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I've showed you how to make indoors and now I'm gonna tell you which ones you should buy what's going on guys .

Josh from soccer reviews for you dot com , bringing you the top 10 indoor and turf shoes available right now .

If you guys do end up enjoying the video and want to see more top five and top 10 videos on the channel .

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Now , when I first decided I was going to make this video , it was initially going to be a top five list , not a top 10 , but once I started thinking about it and writing down what I thought were the best indoor and turf options out there .

I realized there was way more than just five .

So I extended the list to 10 , which I wouldn't normally do , but there are legitimately that many good options out there .

Please keep in mind that all of these picks are available in both indoor as well as turf variation .

So you have some options depending on what surface you're going to be using them on .

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Also , all of these picks are based my own personal experience with these particular indoor and turf shoes because I've actually tried them .

There are lots and lots of indoor and turf models out there that I have not tried simply because I can't get to absolutely everything .

There just isn't enough time .

So if there is something that I left off this list that you have and think is very good , that does not make it bad .

It doesn't mean that I think it's bad .

It just means that I haven't tried it .

So it isn't in my personal top 10 , which is also why this list is very Nike and Adidas dominant because that's mostly what I've tried given it is the most popular in this part of the world and all the shoes that I did pick , I do think are legitimately very good for different reasons .

I factored in quality .

I factored in price , I factored in the features and basically what each individual shoe has on offer .

I'll tell you why I think it's good and why it does belong on this top 10 list .

Also , this top 10 list is in no particular order .

So with all that out of the way , let's get right into it .

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The Nike Lunar legend X seven pro 10 R edition .

This retails for $105 .

I think when you're talking about value for money from a good quality leather indoor shoe .

This should be near the top of your list .

Now , this is inspired by Ronaldinho's second signature model .

I think it looks absolutely incredible out of everything on this list .

This is my favorite aesthetically , but the quality is really good .

You get this quilted cas skin leather upper that's super soft and breaks in really , really nicely .

It's available in both an indoor as well as a turf variation features Nike Luter law cushioning system , which is really good as well .

It's very comfortable .

It's got the same general shape as the rest of the Tiempo line just with slightly different styling for this 10 R variation .

And while this is a good deal at 105 and I do prefer it over the other options within the T M O line right now .

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If you want to save a little bit of money and want something that's more along the lines of the regular Nike Timbo legend seven , you can save 10 bucks for $95 and get the non 10 R variation of the shoe , whichever one you go for .

It's a really , really solid indoor .

An honorable mention that does tie into pick number one is the Nike Timbo X Proximo two , which is basically the Legend seven upper with the same indoor bottom lunar lawn cushioning set up available in indoor or turf .

So this has kangaroo leather , the internal support cage , fly wire cables flying at tongue flying it at the back A CC all condition and control the same heel liner as the top end legend seven as well .

But it retails for $175 .

So 80 to $70 more than the model below .

And I will say that the model low while inferior in regards to overall quality , the difference isn't overly significant , especially once broken in .

So this is definitely the best of the best as far as Tim indoors are concerned .

But are they worth the extra money ?

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That's something you kind of have to determine for yourself .

I would personally pick these .

But at the same time , I really think that the slightly cheaper one is just a much better value and it's 95% as good as what you're getting for a lot more money .

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro indoors also available in the turf variation with the retail price of $110 .

Now , this is going to get you the same outsource set up as what you're going to find on the more expensive elite variation that retails for 175 rather than 110 .

It's also the only shoe from Nike right now to feature their new hyper screen upper , which I'm not sure if we're ever going to see this on an outdoor model or if it will be exclusive to this particular indoor shoe , but it's a mesh based material with this printed on kind of plastic layer on the surface that makes for a little bit of extra grip on the ball .

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But the material as a whole is extremely soft , very , very sock like and just extremely comfortable while also giving you that thin barefoot sensation that you would want from anything branded as a Mercurial vapor .

So for $110 I think it looks good .

I think it feels good .

It's very , very comfortable .

And honestly , it's a really , really good option .

The best value for money option within the indoor Mercurial line , the Adidas Copa 18.1 indoor and turf retail price on these guys is pretty steep at $160 .

But I do think that you're getting your money's worth as far as having a kangaroo leather upper that's pretty much identical to what you'll find on the top end copa 18.1 firm ground cleat which retails for $200 .

So these are technically a little bit cheaper and it does feature a pretty premium outsole .

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The indoor variation has this smooth bottom that offers pretty good traction on an indoor court and very good traction in a street soccer type environment also fairly durable and of course , it features full length boost cushioning something you will not find from any other Adidas indoor model right now , if you opt for the turf variation of the shoe , obviously , it's going to have a turf outsole , it's slightly lower profile as far as the mid sole is concerned and it does still have a boost insert in the heel for that extra bit of cushioning .

So a little bit different depending on whether you go for the indoor or turf variation , but both really , really good .

