in mind to tune it in such a way ?

Or did it come naturally , so to speak ?

Actually , I ordered the coil before I even bought the car .

Uh , yeah , yeah .

And I booked the time for the to remove the D P f .

Yeah , everything was done before I even bought the car .

So I just had to find a car after after that .

Tell me a bit about your history with cars .

What cars did you previously own ?

The car before This one was on a BMW e 61 .

It was up in matte black .

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And , uh , after a few miles , Uh , we made a camel vinyl of it .

Yeah , and put a roof box on it .

You're kind of a BMW fan .

Yeah , I became that after many years of driving , and so tell me a bit about the modifications you did to the car .

I'm really interested about the idea behind this white body kit because it's something I've never seen on an S u V before .

No , it's actually made just for this car .

The fender flares are made out of a glass fibre .

The one who who made them for me .

They also make other things in the carbon fibre and Kevlar .

Uh , but , uh , that was too expensive for me .

So I choose the the glass fibre , even though it kind of this is an extreme modification of the car , it fits really well with it .

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Yeah , we want to look as normal as possible as stock as possible So people will think it was made by BMW .

Of course .

The wheels , the wheels , it's Japan racing 19 inches high and 11 inches wide .

All around .

I use spaces .

Of course .

55 millimetres in the front and 60 millimetres in the rear .

What kind of suspension Set ?

BC coil over B R type R A and the car as it stands .

Right now , it's lower at 102 millimetres in the front and 80 millimetres in the rear .

But I mod the coal , so I have 29 millimetres more to lower it if I want to .

So we can't actually call it a S u V anymore , right ?

No , actually , in Sweden , Uh , BMW doesn't call this , uh , s u V .

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They call it a sports activity s a V .

So the first thing that caught my eye obviously when I looked at the car was the huge wing on the back .

That's the last modification we did two weeks ago .

It's a carbon fibre wing that is glued with window glue .

Does it hold up ?

Well , it holds very well , and it's loud as well .

Yeah , that that's was one of the modification I wanted to do because it's diesel to hear the the proper diesel sound .

So it's straight points .

Do daily drive the car .

Yeah , drive it daily to the local wood shop or to the work or just for fun Or the car meets .

Of course , a normal typical season is like 2500 miles .

No , 2500 Swedish Swedish miles .

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You add an extra zero .

Yeah , Exactly Kilometres .

Yeah , Exactly .

I wanted to ask you about your future plans with the car , but I've heard unfortunately you're gonna sell it .

Yes , that's correct .

I'm about to sell it in a few weeks because , uh , I own this one for 2.5 years , and I I I feel that I have achieved what I wanted with a car .

So I am looking for another BMW or actually , and have something specific in mind .

There are only two registered in Sweden right now , so it's quite unusual model .

You're gonna refill it for us on on a new video next year , right ?

Yes , of course .

Yes , in spring 2000 18 .

So you're gonna get this car back to stock or you're gonna sell it like that Depends on the buyer , because I'm up for anything .

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If the buyer wants it stock , I'll , I'll make it stock , right .

Well , it was definitely one of the most interesting cars and crazy cars I've seen .

Thank you so much for taking the time .

Thank you .

This movie .

Thank you .

It was a pleasure .

I'm gonna put your instagram account below so that you guys can see what he buys next .

Yes .

See you .



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