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2023-06-14 19:36:07

I Stayed at RIO in Las Vegas Before it's Gone Forever... 😲

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Hey you guys , it's Ruby .

And today we are at the Rio .

This once iconic Vegas landmark has been a little bit forgotten about lately .

I think it's time we go and check it out .

No doubt what the heck .

Welcome to the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas .

This one was really highly requested from you guys and I wasn't really sure if I was going to do it or not because it is gonna be remodeled sometime in the future .

But we're in the masquerade tower .

This is not what I was expecting .

Let me show you guys around .

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So as I said , we are in the masquerade tower .

This is a deluxe king room .

It says they're over 500 square feet .

This is way over 500 square feet .

This room is gigantic .

This also looks absolutely nothing like the photos online .

The color scheme and everything is totally different .

It looks super super nineties , the tiny pillows strike again , they have only given us two .

I swear I'm gonna have to start bringing my own pillow to some of these places because I don't know what's going on here .

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This whole like bathroom closet situation is very strange .

I kind of feel like I am a nineties soap opera star and this is my trailer .

There's like a huge counter here and a vanity area for makeup fridge and the most bizarre like walk room closet thing ever .

I've heard of a walk in closet .

Not a walk through .

First impressions wise .

It's gigantic .

I will give it to them .

It's clean .

I mean , everything looks like they've been taking pretty good care of it .

I'm not uncomfortable .

It just seems like everything in here is years old .

So we have never set foot in the Rio .

This is completely new to us .

We are going to just go through everything with fresh eyes with you guys .

We have a wonderful view of the pool and it looks surprisingly nice .

So I think we are gonna head there first .

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We made it to the real pool area and wow , it's huge .

There are four pools here .

We are in the 21 up pool , which is always a plus .

Honestly , I can tell at one point this was probably as nice as the Mirage .

There's rock features and pretty palm trees .

However , they definitely need to do a little bit of work here .

The chairs really need to be replaced and the cabanas either way though , you can see the strip from here .

It's a beautiful view .

The pool is a great temperature .

I do like this pool area .

It's nice .

You've made an extra .

All right , just cleaning up after the pool .

We had a good time .

I actually really like the pool here , especially if they maybe spruce it up a little bit .

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We are going to go downstairs , check out the real , we really haven't explored anything much and we're getting a little hungry , so it'll definitely be time to get something to eat .

You guys need to comment below if you ever stayed in the Rio in the nineties and if it was as incredible as it sounds , they have this big barge that used to go around on the ceiling and you could even get in it and throw beads at people underneath you .

My friend's mom said that the cocktail servers used to dress in carnival regalia and they would look like tropical birds and it was just amazing and knowing that it's really sad to see that this place is kind of just been abandoned and now it's just sort of like a shell of its former awesome like carnival theme .

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The re opened in 1990 .

It was not initially successful because of the location being so far off strip .

But eventually in the late nineties , this was like the place to be .

It did get bought out in 2019 by the owner of Dreamscapes .

And they are supposedly going to be making the hotel a Hyatt no word on if they're going to change the whole theme or anything .

But I really hope they put some good work into this place .

Never gonna pass up any do .

Will we pink ?

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Obviously something just finished up .

Glow in the dark mini golf .

This one is Kiss themed .

That was so fun .

It was 13 bucks .

There's 18 holes .

That's a great way to spend an hour if you're tired of gambling or drinking and they give you a coupon to come back for free , which is fun .

We are getting a little hungry .

I think I'm going to go try to find something to eat .

Right .

We found a spot to eat .

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Typically , I like research where we're gonna eat beforehand and pick a place .

But we decided to wing it here at Rio and we stopped at the All American bar and grill .

This looks like very typical American food .

Sounds pretty much just like what we need right now .

All right , trying our first bites .

We got all our food .

I started with a cup of soup that was really delicious .

And then I got this cobb salad .

It is like stacked blue cheese crumbles .

Avocado .

Mr We got a Reuben .

He said it's fantastic .

Definitely typical pricey Vegas food prices , but the service has been really good and this is really satisfying .

So I am not mad at our choice .

All right , finished up our dinner .

Honestly , it was really good and the service was good .

It was pricey .

It was like 65 bucks for the two of us before tips .

So right now , I think we want to go and check out the casino some games and maybe see if there's a little bit of nightlife going on around here .

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So we really wanted to go to the Voodoo rooftop bar , but it's not open .

Unfortunately .

So we just stopped at this masquerade bar quick .

We're going to have a beer and there's a lot of games here that we want to play .

So I think we're going to gamble and end the night and we'll see you guys in the morning behind the face .

We got some Starbucks for breakfast and now it is time for me to give you all my final thoughts on the Rio .

Let's start by talking about the room .

So we paid a $78 total including resort fees .

We also did pay an additional 20 for early check in , but 80 bucks pretty much all around for this room .

It's huge and it would be really nice if it would just be updated .

Like the pillows are too small , they need more outlets and it's dated .

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But big thumbs up to the housekeeping staff because this room is very clean .

Like you can tell they're doing their best to keep this nice even though it really needs a renovation .

Dining wise .

I don't know it was ok .

I feel like a lot of stuff was closed while we were here .

Like their buffet is not open .

They did just open like an Indian restaurant that just reopened .

But , you know , we could have ate at hash house for breakfast .

I was surprised they had a hash house a go go here .

I didn't know that .

But overall the dining was just ok right now , while it's in transition , like Caesars is still renting this property out until like 2023 .

I think .

I definitely wouldn't come stay here .

They're obviously neglecting it .

It's just being totally ignored , but I have hopes that when the new owner takes over and they actually like do some renovating that this could be a really nice property .

Like the Bones are good .

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If they renovated this room , it would be so nice and I have hopes so I don't recommend you stay here right now , but once they've renovated , once it's been switched over to new ownership , I'll come back and check it out and see if maybe I can recommend it to you guys .

Then I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will see you guys all in my next one .

Have you ?


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