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What's up guys ?

Welcome to today's video .

This is a big one .

We've done a lot of crazy stuff in 2019 .

We've done some crazy builds and even got my dream car the 9919 11 GT three R s that is sitting right here and I got to say , depending on your opinion , depending on your taste , we might be able to argue and say that this car blows that one out of the water .

So this is something that uh you know , I've wanted to do .

I feel like everyone wants to own one of these cars at some point in time , but they're getting so ridiculous price wise , they just keep going up and up and up and I figured uh now is the time to just pull the trigger before it even gets more wild to the point where I'll never own one .

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So without further ado , I would like to reveal to you guys my last car of 2019 as always Mike from Divine Union killed it on that montage .

But uh what do you guys think ?

My midnight purple three R 34 G T R .

It's kind of funny .

Because I've driven quite a few r 30 fours now , at this point , obviously , never a midnight purple one .

And I've always been a little bit underwhelmed with them .

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I've always kind of talked about how they were the hype beast car and I'd probably never end up owning one .

But , um , I feel like hanging around Tommy F and just building so many cars .

I feel like we've done a really great job at putting together some really nice builds .

But the problem is at the end of the day , none of them ever really started as something really , really special .

And what I want to do moving forward , especially in 2020 is do builds where we start with a very special car .

So when I have all this time and money poured into it at the end of the day , it still started as a special car because , you know , it sounds insignificant like it matters to me .

So at the end of the day , rather than having a white base model R 34 G T R with a bunch of money and parts into it , we'll have a midnight purple three V spec R 34 G T R with a bunch of cool parts on it .

So this is going to be a build .

Um I was a little bit torn about the whole idea of owning an R 34 G T R since now .

They are technically collectors cars .

Um And that's kind of one of the reasons why I made that last video explaining , kind of like why I buy cars , how I see or turn on investment when I make a bunch of content with them .

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And one thing that I did uh negate to mention , which wasn't on purpose .

I just forgot the cars are write offs as well .

So um when your youtube channel is business and these cars are in the its name and they are mainly used for content .

I can write them off .

So it is a helpful thing .

But the main point that I'm getting at is I will profit more from owning a car , especially even one like this that it will appreciate and probably go up tens of thousands of dollars each year .

I will actually profit more from building the car and enjoying it than I will from letting it sit .

So originally I was going to get an air called Porsche and I was going to be like , oh , I'll have something cool to just sit and look at and I'll appreciate .

But then I was , they're already like kind of so high and maybe an R 34 is kind of more up my alley because of all the J D M stuff .

And it , it just kind of fits more than an air called Porsche would .

But the thing is originally , I was like , oh , let us sit and appreciate .

But if we can profit more off the car by enjoying it , building it and doing stuff to it .

We'd be crazy not to .

So I'm not gonna give uh too full .

Actually , I can , I'll tell you guys what I'm gonna do to this car .

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So anyway , walking around real quick , this is a midnight purple three V spec R 34 G T R .

One thing that I have to keep telling myself it's a 20 year old car , even though I paid a fortune for it , it's not going to be perfect .

And I would say based on the R 34 G T R s that I've seen , um if we're saying 1 to 55 being the absolute cleanest , one being the worst , absolute junk .

I would say this car is somewhere in the high threes to fours , so it's not perfect .

It's got little paint chips here and there .

It is pretty much 100% stock , which was a big thing to me .

I didn't want one that's been messed with and had bigger turbos or other stuff because I do want to try to do some stuff with this little stock engine .

So that does matter to me to have a healthy engine .

It's good compression still stock suspension .

It's on some Bs L MS that I'll be getting rid of if you want to buy them , hit me up .

They're probably good spec but engine wise , we are bone stock .

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I believe when I was looking under this car before checking for rust and stuff , which it does not have , uh , it does have some mines down pipes and uh , I think a Kakimoto exhaust or something like that .

I think it has a mines chipped E C U as well .

But other than that , like bone stock , bone stock , bone stock .

So even feels like it still has a stock clutch .

Obviously , we'll end up replacing that , but it does have the Z tune bumper , which is kind of cool .

Uh Currently it's a fiberglass one .

They make them in fiberglass and in dry carbon .

It does have some paint chips though .

And I'm not a big fan of fiberglass , so I might end up picking up the carbon one .

And in terms of aesthetics , I think it'd be really , really cool to do like the full Z tune in front end , the fenders hood and bumper , but I was actually really concerned during the midnight purple at first worrying about being able to paint match , but they actually were able to paint match a couple of things for me and clean them up .

