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2023-06-14 19:35:14

Scaring my Dad in my 1000hp 2JZ S15

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Happy Thanksgiving guys today .

I am about to head this morning to go and pick up my dad from the airport running a little late or should I say he's , uh , his flight is actually running a little early .

A little bummed this morning .

The whole plan was to pick him up in the twin turbo with 370 Z .

This is his flames A K A zero out of the hood and uh I broke it last night like a typical auto move .

So I'm picking him up in the super and I'm actually taking him back to the shop and I'm gonna give him a ride in my car from Formula Drift .

He hasn't seen that car since it was like a bare shell .

So even though it's kind of beat up right now , I think it's lot of fun seeing the transformation going from a rip .

Put my camera up .

I wanna see what you think of the super .

I haven't floored it for you yet .

Ok , I , I know you like the exhaust sound but get ready for my dialog .

You got your lines rehearsed .

Am I gonna be on youtube tonight or this is a Netflix show .

Oh , this will be on Netflix .

OK , cool .

I been on Netflix yet .

It's a , it's a day in the life of uh me and my dad super .

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Tell me when we're live but we've been live .

Ok .

That red , that red light that's blinking .

How you doing ?

Just got to Florida trying to beat out a snowstorm .

Have to rush back .

But riding in a Super is much better than plowing snow .

That's what I always say .

How fast do you think this thing will be compared to , let's say the Porsche ?

I don't know , probably .

Do you think it's as fast as my prelude ?

Well , you , you , you're pushing like 700 in that thing right now , right ?

Yeah , 700 .

What question , what was the question ?

Is this as fast as what the Porsche ?

You said it , it was faster .

I don't know when I saw you last one was um I imagine it's pretty similar .

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Oh , I don't want to use language that will be , you know , uh unprofessional .

So I just say , holy shit , man .

That was fast .

It's pretty zippy , but my neck is OK .

It's OK .

I didn't realize that you haven't been to my warehouse .

Nope .

That's exciting .

I don't know how long you've had it , but I haven't seen it and I want to see it and it looks like today is the day I was getting all excited and trying to think of a cool car .

To give you a ride in and give you something to look forward to .

But I , I can show you my warehouse .

That's filthy right now .

It's ok .

I can overlook the filth filth , whatever .

Welcome to the warehouse .

So you haven't seen this piece .

All you care about is my bathroom .

You know the thing that I'm giving you a ride in ?

I know you're looking around at all this stuff .

This is that white car , the one from forever ago .

Yep .

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This is like , as good as it gets for race car stuff .

Oh , shit .

And that's the engine bay .

You never do anything with V H D .

Not really , they're just kind of boring .

And that's the whole trunk set up .

Oh my God .

Yeah .

So , what are the fan blades for ?

That's the radiator .

That's the , the radiator is back here .

Yeah .

So , uh , it gives you a little bit more room in front , um , more volume in the system .

Keep it a little cooler and when you're drifting you don't see air flow anyway .

So you can fit bigger fans if you put it in back , less chance of damaging a radiator too .

Correct .

I didn't know what that was .

Now , I see it's a radiator here .

Yep .

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And then right here is all the fueling stuff .

Is it ?

What's up ?

This isn't street legal ?

It is .

Got a plate on it .

Folks .

Hope , I hope he does something else with the steering wheel .

But what you're expecting with this car .

I don't know if I'm gonna vomit or if I know what you call , get a headache or who knows what .

But it's gonna be exciting .

I've never been in a , an automobile like this .

Um , getting into the seat and all the stuff was a project in itself .

But , oh , I don't need to go too fast .

I mean , since I already did , what , 100 and 38 in the Toyota , something like that .

We didn't go that fast .

Here .

Here we go .

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Yeah .

Yeah .

You want , you want me to drive at him ?

Get the hang of it , folks .

Just a little practice .

So excited , so excited .

I don't vomit on Thanksgiving day .

Yeah .

Ok .

Very , very strange .

Lots of stuff .

I don't know what it is .

Maybe oxygen levers and buttons and wires and tubes .

Big e brakes , sting shaft without a wheel .

Yes , it's a little noisy .

I'm trying , I hope you hear me .

I am trying to talk loud .

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I put my glasses on so I look a little cooler like I know what I'm doing on Adam .

Let's get this buggy on the road .

Don't make me vomit on Thanksgiving .

You don't have a radio or a CD , do you here ?

Oh , yeah , we do have a radio system .

I can come .

Should have got my video camera .

What did you bad ?

We got breaks .

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What is this ?

You know how loud the transmission is ?

Speed folks .

66 oh .

Had all the transmission noise , please .

That's how I shift .

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What are all these buttons for start fans ?

Nitros armed purge lights , lights , cool suit , winds , wipers , left turn signal , right turn signal feels as fast as a Subra is the way it's pulling is it ?

You said it feels fast , I mean , and felt as much as a super on that range .

But what do I know ?

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Yeah .

What do you think so far ?

A little noisy transmission pretty quick though ?

Yeah , like I said , it feels as fast as the super .

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Is it way faster , way faster , way lighter , way more power ?

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I hope he knows how to drive .

I smell rubber .

I don't know what to say .

I don't know what to say .

Good thing .

He knows how to drive or the kid does know how to drive , I must admit , but it was a little scary actually , it was a lot scary .

I , uh , I was bummed that I couldn't take you in the 37 Z but I hope you had fun on this one .

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I don't know if I would categorize it as fun , but it was definitely an experience .

That's what I'd use .

The word experience .

Have you ever taken anybody that really flipped out when you drove like that ?

So I don't really take this car out often .

So , like , especially during like four wheel drift season , the last thing I want to do is take it out on the street and then have a break or anything .

