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2023-06-14 19:34:59

Turkish Pilav (Pilaf) With Orzo _ Best Turkish Side Dish

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes .

In this episode , we are making rice or it is our favorite side dish at home .

It is so delicious .

We never get tired of eating this .

I'm sure you're gonna love it too .

Let's get started in turkey .

We usually use a B or Osman rice .

But uh you can also use a or if you like , I have two cups .

I'm just going to soak it in salty hot water .

Uh preferably about uh one hour .

At least I'm using a white shallow pan .

This is copper , but you can use stainless steel pan too .

In total .

I'm gonna use about four tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon butter .

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I just wanted to rush because the pan heats very quickly .

I'm going to fry my orzo pasta .

Uh You can also use by the way , but this is classic for two cups rice .

I use about four or five tablespoons or so you can use less .

It is not that important .

And I have nice color on my oral .

So I'm adding the rice .

I wash them about uh 23 times until I get a , a clear water to get rid of the starch .

This will make our peel off fluffier .

So don't skip this step .

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I'm going to uh saute everything or fry , let's say until I have a , a nice color and my rice is heated about uh four or five more minutes .

Just add about one teaspoon salt .

Uh My teaspoon for salt that I use is very small than the universal measuring spoons .

So I'm converting it for you .

Maybe I should make a video about the measuring cups that I use .

Give your comments about it .

If you have , then you saute your rice .

Be patient .

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Uh After a while , you will see that it will be like uh um let's say wet sand , the rice will stick together uh with the heat and then it will be done or you can say that about four or five minutes of steering is enough for your uh you can use regular water or a chicken stock since I have a , a feast menu of which is an ottoman dish I shared on the last episode .

So I wanted to flavor my pill with some of the stock .

So for two cups of rice , I use two cups chicken stock and uh one cup +14 cups , uh regular hot water .

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I'm gonna cook my in the heat for about 10 minutes until it absorbs all the water and let's check it .

Now , I'm gently pushing the rice to look at the bottom .

It seems nice .

So now I can turn off the heat and let it rest with the lid on for about 10 , 15 minutes .

My dinner is ready .

I have my mam .

It's Ottoman chicken dish with dried fruits and almonds and here is our , with , it is rested and , uh , let's check it .

Now how fluffy it is .

I can surely say that is really a side dish .

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We can never resist and we would never get bored eating it every day at home .

But because of the health benefits , I usually try to alternate uh with the or pasta time to time .

Yeah , I hope you try this recipe and let me know how it turned out .

My friends .

You can watch the complete menu with Ottoman recipe and dessert .

We had , I also have the plain recipe on my channel .

You can check from the links .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes .


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