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2023-06-14 19:35:45

How To Make Cilbir _ Turkish Eggs - Aysenur Altan

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food and travel .

In this episode we are making is a poached egg very famous from Ottoman Times , from 15th century .

We love egg and use it in many dishes and uh is one of them with its yogurt past pepper infused oil very easy to make .

And you can even eat it like a , a light lunch or feast in breakfast .

So let's begin .

My ingredients are very simple .

I have eggs , salt , red pepper flakes , bear vinegar .

I'm using grape vinegar .

You can use apple if you like and some thick yogurt .

You can also use garlic , but we don't prefer .

So I'm not gonna use it .

I have my serving plate ready .

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I want my yogurt to get to at room temperature a little bit and you can also make it personal , but I'm gonna serve it all together .

So I'm making a base .

If I would use garlic , I would first uh mix it with yogurt and I put it in here .

So this is my base .

I think this will be enough .

So my yogurt base is ready and while it's getting to room temperature , we're gonna uh cook our eggs .

I have nice boiling hot water here , I'm gonna add my vinegar two tablespoons .

This will help to uh get a nice a poached egg .

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Let me wait until it boils .

It is boiling .

Now , I want it to simmer .

So I lowered the heat .

I'm going to crack my egg into a bowl .

Yeah , gently .

Without disturbing the egg white .

The egg yolk .

I'm going to drop it gently into my water .

Here we go .

You can bring it together like , so let's , let's wait .

You can wait .

I'm gonna cross the second one .

Here .

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If the heat is too low , you can open up a little bit to see some bubbling just a little .

You can also cook it one by one , but I'm gonna try it too .

Here we go .

Let me put this one away .

OK ?

Uh I'm also gonna add the charge one and hey city uh set the time for 2.5 minutes .

OK ?

Your timer is set for two minutes and 30 seconds .

Thank you .

So I have 2.5 minutes to cook them and here is the third one .

OK .

Here we go .

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So this is the first one .

We're gonna take it out first .

We don't want to cook the egg yolk all the way to make it a little bit runny .

So they are simmering right now .

And meanwhile , I'm gonna make my , it be sauce .

Let me get some butter here you can also make it with olive oil .

It's ok .

But the butter always make it even more delicious .

I'm gonna use this bear .

It is mixed of hot and sweet .

You can use uh whichever you have if you don't have just use a paprika .

If you want , you can also heat up some dried mint together .

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I think this bottle will be enough .

I added a bit too much because my body was frozen .

Ok ?

It's 2.5 minutes .

I'm adding my , uh , a bit more and checking the egg y'all .

It is hard .

I'm just gonna leave it here .

This one is a good looking good .

The third one , uh , still needs a little time .

I'm turning off the heat of the pepper and , uh , you know what I think we're gonna eat for , for the breakfast .

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Oops and I forgot to use my bowl here , but things are ok .

So let me bring down here and this is probably right now in 2 , 2.5 minutes .

Yeah , I'm gonna take this off too .

Ok ?

And I'm gonna wait for this one for uh , two more minutes and it will be ready .

Check the eggs after 2.5 minutes .

It takes about three minutes .

You can , um , just touch the egg , egg yolk to see if it's still , um , springy .

Ok ?

And then take it to , this is also done .

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Sometimes they , some people like to drain it on a paper towel , but I didn't want to touch it .

So I'm gonna just put it like this .

And here is the delicious butter , a red pepper flake mixture .

This makes the difference really ?

So I want to give some freshness and just added some dried mint and it's ready .

So I have on my bread .

I want to show you I can't wait to try .

It's been a long time .

I haven't made this .

You just dip your bread and break the egg yolk .

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Mix everything with yogurt , some pepper sauce and enjoy this .

It's ready in no time .

Like five minutes .

Perfect dish for breakfast or lunch or any time of today .

So give it a try this traditional recipe from Ottoman Times and don't forget to subscribe and like my channel .

Leave a comment .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel blogs .

Wow .

It's yummy .

Yes .


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