Uh The car was missing these side diffusers or whatever you want to call them and they were able to paint , match them almost perfectly as well as fixing up a few chips in the mirror and on the front bumper .

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So I have a little bit more confidence that I will be able to properly paint match stuff if I do change it which was a big factor of me not wanting a midnight purple car .

I don't know how I feel about the paint .

Um , I think I , I really wanted a white R 34 on white T S but the special factor of having a midnight purple car , I think just got me a little bit more excited in terms of rarity .

There were only 100 and 32 midnight purple three V spec R 30 fours made .

Um I think overall it's something like 1.7% of our 30 fours were made in this color .

Who knows how many are still around and haven't been crashed or messed up .

But , um , it's a special car .

It's got the rare factor .

It's going to forever be worth money and it's just , it's a cool car that fits in with the collection and I'm excited to build it and do stuff to it .

So I'll give you guys a few more little sneak peeks , anything you didn't see in the montage interior wise , fairly , fairly simple .

I might change it up for the V spec two interior .

Tommy has some of the black seats if I can find the rest of the trim .

But other than that , it's not bad .

It's not perfect , but it's definitely on the cleaner side .

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Like I said , in stock form , these cars are very underwhelming .

It feels like you're driving around a maximum .

They're very slow .

They kind of feel heavy and boat .

I not the most exciting thing in the world , but that's ok .

At first , like I said , all I'm going to do is focus on getting it looking exactly how I want .

And then I'm going to slowly start accumulating parts for the stage .

One of the build , I think I'm going to do it in stages so I can enjoy the car .

I think I'm going to follow up actually in a future video and tell you guys the first stage in terms of performance that I want to do to this thing .

Um But today in this video , we are going to be doing some uh coil overs that came with the car actually came with some new .

So I just got to put them in part of the deal .

I worked out and then I got these T E s from Tommy that are pretty rare .

Spec 10.5 plus 15 bronze should look pretty cool on this thing .

So I did forget a couple of things that I guess I'll show you .

That's cool on the car .

It does have some little Nimo bits like this is one of the older white face , Nimo clusters and then it does have Nimo tail lights on it as well .

Pretty neat .

It's definitely a cool car .

I'm definitely excited to own it , but I'll be way more excited once we get this thing lowered and looking nice .

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So fortunately for you guys , we're gonna do that in this video .

All my friends are in town .

So I'm excited .

We're gonna throw the car left .

We're gonna work on it in this garage .

It's been a while since I worked on a car here .

Let's get to work .

It's really hard to tell with these cars in terms of mileage because you never know if the cluster has been swapped and stuff .

But it does have paperwork from when the Nimo cluster was put in from Nimo .

And the car did originally have , I think like 30,000 kilometers and then 50,000 kilometers , the new cluster .

So overall , this car supposedly has about 80,000 kilometers on it , which would be about 50,000 miles .

Um Judging by the cleanliness of the paint and the engine bay and stuff , I would say that sounds about on par , but it's one of those things I just recognize , you never know with these cars and I know that I'm going to end up redoing half the stuff on the car .

So , so long as the body is clean paints , somewhat decent and it's a decent starting platform , it's going to cost a fortune either way .

So let's get started on making this thing look cool .

Tell me , what do you think about this dude ?

So good .

Yeah , so good .

So uh I , I refreshed me because I know we've had a lot of conversations about 30 fours and I feel like we were both on the same page .

We're like , we're probably gonna never end up owning one .

I still think you're gonna own one someday .

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That's where I'm at right now .

I'm like , looking at other options because , you know , all these youtube guys are getting 34 .

But , um , no , that thing is so good .

I got it .

I feel like seeing one now , like in person makes me , like , feel like I have to get one more , you know .

But then it's a , we could be r 34 brothers too .

I know .

Like to do stuff .

Not just to buy it , you know .

But like everything is so good .

It hard to find .

It's not like a BMW where everything's expensive and you just buy it .

It's hard to find .

So these could be because it's a collectors car that kind of get snatched up in a lot of different countries .

Uh , what is it ?

I think the Middle East actually has a lot of them .

Yeah .

And the thing is too , like little parts , like , let's say , or mirrors for an S 13 , you might pay $800 to 1000 for an R 34 .

What are they going for right now ?

2200 , 2500 .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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Well , let's not actually talk about those in the video because I don't want someone to buy them and then , and then , and , and then sell them to me for more .

You go .

So , anyway .

Yeah , it is kind of tricky and that's the G T R game .

But I kind of explained at the beginning of the video , how you are a big influence in me and how I am sick of putting a lot of time and money into cars that didn't start out as special for this car .

