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2023-06-14 19:35:54

2000HP Lamborghini Shoots HUGE Flames at Car Meet! (Rings of Fire!)

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Got a $4 million car right here .

Um , uh , a Porsche 959 .

Uh , wait , hold on a second .

Yeah , that's like a $3 million car .

Guys , cars across Texas here today .

And we're out at some import versus domestic car meat hosted by hard parts out here in the spring area .

A couple cool cars already here .

We are a little early .

A Porsche .

95 Porsche , sorry guys .

Porsche 959 just rolled by some three million something odd dollar car just casually drove by it .

But there's a lot of other cool cars here .

So let's take a look around .

Let me know what your favorite car is in the comments down below and let's get to the action .

Ok .

Can someone tell me what this is ?

I really don't know .

He has some , some stuff here .

The Brewbaker , I guess it's called a Brewbaker .

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The Swamp Box .

This is crazy and apparently the engine is back here .

Yeah , there it is .

What the heck .

This is amazing .

Apparently this is super rare too .

I don't , I don't even know what it is , but I've definitely never seen another one .

Like it .

So we got an old Ford Falcon here and a pretty cool color looking mighty fine out here representing the domestics .

Got a whipple , supercharged s 550 mustang and a full set of welds .

That man that looks pretty tasty .

This thing is nice .

That's pretty clean .

I like that .

All right .

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So I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say this man right here really likes Cougars .

He's the mercury Cooper cougar .

Wow , I can't talk .

I love Cougars as his license plate with a stuffed cougar on the roof and then next to it more classic love out here .

So we have the Mark five super here .

The front is gloss black .

The rear is like satin black on some T E 37 S with a wing on it .

Very clean , sir .

It needs no introduction .

You guys know how much I like a good terminator on the channel .

Next two , a couple of very nice fox bodies , a couple of not very molested fox bodies at that .

They look relatively stalking .

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So we got a chrome red 3 50 .

I had to drop the Z because it rhymed , you know , but I also have a A T S V with under glow Low boy .

Oh , is he parking there ?

Is parking there , Mr Lowe man .

Thank you .

I think it's nice .

Good Lord .

You should get that shit .

I should brother .

Very clean silver on chrome C seven parked up here I like it .

Oh , it's the E E 46 wagon so rare and I love it so much .

What a bad ass daily dude .

Then we got the chrome blue G T R pulling up .

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Yes .

Yeah .

Chicken .

It's this guy the right hand drive Superman .

Mhm .

Oh yeah .

So O G s to the channel .

Well , remember O G Wild Davis , I don't think I've ever gotten here at four series in a video .

I think the last time you've been in a video was the A Yes sir , Mr Play me himself is here O G Wild Davis in the building .

Coming to be wild and shut down the meat .

Hey , I like these wheels a lot .

They're nice .

That's nice .

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I'm gonna go take a gander .

I don't know what it is about this generation .

Camaro , the gen two I believe , but I love it , man .

I am absolutely 110% here for this .

Look at that .

Sick .

The MS are rolling in deep are the J D M board .

You got the , you got the 3000 G T time .

Got a corrupt club .

I think they're called , it says corrupt .

I don't know , it's tin corrupt , corrupt club , whatever but uh more in boys rolling .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we do have a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo pulling up on a set of hr s very , very clean and my God listen to those turbos , right ?

One more time , one more time .

So you know , I love a good R C F on the channel .

I say it all the time .

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Super good sounding car 6 32 .

So we got whatever this thing is down here and uh we got a Renault Clio .

How , how do you even go about getting one ?

Wait , how do you even get one of these in the US ?

It's amazing .

Uh That's how he gets it in the US .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not a US car four door Z 06 .

Super clean old mustang .

It's like bullet green .

Nice .

I is chopping down some trees out here .

Look at that .

That sounds mighty fine .

Oh , I want it so bad .

Old school Viper man .

I was like a G one .

Wow .

A whole death trap .

The pink Lexus boys growing up to this thing looks like he likes to party .

Look at this W S six , man .

This thing is crazy .

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Yeah , for real .

Oh my God .

You smell that holy crap .

So it would not be a complete cars across Texas venue without the puppies .

Hello , a thing .

The twin turbo Vert Mustang .

So like this is , this is pretty sneaky stock wheels , but it's hard to be sneaky with that .

Is that you that just made that noise .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One what , bro , L S S 2000 , bro .

You sneaky sneaky boy , Mr Jack and the E 46 M three , sir , sir .

Are you sponsored by Fake Newtons ?

One day , one day dreams ?

Don't let your dreams be memes .

So perhaps the star of the show here today .

The Top patrol .

Oh baby , I , I maybe I need one of these on the channel .

Old G G N X 86 grand .

Yes , sir .

C five .

The weird van is on the move .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wait , it's the Suzy samurai shooting flames .

No , the heck .

That's so amazing .

What ?

Rather .

Yeah , that is amazing .

I don't know .

I haven't , ma'am .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Oh and it is a six speed manual .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is clean , super nice color .

And then we got um a more uh 123456789 10 10 in the back that 10 am I counting ?

Right ?

That's amazing .

So look at this tail gate as well .

Not gonna happen .

Oh my God one .

Oh , what am I watching ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I on the other hand , oh I y hydraulics right now .

Something tells me this is something you would not see in any other state besides Texas .

It's amazing .

Yes , sir .

The tailgate is the Oh my God , they are going to flip this truck , you know .

Yes .

Look , there's more people trying to get in .

I'm not sure .

Yeah .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wow .

This thing is crazy .

I love it .

That drag pack is six .

Are you all drinking in the building ?

So I still don't know what this is .

Right .

So this is a Volkswagen Brewbaker .

There was originally 28 of them in the world .

He said there's only 19 running ones now and it is the only one here in Houston .

It's some sort of wagon thing from Volkswagen with a rear mounted motor .

That is amazing .

Yeah , baby , we got the puppy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hello , headlights .

Look at the game AJ .

You're people and you're not here .

Yeah .

All these F RSS and AJ is not with them one .

Are you ?

I love it .

I love it .

I love , love brother , brother .

No .

And the Bronco .

Yeah .

Yeah .

The Nitrous C pulled up .

Are you doing ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh that , that kind of scares me .

A fellow HPC car .

The pro charge stingray , man .

That thing looks good .

That's the L S3 100 pulling up .

Yo , what's going on ?

Boss ?

That thing is a bonkers .

I love it .

C seven Z R one .

Oh my God , that's pretty .

So this s 2000 is an S 2000 that likes to party .

Here's the Ellis one in there .

Pretty unsuspecting .

Alrighty guys .

That's going to be the end of the meeting for me today .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We are going to roll out lots of cool cars and some funny moments and some crazy shenanigans happened in this video today .

So hopefully you enjoyed it .

Let me know what your favorite part of the video was down in the comments below and I'll catch you in the next one .

See you .

No , he did a burnout right in front of a cop .

No way , dude .

No way .

Wait , no way .

He ended up burn out right in front of the cop .

Yeah .

No way , dude , brother , right ?

You can't be like , you can't make this shit up , dude , right in front of the cob .

You , I like , you can't make this shit up , dude .

He's not a real , yeah .

Yep .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just kidding .

What in the world ?

I don't know what's going on here .

Yeah , you can make this up to it .

He's though .

Cool .

You lucky , man .

I miss record like a trailer .

Fox body on a big old tire .

Boom .


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