But , no , I mean , you're , you're probably one of the first people to have a reaction .

It's fast .

Right .

And it was funny because I was half throttle before .

And you're like , yeah , it almost feels as fast as super , all of a sudden .

Well , you were breaking loose all the time and it probably has a straight axle on back .

Right .

No , it doesn't have a straight axle .

But these tires on the back are the tires we run in F D and we have a regulation so we can only fit a 2 55 .

If this car had the same tires as super , this thing would just be so fast .

Yeah , I mean , I could feel the things fish tailing around once you really hit it .

I mean , we were in fourth gear going sideways .

I know , believe me .

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I know I was here .

I witnessed it and , uh , ok , lunch time , if my stomach can handle it now , it's a pretty cool car though , right ?

Like , you know , it's all over the place .

It's very , very planted and put together .

You don't have a problem with any of the public reporting you or something .

I mean , I'm sure it happens but , uh , I don't know , you have to get pulled over and it'll happen eventually .

But , uh , wow , it does have a license plate .

It's ok .

Well , you need some ac , you need a radio with a CD and you know , a few little luxuries and you'll be all set .

So , so believe it or not , this right here , this is kind of like ac , so we fill that tank with ice and it runs ice water through my shirt .

Keep me cool .

And then we've got a fresh air system .

So there's this vent that plugs into my helmet and it pumps fresh air through my house .

This is , this is cool .

Ok .

Moving right along .

I just , I want to bring attention to the fact that you made it sound like you had an issue with the guy .

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He goes , I , I've got two issues .

The skyline is two issues .

You wanna .

Well , folks , first of all , I did have a coworker who was guiding me in , but she's from Venezuela .

So I'm not sure that she was understanding the concept of getting the vehicle .

No , she was good .

I can't blame it on her .

Um You had me worried that something was wrong with the skyline and they're like , yeah , the , the first problem is is I get into this , but you were like the first problem the line is having you , you , you see , I pull into the garage and I driver era .

I , I smashed the fender a little bit and cracked the bumper but you said you bought it out .

Mostly folks .

It is my fault .

So , but what , what's the second one ?

It was in the garage and start smelling you know how you smell the gas and everything and you've got a water heater and a furnace on heat , something's going on .

It's dripping out the gas tank where the seam is on the gas tank .

It's dripping out there .

Really , really , really out of the sea .

Yeah .

Well , I mean , gas tank is usually pressed where there's a seam flat spot in the middle .

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I'll look at it and we didn't notice it or I never noticed it before because I don't think I ever filled the tank .

It was always running half or below .

So it wouldn't leak out there .

It , it is , you know what I mean ?

It is possible if the tank was like , super , super full , like if you topped it off three quarters , it shouldn't do that , but it is possible that it's actually leaking out of line and you're just seeing it dribbled down because like , for it to leak from the seam in the gas tank .

Ok .

I , again , I didn't go really thorough .

I looked at it .

I put a bucket and kept it outside for the moment .

I couldn't have , couldn't have gas hues in the basement makes sense .

A lot of you guys have been kind of wondering why I haven't been driving the S 15 much or why I haven't been drifting it , believe it or not .

We're pretty sure right now this car is a very small crack in the head .

We had some cooling issues .

If you guys remember us overheating on grid at , I think it was F D ST Louis .

Um Obviously , it can still run and drive , but I don't want to tear it down until after the open house because I want to have this car running and everything for the open house , but the oil does get a little bit milky .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , um I just , you know , this obviously is something special to where I felt comfortable risking it , taking it out and obviously keeping an eye on the coolant temps and everything .

Um , but I haven't been drifting it or really like abusing it because I want to obviously keep it intact .

So , yeah , we had a , we had a blown head gasket there .

It did feel a little sluggish .

I noticed the head gasket .

I was noticing somewhere , I don't know , 60 to 90 .

It felt a little sluggish .

So right now this car how we drove , it probably made around 720 horsepower room .

Yeah , goodbye .

But usually , well , not usually we , we have had this car turned up to 1000 so that's like the slow mode right now .

Oh my God .

Yeah .

But um the Achilles 12 threes are very , very grippy , probably grippy you can get for those uh 2 50 fives .

But I mean , that car making that much power and being as lazy as it is really , really needs like a three oh five or like a 3 15 or like a proper rag tire to hook .

This is the car that I really wanted to give you a ride and come look at this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You think about that ?

Some heart rod stuff ?

So , are these the actual exhaust here ?

Yeah .

Oh my God .

So these are the exhaust and then once it gets to a certain threshold of boost , these will open up and it'll spit flames out of all four this , believe it or not , dad .

So this is pretty cool .

This is a water to air intercooler .

So there's an ice tank in the back and it basically freezes this over .

So we don't have that thing in the front like your car that cools the air , it's inside of this and it cools it with ice water so we can simplify this piping .

So rather than having this piping or just simple ice .

So instead of having to have this piping go down and up through here , let's just start there .

All right .

So overall how was your L V warehouse experience ?

The the car ride or the ?

Well , obviously the warehouse I did pretty good here today .

You went shopping or hat and sunglasses that looked like a cool dude .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But the ride itself and I don't know what I was riding in with a eight point harness seat belt that I had to wear something like that .

But I'm glad I didn't go in the car that shoots the flames up on the windshield .

That would have been more fun .

We'll save that for next time .

Maybe if you're still here , I know you might have to go and snow plow .

But uh yeah .

So anyway , I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

It's always fun to give my dad rides and stuff .

So uh make sure you hit the like button and subscribe and I will see you tomorrow .

I say bye bye dear , bye .

Buy it when you say .


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