If I put a bunch of time and money into it , it started out as a special car .

Like one thing , not a lot of people understand is that chase for the parts is the , is the fun part for sure .

If you just go , oh I can get this , I can get this , I can get this nothing special and you just have like this car .

But if you're like chasing parts down and doing all that , it's so much cooler .

And I , I that's something too .

I know I told you guys that I don't wanna necessarily reveal all my plan for the car right off the bat , but I do want to keep this a very authentic build .

I know you or R 32 is definitely a big inspiration on that end .

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And I feel like I kind of started doing that with my Evo , but this is really the car to do it with because there are so many special like Japanese parts and cool brands that make stuff that's hard to get and like the stuff is cool .

But this look at this stuff is next level .

Hey , that dude in blue can you review my stock G T R ?

Wait , have you done , have you done an R 34 review ?

Dude ?

It is literally the most underwhelming car in the world you'll ever drive .

Can , can we have him do a comparison of like a Maxima S C R and R 34 G pr ?

I bet it would beat it .

Have you ever seen that joke ?

It's like the Cobalt versed the R 34 it lists like the specs of the coal S S or whatever and the R 34 the Cobalt beats it in every aspect , like the nerve buring everything .

Cobalt ss .

So why , why is this Godzilla then ?

What's so special about it ?

Because when you start freaking with it is , it gets cool .

Yeah , I know .

I know .

I know .

So .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , let's uh let's put those wheels that you didn't want to sell to me on this thing .

Now , let's do that .

Let's rub it in , you know , just a little bit .

Let it in .

What do you think about this ?

That's pretty cool .

I guess she got really the papers the most nerve wracking thing in the world .

It's been a while since I've used this lift .

I haven't like fully be underneath this car yet .

So let's hope there's no hidden surprises .

The car definitely needs new brakes .

We'll figure out what we're going to do on that front .

Um They're a little rusty , they've definitely seen some better days , but look at how thick the bronze Ds are going to look with this color to between white T s or bronze ones .

But Tommy had these .

So I figured I'd give bronze a shot and you really can't go wrong with them .

Like I said , I'm gonna tell you guys what my plans are with the actual engine later on .

But I'm really excited to work with R B 26 again because they were way cooler than R B 25 .

And I was kind of like bummed when I had to give away the R 33 that we did because that R B 26 was rad .

It sounded good .

It was a ton of fun .

So I I'm very excited about this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No life , three bolts , two up top and one down below and that's enough to get this thing out of here almost .

Oh yeah , removing R 34 suspension with one hand title of the video as I clip the brake lines .

You look at that , put on my ebay store .

It's not gonna happen with one .

Are you trying to do the same thing ?

I did ?

There's no way , I don't know .

I was able to do it .

You just got a wiggle .

Just give a little .

Yeah , you try .

Come on , let's see .

I'm busy looking at the badges .

That's actually pretty dope .

They literally , they come in mini license plates .

That's weird .

Good deal .

Yeah .

Come on , Mr strong man .

This one's tight .

I'll get the hammer trying to break your A B sensor .

Yes .

Look how cool that is .

Tell me you , I know you use these on your cars .

Like what they can't , they can't assemble for you .

Like my , my , you wouldn't be able to afford them if they sold them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You assembled ?

What do you mean ?

It cost a lot more ?

Oh , look , it's a , build your own coil over .

K you get these job lots .

I'm joking .

I know how to build coil overs .

I was just making it funny .

And these are , these are rears , right ?

Think it was .

I don't know , to be determined .

How many youtubers does it take to assemble some 30 ?

That's what the open house is here for Coil over installs .

2019 .

Y'all are still sting coil overs .

Oh , good .

One time .

You know , you're a lot funnier off camera .

I don't think so .

I don't know if that's common or this , you know , that was , that was dumb .

I am too .

Oh , don't film this .

There's some guy on Instagram that gets super annoyed and he uses an impact for it starts fights with me .

You know what I'm talking about ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're not supposed to , Tommy .

You're a seasoned veteran of these coils .

So , yeah , I've got , I've got a pair and a half .

So we're , what are these maxing rods ?

What , what , you know , I'm happy .

You don't even know when you sleep then they just spit on it first , Tommy .

The light is we vlogging out here .

This is a big moment .

Can we ?

I'm really bad at vlogging when I'm excited to do stuff .

I blame first .

It matches as a break .

Pretty good .

Not bad .

Got you .

The pink's cue .

Thanks babe .

Damn .

Damn , Daniel .

You remember that ?

Damn Daniel ?

