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2023-06-14 19:36:12

Easy Steps for Updating the Importer-Exporter Code(IEC)

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Hello , I am Wahi the DG FT virtual assistant for helping importers and exporters .

In this quick video .

I will explain the easy steps for updating your importer exporter code or ye using the DG FT website as per the recent DG FT notification number 58 dated 12th of February 2021 .

Any importer exporter code holder is required to update their electronically every year during the period of April to June .

While this update is mandatory , due consideration has been taken not to increase any compliance burden .

It may be noted that I update is online and automated .

This application process should not take more than 30 minutes further .

There are no user charges to be paid for such I E updates .

Please follow the steps mentioned in this brief video for easy guidance on updating your I E details through the automatic DG FT online process .

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Navigate to the DG FT website .

Please register on the website if not registered already .

Please link your I E to your account using any of the authentication options provided .

For more details on the authentication process .

Refer to the video link I E C using DSC or link I E C using ADHA E sign .

Once the I E C is linked to your profile , please navigate to start fresh application by clicking on update or modify I E C button on your dashboard .

In case your email address or your mobile number is not updated , please do update them in case the email or mobile number was verified more and one year back , new O T P S would be sent to the given contact details for the verification .

Please validate all the details present in the screen presented .

Please update details .

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Wherever required in form , address details , you can update form , address details in branch details .

You can update your branch details or you can add any new branch or mark any branch as inactive .

Also in proprietor directors , carta or managing trustee details , you can update any existing record in bank details .

Now you can add multiple bank details and can select one bank account as primary bank account .

After modification of I E C newly added bank details will be further sent to P FMS for verification .

In others details , you can add or update your preferred sectors of operations .

Adding details over here are optional .

You may choose to skip this step .

Please go through the declaration page and accept the terms and condition to proceed further .

Please review print summary to ensure all details filled are correct .

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Then proceed with signing process in period of April to June , no fees will be charged for modification or application of I E C .

You may generate a copy of your updated I E C by using the print I E C feature on the dashboard page .

In case pan details on the I E C are being modified .

The I E C update shall not be automatic .

The electronic submission shall be automatic sent to concerned regional authority of D G F T for further examination and suitable approval status of any submissions can be viewed by navigating to my dashboard choosing type of scheme as I and subs scheme as modification of I A submission for update of I E C shall be auto approved important points to note .

D G F T shall be sending regular reminders to all I E C holders to update their I E C .

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If the I E C holder fails to update their I E C before end of the month of June , the I E C shall be deactivated and export or import transaction cannot be taken up against the given I E C .

However , if the I E C holder wishes to reactivate the I E C applicant may use the steps mentioned for operation of the I E C I E C shall be reactivated on successful update .

If I was updated in the last 365 days before June , then there is no need to update the I E C details again in this April to June period , objective of the given exercise is to prune out in active I E C and in correct I EC details the support of all active I EC holders for this limited update is kindly solicited .

No specific cost is involved in this application process .

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For more information , you may check the help guide and faqs by visiting the DG FT website .

Then go to learn and then go to application help and FAQS for any additional support in this regard .

Please contact the DG FT help desk through any of the channels listed on the website .


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