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2023-06-14 19:35:59

20 FREE RGB Transition Presets for Premiere Pro _ RGB Distortion With Rotation & Zoom In Effect

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What's up ?

This is from top five bars and you are watching my channel debut , Travel and Flames .

And today I'm here with a new tutorial where I'm going to show you how to add this new transition , which is called R GB flash transitions .

In these transitions .

You are getting three types of effect .

Number one is the rotation effect .

Number two is the scaling effect .

And number three is the zoom in effect .

So let's download the preset from the link mentioned in the video description .

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After downloading you'll get this G file and extract the G , you'll get that preset file .

So now you have to import this preset file into your A premier pro software .

But here some of my subscribers , friends are doing some mistakes like they are trying to import it from the options under the file , but this is wrong .

You have to import this preset file from the effect .

And under the effect of you will get the preset folder , right ?

Click on the preset folder and you will get import option there from that import option .

You have to select the preset file and import it into your software .

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So right now the import is complete and you have to write the transition name , which is R GB here and you'll find the R GB transition effect folder under it .

You'll get these two effects .

One is the R GB flash basic .

Another is the R G V flash distortion under both of these two files .

You will get the additional effects which I have already told you that the rotation effect , the zoom in effect and the scaling effect .

So right now , let's see how you have to apply it into your footage .

Let's drag and drop this footage .

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Let's select particular portion of this video and drag it into your timeline , drag and drop the second video and then select the middle point of this two video , then zoom in the timeline and press the shift key from your keyboard and then go up to 20 frames in the left side , pressing the arrow key , pressing the left the key and cut the section .

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And after that , go up to 40 frames in the right side , pressing the right of it and cut that position after this zoom out the timeline and then select this particular two section , then press the all key from your keyboard and drag to the second track again , select this two clip and drag it to the third tag .

Now come to the effect tab and here you can see there are in and out effects into these transitions .

So you have to put the out effects in the first clips and the in effects in the second clips .

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So dragon drop the out one to the first clip out to , to the second clip and out three to the third clip same , put the in one with the clip in the first track into in the second track and in three in the third track .

Now see how it looks like .

So this is the R GB flash scaling effect the same way you can do for all effects .

So right now I'm showing you how to add the R GB flash zooming effect .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And here is the result .

The same way you can apply it for the distortion effects , follow the previous steps and you'll get this result .

So friends hope you enjoyed this video and please make sure you are subscribed to my channel to get more tutorial video , more travel video in future .

And don't forget to like comment and share this video to learn , travel , share and inspire .


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