Don't bring it back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I really like how everything up like that damn Tommy back at it again with the black vans .

We're just gonna leave it at the height that it comes out of the box for first uh trying to get an idea of where we're gonna be at and then from there we'll go slam this girl .

We call that box height , right ?

So real quick question , Tommy .

I know I already asked you this , but I wanna ask you on camera .

Will I have any issues with our 30 fours with the axles ?

Blinding in front lowering it ?

No , maybe , no , I , I guess we'll find out .

Um Here we go .

This is there any goodies behind here ?

Any Japanese gold ?

Um There's so much going on back here .

What is that ?

Look at the modules ?

Oh , there's the batteries back here .

That's for the all wheel drive .

Wait oh , look at , look at , make sure you're tight out .

It's tight kids .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , this is the most annoying battery I've ever seen in my life .

Yeah , Adam , you better hope you never have to take the battery out in this thing .

No , this is miserable .

You can't fit a wrench back in here because the seat belt , oh my God .

And the whole , just keeps getting stuck .

I just want to rip apart the whole interior .

But I think that's what you have to do .

Almost got this cut off .

Is this Adam Adam just like it was going so easy that it was like , oh , it's , and now it's like , actually there's always gotta be something to show .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Driveway is looking like a car .

It's got a lot of cool stuff here .

I'm very , very happy with how this thing looks .

Now , I'm very excited about it before .

It was kind of ugly and now it looks sick .

So things are so lip low , but we're gonna head over to the house now , go get some food and get everything all set up for tomorrow .

Brand new tires , make a screw in one of them .

This thing doesn't sound bad though .

R B nice and smooth .

Listen to that screw .

It's so big .

You can hear it .

One of the manliest guys here is drinking the fruit looking , drink , alcohol , drink .

Oh You're not wrong .

I was gonna say when it comes to drinks , Tommy has like AAA free pass on that with all his like feminism .

Sprinkles are feminine , feminine , you know what they call Jimmy ?

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So Tommy got the shake , Jimmy .

What are you drinking ?

My God .

Are you gonna ?

That's why they give so much and how much more for a lot .

And they said , ok , we'll get the container , what's going on over there .

Um So my brand new R triple eight , he was like , what is going on ?

What is happening ?

So , unfortunately , my brand new tire got screwed .

So Jimmy's Jimmy's job was to pick up all the screws in the garage .

I forgot it was his job .

So he always follows it , dude .

Do you think that it's gonna leak ?

How deep ?

I , I don't , well , first off , it's not a 10 , it's in between the thing though .

So you're kind of , it's in between , but it's only this long .

So it's probably , yeah , I mean , it's not real thick there , but I think you're ok .

Grab a flapper wheel , take that pig right to the rubber and let it have a little metal spot .

Dude .

It's sick .

You'll throw sparks .

Yeah , dude .

All right .

Here we go .

Here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Be quiet because I want to hear it come out that there's a girl in the background .

Sharping my $100,000 car .

Dude .

It's not in , it's not in .

Are you ready ?

You would already be leaking .

Should we spray some water ready ?

Oh , it is .

That's a long bitch .

So you screw back in .

Flapper , screw back and put a little glue on it and you're good .

I'm gonna bring this over and see if they can plug it for me .

So that's a fail .

It's been a crazy and a hectic day but the warehouse is looking stacked .

Look at all the cool cars in here chilling .

So not all these are gonna be in here for the actual open house .

We're just gonna have three , we're gonna have the G G three , the R 34 the S 15 is going to be in the center where we're gonna have a little activity when you guys sign it .

So , um I'm pretty excited .

I hope you guys are excited .

The R 34 is definitely one of those things that I never thought I would pull the trigger .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I never myself could stomach the idea of buying an elaborate performance All Wheel Drive Maxima for a ridiculous price because in the end of the day , like it really for what it is is a $20,000 car and the fact that these cars are six figures is absurd , but at the end of the day , putting a lot of time and effort and money into this thing and making it a true rad car to drive is going to be all the more worthwhile when it turns into something that , you know , is a very rare piece and something that I will probably have forever .

So I'm excited for this next chapter and this is gonna be one of those things that we'll start building in 2020 and we'll uh start figuring out our plans and I'll make a video update talking more about it .

But for now , it's just a pretty , pretty piece to be sitting at the warehouse and show you guys at the open house .

I'm gonna do a big reveal .

Um By the time this video is going up , it's already happened .

But uh I'm pretty excited for everyone to see it and hope you guys are stoked about it .

I'm stoked about it .

Super thankful and that is the end of this video and I'll see you at the open house .


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