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2023-06-14 19:35:57

Beautiful 3-Rotor Mazda Capella - The Capella was never meant to have this much power!

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Dream search drive .

Keep your adventure alive because when it comes to finding the right part at the right price , there's just no place like my for the love of cars .

My name is De Pretorius .

Uh I'm the owner of SPS Racing .

Uh It's our hobby shop .

Uh We're talking about , um Mazda Capela 76 model , Mazda Capella with a 20 B roar engine at the car was originally built in VCO .

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Um I don't know what the original owner's name is .

He was a panel beater as far as I know , uh , the car is fairly unique in its stance .

Uh You'll see a lot of flares over the , over the wheels and all of this has been done in metal work .

So it's not done by fiber glass or anything like that .

The wheels .

Yeah .

No .

Well , I got it like that .

Um I'm not certain , obviously you can , you can look at the arches .

It's definitely the arches is designed around the wheel .

You can see it clearly .

So , um but the , the car came this way .

Um I assume it was done that way .

If you look at the stances , I think the , the wheels suits the car very nicely .

It fits the , the design very well , but that's the way we bought it .

So I , I , I don't know , I , I think if I look at it definitely it was designed around the wheels .

What attracted me to this car was ?

Well , actually before I got back into rotaries , this is the car I saw in some publication sometime .

And I thought , well , this is , this is beautiful , you know .

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And , um , and over time this thing was just , it got lost a bit .

Nobody knew where it was .

And then eventually it , it rocked up in , uh Brits in North West , uh , where , uh , I was contacted by the owner who said , if I'm interested to buy the car , which I then did , I was quite lucky .

I was quite happy about it .

I'm not a big capella fan , although I'm a big car rotary fan , but this capella was very special .

Um , so , yeah , so we bought it .

And , um , so what also further is unique about the car is , it doesn't come with a normal 12 A or 13 B naturally aspirated engine .

It's got a 20 B , uh , uh , triple rotor engine in it .

Uh , which also is a peripheral port , which obviously it's a , it's a nice performance engine .

We had to do a lot of work in terms of , ah , you know , things that perish , like the pipes , you know , the , the plumbing and , and everything that went along with that .

So everything was replaced with F D F stuff , you know , so all the proper stuff was done to the car .

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We converted the L T eight to an old L T eight micro uh E C unit , which we had to obviously , you can imagine it's like do in , in the , in the I T world .

So it came out with that .

It's part of the old , old , old school stuff .

So we changed that to an L T 16 .

So we obviously upgraded the whole internal part of that .

Um uh the car further , uh besides all the F D F piping and obviously just , you know , cleaning it up and servicing it and doing certain things properly .

The car is , is where it is now , it's where we like it to be now .

Um We haven't opened up the engine since it was started or built in , I assume about 12 years ago .

Um And the car is still running quite well .

Uh At some stage , we will obviously open it up and give it the which is our engine builder company's name , the treatment which probably will help a lot more with performance and stuff like that going forward .

But the intention of the car is not to be a , a serious performance car .

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The idea is to show car , you know , just to bit of a brand ambassador of rotary , um and especially 20 bees .

I I just own 20 bees Uh I just love 20 B rotaries .

The sound of 20 B rotaries .

So , yeah , so that is basically the car as it is today .

Uh It comes with the front suspension is BMW .

Uh and the back suspension , all BMW suspension with BMW braking , the gearbox is the normal five speed R X seven gearbox .

So yeah , that's basically the car .

I mean , uh uh nothing else .

Very basic , very simple , um Very neat .

Um Yeah , and that's basically our , one of one in the world .

And uh we're very , we're very proud of this car and this car will always be part of this , of the collection and we will never go away from here .

Oh , look , I mean , it's a , it's , it , you must always remember .

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It still stays old school , it's rough , it's unrefined , you know .

Um the way we like it , the sound is a amazing .

I mean , that's why we have these cars , you know , uh you know , being a rotary head , it's a bit than normal piston guys , you know , we , we have a distinct sound and that sound is about , that's everything for me , you know , uh this guy's got , this car's got unique characters very different to , I , I believe the piston guys and we've got unique piston cars and beautiful piston cars out there .

But I mean , rotary is just , you know , it stands out in the crowd for me , uh something different and I think that's why we have these cars .

Yeah .

So from that perspective it's not , I won't say it's your , uh , Mercedes Benz that you drive in or your BMW .

Uh , it's old school .

Uh , it's hard , it's unforgiving , but it's fun in its own way .

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You know , when you take this thing on the track , uh , you , you break , you all over the place , you have to be careful and very gentle how you drive this thing .

No , this thing is not a track car .

I mean , I can tell you that .

I mean , if you compare it to the F D F D is like a totally different world .

Uh , compared to this car , I , I prefer to drive this car straight and uh and uh that's the way it's supposed to be driven .