And if you're a fan of the Copa 18.1 , if you have the extra money for 160 bucks , these are really , really good .

The Nike Maja Proximo two .

Now , this is essentially just an indoor variation of the maja over two firm ground cleat .

These guys are retailing for $175 which is not cheap .

But considering that the regular maja over two retails for $275 now it used to be 300 .

This is actually not that bad of a price .

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You get the exact same line at upper with the 3d texture in the mid cut collar .

It's a really , really nice feel , especially once broken in and whether you go for the indoor or turf variation , this be indoor version .

Of course , you get the full length Lunar lawn cushioning , which feels really , really good underfoot .

So overall , I know the maja over two has been around for a long time .

But if you have those as your cleats and you want something for indoor turf use that's going to have pretty much the exact same fit and feel you cannot go wrong with these , the Adidas Mundial team , which is the turf variation of the shoe that I have right here .

They also make it in an indoor variation that's called either the copa indoor or the mundial go depending on where you look , just changed the name at some point for whatever reason .

So , websites have it listed pretty much both ways .

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So just be aware of that either way , whether you go indoor or turf , these guys retail for only $95 which is shocking considering that this is a full kangaroo leather , upper , the leather at the front , the mid foot , the heel , the tongue , it's all some of the best quality leather you're going to find on any shoe right now .

And that's essentially because this is the upper of the copa man for significantly less than what the copa costs , which is kind of prising .

And I think the cost difference is because these aren't made in Germany like the codes are , but the quality is pretty much just as good for 95 bucks .

If you're a fan of old school copas with that soft leather , feel a shoe that will literally stretch to anybody's foot shape .

This is definitely what you want now because it is kind of an older style shoe .

There are some downsides when you compare it to some of the more modern indoor and turf shoes and they're certainly going to be a lot heavier .

These are by no means light , they actually do have a little bit of a weighted feel on which personally I do not mind , but everybody has their own preference in that regard .

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Also for the turf version , especially the heel does sit a little bit higher than normal , which some people don't like .

Again , it's not something that really bothers me .

The turf outsole is great .

The indoor layout also works really good as far as traction is concerned and it does normally have a fold over flap tongue .

Just be aware of that .

I've trimmed mine off because that is my personal preference .

I'd rather it not be there but out of all the indoor and turf shoes on this list , especially when it comes to turf models .

This is kind of my go to turf and has been for the last several years , super comfortable , really nothing to break in .

It's just a matter of letting the leather stretch to your foot and then once that's done , they feel like soft slippers on your feet , not for everybody .

But if you're a fan of this style shoe for $95 this is probably the top option on this list .

The Nike Hypervenom X Proximo two , essentially the indoor or turf variation of the Nike Hypervenom , Phantom 3d F Elites .

Those retail for $275 .

These guys are going to run 175 bucks .

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So for $100 less , you're getting the exact same flying at upper with the mid cut collar .

This only being available with the mid cut color .

They don't make it in a low like they do the Phantom three Cleats , which is a bit of a shame .

I would have loved to see that an option , but you can't get everything that you want .

It still has the fly wire cables , it still has the texturing on the surface of the upper as well .

A CC all conditions control .

If you're a fan of the hypervenom Phantom three S , this is exactly that upper as far as the mids sole is concerned .

It's a Phylon Mids sole , whether you go indoor or turf , of course , this has the turf bottom and then it also does have the Zoom air cushioning unit in the heel , which if I'm being completely honest isn't super noticeable when you're actually wearing these a little bit more noticeable once you break it in .

But overall fairly low profile , decent underfoot cushioning .

And really the appeal here is that it does have the Phantom three flying it upper .

So if you're a fan of that boot , you're going to be a fan of these indoors .

The Puma 365 Evo knit net fit indoors also available in a variation .

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This being the indoor version , of course , with the retail price of $130 .

Now , unlike most of the other boots on this list , this is not based off of an actual firm ground shoe on offer from the Puma brand .

This is specific to this particular model .

So what you're going to find is an evo knit base .

Essentially their variation of Nike's flying it or Adidas is prime .

It , it feels very soft , very sock , like pretty much no break in time at all .

It features a mid cut color , something that you won't see from any of Pumas at the moment , which is kind of interesting in itself and it feels very comfortable .

It has a more traditional low cut construction in the heels .

So no chafing or discomfort at the back portion of the shoe .

And then of course , their net fit system , which at the moment is a signature of the Puma future model .

You're getting it on this particular shoe for significantly less than what the Puma future 18.1 is going to run you and it still works pretty much exactly the same way you can adjust the lacing system .

However , you want to kind of customize the fit lock down and overall responsiveness of the shoe .

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It's essentially a sock that feels really secure on your feet .

Once you have them laced up properly , it's got a relatively low profile outsole , probably the lowest profile of all the shoes on on this particular list .

So if you like that close to the ground feel that is exactly what these are going to provide and the indoor bottom is also very good in regards attraction , also durable in a street soccer type environment .

