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2023-06-14 19:35:06

Lotus Elise with Supercharged Honda Civic Type R K20 engine! _must watch

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I've been into cars more or less all of my life .

But then , in the early 2000 , the street racing scene here in Stockholm was really big and I thought it was super fun to be out all Friday Saturdays and watching cars and so on .

And then the older you get , the less on the street and more on the tracks .

So today it's more focus on the track driving .

I'm not the best driver , but I think it's super fun to to go on the track .

So my big thing is the handling of the car .

So a good handling car is everything for me .

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I have had a lot of cool and fun cars for more or less the whole time I had a driving licence , so I started out with an old so 900 turbo t 16 that I did some tuning on and blew up the engine when I was 18 and after that I have owned the Evo six , Tommy , the Focus R s , the Honda s 2000 and a lot of Renault m r .

The the K and so on .

So I have a lot of farm cars , and I like small cars .

So most of the cars I ever owned this more like drivers cars .

OK , so let me go back a bit and ask you about your Is it still just at a passion level , the detailing stuff , or is it a full time job ?

How did you get started ?

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I started as most of the other people who start with Polish and detailing cars with , like buying the cheapest possible machine and starting doing my own cars and then did some of my friend cars .

And then it accelerated from there .

So right now it's still my hobby , but I could live on it .

I have a lot of cars to do every year , but I think I will lose the passion once I do it every day .

So it sounds a little bit geeky , but for me it's I want the people who drop the car off at my place that they really understand how much time I spend on each car and all the small details and so on .

So I have to say no to a lot of people that just want oh , you can just clean it or put some wax on it or something .

It's I'm doing the the whole nine yards or nothing , so I'm super geeky on it .

But that's the way I want it .

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And especially right now when I have my own detailing brand the series with shampoo and the waxes and so on , then all cars that leave my little gloss Cave is a promotion for me , so So they need to be like 110% .

How do you end up creating your own line of products ?

I used to work as a technical engineer with fuels and lubrication .

Uh , so I came in contact with a bunch of chemistry people .

It was only planned as a little project that , uh , was supposed to like , see if I could make something up .

All products are tested , tested , tested again and again and again .

So it took me around three years to making the series I have at the moment .

I was done earlier this year , and I did a small batch that I thought would rest like two years or something .

But it only took me like 24 hours and everything was sold out .

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The big thing is , I'm doing everything myself .

So I have a blender that makes the product out from my recipe .

And then I tap every bottle that I sell by myself and all the labels , everything .

So it cost me more or less more than I earn on it .

But I think it's a really fun little project .

And as I said before , it was never intended to be this big as it as it has gone .

So at the moment , I'm working full time with this .

Of course , everyone has good products , but I thought it would be fun to have products that are tested here in Sweden because most of the companies are from us or UK or something , and they don't have this kind of harsh environments that we have here .

So everything is tested and prepared for the Swedish winter and roads and so on .

How did you end up with the story that it was not my plan .

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I was intending to buy a set four m , but I didn't find anyone .

And then this one came out when I searched for set four and it was left hand drive .

It had a little super charger on it , and it was in very good condition .

So I thought to myself , instead of just buying those , of course , and remove everything , why not start with the lightest one possible ?

And in the back of my head , I always wanted to do something with the engine , but I thought that it was already a full built Rover K series engine , and it was supposed to give me , like , 200 horsepower .

But I blew up the head gas at four times in one summer , and so I threw out the engine and make this package .

Instead , I thought it would only take me , like , one month or something to build it , but of course it did not .

So I got a lot of help from my friend Frederick , who helped me with more or less everything with energy and electronics and so on .

So we built it together .

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So instead of the Rover K series , it's a Honda K series .

So it's a Honda K 20 from 2004 civic type power .

Then we have an Eton supercharger on it , running with E 85 .

It's also charge cooled , so I have all the water connections in the front , and it's a dual stage pre methanol injection system as well .

So at the moment it's pushing around 400 horsepower , and with methanol , I can go a little bit higher .

But around 400 I think , is a realistic number .

But what makes the package is that the core is so light .

It's only like 780 kg with a set up .

It's running on right now , and the engine is bone stock .

I have not touched anything inside the engine a lot more .

Yeah , I know that those engines are .

You can push them to around 500 but the gearbox will probably end sooner than that .

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So I want reliability of a Honda engine and and I drive it to the track drive all day and then drive home .

So this car is built for the track .

But it's of course , it's an car for the street as well .

Well , if I manage to fit inside your passenger seat , can you take me out ?

Right ?

Of course .

Of course .

Yeah .

And you see , we almost each other .

So it feels so good to have the agent , right ?

Yeah .

And you hear you hear in the rattle , it's from the exhaust system that goes up to the roll cage .

OK , what ?

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Right walk ?

We be a bit to her because of the what I like the most from the ending .

Is that how how smooth everything is it just puss .

And until you hit the rev of it , so it OK , now the tyres are super cold and it just spins .

But once everything is hot and so on , it feels like the the chassis could handle the power it doesn't feel .

And I really don't think the the dampers are that hard .

No , it's just right .

Yeah , And tell me a bit about the bucket seats .

Yeah , these are some tile p fives replicas because I didn't couldn't afford the real ones .

So it's a guy in , uh , over in the UK who make them .

It's a carbon fibre seed only weighs 1.5 kg each .

Really ?

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Uh , so they are super super light and they are not that bad to see compared on how they look .

It looks like you're going to break your spine or something .

But I think they are quite ok .

Once you're in the inside , I have to change everything because , um , the standard engine , I think it's like up to six or something .

So everything here is rebuilt with a custom dials and so on .

And then my friend did a little issue for me that converts everything .

So all the dials and so on works because I almost rev this 1 to 9000 , and so I had to change everything .

Well , it's really all about the the driving experience .

It feels raw .

It feels just like a race car .

Yeah , and this car doesn't have any A B traction control , no brake server , no server at all .

And no airbags , nothing .

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So and do you have any special plans with it ?

And this winter , six things as all the other years I changed a lot of big things , but now the car is the way I want it .

So I am more or less going to fix some finishing touches .

Some scratches I have that need to be repainted and some some minor things .

Um , no matter what year I mean , it's always going to pull that hard .

Yeah , So it's of course , there are , like people having like 1000 horsepower in their turbo charge .

BMW s and so on .

But I I like the package of this car .

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It's it's so light You get the power on in you get the sound from the Super Charger you have the the chassis , the brakes everything is compliant with with the engine power .

So I like I like it very much How you feel .

Everything that's going on in the car .

Yeah .

You really feel when the engine starts revving ?

How everything ?


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