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2023-06-14 19:35:09

2021 Renault Duster New Facelift For Offroading

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Will this look like a redesigned Dacia SUV ?

It is well known that the Dacia duster , one of Europe's best selling suvs is sold in some markets with the Renault badge .

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These are primarily the countries such as Brazil , Russia and India where production is organized and South Africa United Arab Emirates , Ukraine , South American countries these days , the second generation of the Renault duster , the SUV with a Dacia badge debuted in late 2017 in Brazil , still the Renault badge instead of the Dacia on the nose and tail of the car is not the only difference between the two models suggesting that the Brazilian duster could serve as a template for the face lift of European performances in the richer trim levels .

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The Brazilian or South American duster has more massive front fenders with additional fog lights , protective trim on wheel arches , seals and doors while the equipment is more or less the same as European designs .

South American buyers at least initially have no choice .

The only option is a 1.6 liter atmospheric biofuel gasoline powered by conventional fuel , then developing 118 BHP or ethanol , 120 BHP combined with front wheel drive .

There is no longer a 2.0 liter four by four gasoline in the range .

The base version costs 71,790 Brazil reel or $15,500 .

There is a change in the interior too new and nicer steering wheel , new and larger multimedia display , rectangular vents instead of round ones .


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