And of course , if you need the turf version , they make that an option as well for 130 bucks , if you're looking to try something different , this should be something you should strongly consider the Nike Mercurial Superfly XX Six Elite .

These guys retail for $175 which is $100 less than the Super Fly Six Elite cleats would run you .

And unlike the cleats , which are available , of course , in a vapor variation as well , which is basically the exact same shoe in a low cut form factor .

If you go for the indoor variation , you have to get the color .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's only available as the Super Fly variant and essentially it is the super fly upper with some slight modifications in regards to the Nike skin covering on the surface .

And of course , the placement of the swoosh , which I would argue is significantly better .

This looks a lot better than the small swoosh here at the toe .

Overall , it's the same flying face .

It even does include A CC , all conditions control if that's an important feature to you all entirely made out of flying it with the one piece upper dual lace hole system running up the middle , the D F collar as well , which is slightly shorter for this new generation of super fly , very comfortable , very soft , very sock , like sensation on your feet .

And of course , it has the m so an indoor or turf outsole , depending on what you go for .

They're very , very lightweight , super , super comfortable .

And again , if you're wearing the Super Fly six Elite cleats and you want something that feels exactly the same or as close as possible to that shoe in an indoor or turf variation .

This is exactly what you want .

The Adidas Samba Classic indoors .

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Now , these have been around forever and they are only available as an indoor shoe .

They don't make a turf variation at all .

And the traction you get on an indoor court is really , really good .

I'd say one of the better options on this list and when it comes to using these in a street soccer type environment , not only is the traction great , but the durability is also phenomenal .

These are built to last features , a good quality leather upper the way at the toe to protect the high wear areas .

The foam tongue which I actually really , really like .

It does feature this extended flat piece , which I personally think is a little bit unnecessary .

It looks cool when I'm actually playing in some classics .

Personally , I cut this top piece off just so there's no flap to get rid of that extra bulk .

That's totally a matter of preference .

It's got a nice padded lining material , it's very , very comfortable , it's relatively low profile , they're not super light and it does have that old school vibe about it in general in regards to being a leather shoe with kind of more traditional styling .

This is by no means a new model .

But I think for most people , this is a shoe that you will very easily be able to get used to .

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And once broken in , they're just extremely comfortable and made to last .

Also , they retail for only $70 .

This is the cheapest shoe on this list and they are an extreme good value .

Yes , the retail is 70 bucks , but you can regularly find these on sale for around $50 if you live anywhere near an Adidas outlet , which most people do head over there and guess what ?

They'll have some classics likely for under 70 bucks in terms of value for money .

These are pretty much impossible to beat when it comes to indoors .

They're also available in either black like I have right here or white , which is basically just the reverse of this white upper with the black stripes , both look really , really good .

And as far as wearing indoor shoes casually , I know a lot of people like to do that .

This is pretty much the only one , in my opinion that you can actually get away with wearing casually without looking strange just because it has that classic Adidas styling .

So overall Samba classic super underrated super good value for money and truly one of the best indoors currently available .

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The Nike hypervenom X finale to indoor also available as a turf which retails for 95 to $105 depending on the color way .

Making this once again an excellent value for money option .

Arguably just as good , if not better , depending on what your personal preference is .

Then the proxy mo two , which retails for $175 rather than 95 you're getting the Nike skin upper from the first takedown model in the hypervenom lineup , which is the hypervenom Fatal three .

But in a low cut form factor with a slightly different variation to it .

So the Nike skin is soft .

Obviously , it's a mesh space synthetic .

It softens up significantly after a little bit of wear time features the fly wire cable lacing system that really does a good job of locking the mid and four ft in place making this very responsive despite being so soft on your feet .

And then it features kind of a one piece construction where the center part is filled in with this kind of elasticated foam material that extends into the collar and liner of the shoe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And of course , it's a low cut rather than a mid , which personally , I prefer the feel and look a very , very comfortable , pretty much from the get go and it features the exact same mid sole and so set up as what you'll find on the more expensive Proximo model , which retails for 175 bucks .

So you get the Phylon Mids , so the Zoom air cushioning and either the indoor or turf bottom , depending on which version you go for .

So for 95 bucks and you can regularly find these on sale as well .

This is an excellent indoor or turf option and that concludes my top 10 list of what I think are the best indoor and turf shoes currently available .

If you're looking for more info on anything that I talked about in this video , there are video reviews for pretty much everything .

So if you're looking for more info , do a quick little youtube search on my channel and the video you're looking for should pop up immediately .

If you guys did enjoy the video , don't forget to support it with a like .

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And as always , if you have any questions at all regarding any of the shoes that I talked about in this video , feel free to leave your questions down below in the comments and I'll do my best to get an answer to you as soon as I possibly can subscribe .

If you haven't already for daily videos on all the latest and greatest soccer gear , you can find all my social media information linked down below in the description as well .

Other than that guys hope you enjoyed the video as always .

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