I don't think it's , we've taken about , we're taking it around , especially on rot , on the rotor fest .

We took it about around uh Red Star raceway .

And uh I tell you , you must , you must know what you do otherwise you can just sit in the kitty litter .

Look .

I mean , I mean , like any rotary people likes to do like donuts with , you know , the sound and the smoke and stuff like that .

I'm not a big advocate of that .

I love to keep my cars intact and not broken .

But yeah , we , we did , we did a show there at first .

I did some donuts with this car .

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So , yeah , he did some very nice doughnuts .

It's enough enough power to do proper doughnuts for sure .

I mean , there's no two ways about it .

Look not on this one specifically .

Um There's not a big difference between the F D that you see behind me and this one , I , I assume it will do roughly on the wheels .

We do .

Uh We , we'll be doing roughly around 350 horsepower between 303 150 horsepower .

This one , it's a bit different tune than the one in the back .

Uh The one in the back does about 400 horsepower .

That's , we've done uh Dino figures on that one before on the rotor fest .

We did , we did a diner with this one .

I can't even remember the figures now out of my head , but I think it was about 230 kilowatt thing on the wheels for Natural Asper , but this car has not been properly tuned yet since we have installed the L T 16 E C U .

So it's has to go to AJ racing store for the , for , for , for tuning .

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Um Yeah , so it's still a bit rough after how we , we've changed the E C U but we , but that's normally with 20 bees , you know , naturally aspirated .

It's between 354 100 horsepower on the motors .

That's normally what they will do look .

I mean , I mean , that's quite interesting with this thing .

You don't , you can't believe old school cars can , can attract attraction .

I think the uniqueness of the car and the way it looks like , uh , you know , makes it , makes it , uh , crowd pleaser for sure .

I mean , uh , you can see it when we , when we take this car out for car shows and so on .

It's , it's an attraction , you know , people like it .

I think it's unique .

I think the reason why you don't like it , it's , the color is very bright .

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It pops , you know , and uh I think the the sound obviously it's not like a Ford Mark one escort , you know , it sounds different than a Mark one escort .

What cars were there in those years that compete ?

I mean , you know , the typical cars in the seventies , you know , um this one really , I think it , it , it's one of the better ones .

Uh my view , my taste but yeah , crowd pleaser for sure .

Um You know , and that's why we love it because as far as the SPS brand goes , we need crowd pleasers to build the brand out there .

The same with the F D behind me .

It is just cars that attract attention for sure .

In the cheek .

We have an engine builder called uh he builds , he builds indestructible engines .

I can , I can promise you this .

I said to you this car is about 12 to 15 years old .

This engine has never been opened up .

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The one behind me has been , we launched the car in 2018 and we just killed this thing year after year , no problems at all .

We , we have a track car in a Mazda capella driven by Johan Smith in the historic , that car has gone 4 to 5 seasons already without even close , opening the gear the engine .

What , what we , we normally problem with these cars normally is the diffs , obviously because the way that we drive these things , you know , as you know , as if they were stolen every time you can imagine the stress these , these , these , these gearboxes and clutch takes the clutch story , the diffs .

But otherwise I , I , I've got a very simple rule around rotary every 2000 kilometers , we change the oil and the oil filter and this team will never break the interior .

It's , it's just clean .

I mean , it's , there's nothing fancy in it .

It's like old school , uh , still stock standard interior , the back seats .

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We , we've , I've seen the previous owners have modified the back seats a bit , you know , and , uh , but in terms of the dash and , and everything else , it's just stock standard stuff , but otherwise the cars as it looked like it came out in 76 is very similar to that .

Nothing changed .

We are busy with a , with a 20 B turbocharged , uh , racing car that we're building a proper racing car .

It's , it's , it's tailor made for the track and for your climbs .

That's why we build it .

Uh That car is the excitement .

We're very excited about that car being launched next year .

So , yeah , the boys are going to get involved with , you'll climb , you'll climbs environment next year .

They're going to get involved with time attacks and long track racing as well .

Uh Both of them will see who is the fastest between the two .

Um They will compete and there's the one with the server car and the one with the faster car .

So we'll see what his names will be put on one of those cars .

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If you're new to the cars , do coz a channel .

Welcome .

Thanks for being here .

Now .

We have over 660 videos on our channel .

We've been doing this for nearly nine years now .

So if you're looking for a car review for a car , you might be interested in , you'll probably find it in our back catalog .

And thanks very much for supporting our channel .

We are now the largest motoring channel in South Africa .

And the aim is to just keep doing what we do and help South Africa make better purchasing decisions .

Thanks very much for watching .

Cheers cars dot Coz we got the , I got the part when it comes to finding the right part at the right price .

There's just no place like ma's for the love of cars .


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