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2023-06-14 19:34:44

Picking Up My CAMMED CORVETTE Z06! (First Start-ups, INSANE SOUNDS!)

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What is up guys cards across Texas here today and it is a very bright but suddenly kind of sprinkly text afternoon and the Z 06 is done .

I got the magic text from L E HPC .

All the work that we've just done is now complete on the car for the time being .

It will be going back in for some stuff pretty soon .

I'm sure , but we're going to go pick it up .

We're going to host the car meet tonight too .

So this car is going to be unveiled at the car .

Me , nothing cosmetically changed but a whole lot performance wise change .

So get ready to hear this beast chop , man .

I'm excited , Mike's here to pick us up .

Let's get on the road to HBC before we get on the road .

Of course , the most important step .

Some water burger , some good old Texas fast food before we go get the fast car .

Well , less than optimal 800 plus horsepower Corvette pickup weather , but we'll make do .

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I'm just excited to have the car back .

Alright , boys , we've made it to H BC .

It is raining on me pretty good .

It can be a little sketchy in the , in the freshly modified 06 .

We're here , the is outside .

We're gonna start up in a second .

So here is everything that we've done to the car .

As you can see , this is about everything you could do .

We've done slightly from fuel and this is the number we got without fuel , put down eight oh two .

Very terrible weather .

So here it is , it's already recording .

Just get it the first call start for me .

I wanna get from here .

Drew .

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So boys , hopefully you all enjoyed that first cold start .

It's not a good day to test how this car is going to drive and handle .

So we'll probably have to do that a different day .

But I hope you're excited because this car is a total animal .

Very bad day for weather and stuff like that .

And it made 82 to the wheels .

We did the C ID heads by Greg .

Good .

We did the big custom grind cam from H BC .

Did a blower , everything in between , man .

It is going to be a blast to drive this car , boys , boys , boys .

It is finally time for y'all to not make fun of me anymore .

We're no longer going to be Oklahoma Plate Corvette .

We're now Texas plate Corvette officially cars across Texas .

There we go , boys and just like that .

We're looking a lot better boys .

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I watch my Cameron is in justice .

It sounds so crazy set up real quick .

You're gonna dial a few more things in for me and then we're going to get on the road .

We talk about how much power this car and everything like that .

Let's get , we would just like to issue a special apology to all my neighbors .

This thing like rattles the windows and stuff .

Whenever I started up , luckily for them , I don't have to wake up for seven AM for school this semester .

But I'm very sorry , neighbors .

Not even joking right after I stopped recording , one of my neighbors was talking a mess behind me as I was backing out the driveway .

Right guys .

So the set up on the car , it was all done through HPC Greg .

Good over at HPC .

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We did the C ID heads for the car .

We ported the blower , the big custom grind cam .

I told Ellie that I wanted to sound as crazy as possible without losing power because typically on the booze cans , you know how it goes .

If you go for sound , you want to chop hard , you lose power , blah , blah , blah .

But I think we found a pretty happy middle ground .

Totally stock fuel system with everything I've done , made 85 the wheels and that was just because we ran out of fuel because it's a totally stock fuel system .

Once we do a fuel system , I think I'm going to take it back to HPC next week and do like a low side something .

I don't even know what he wants to do , but I think we're gonna do some low side work and maybe a little bit more meth .

See what we can make because I'm really trying to get 900 horsepower out of this little baby stock blower .

I think that'd be sick .

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Who forgot the interaction to draw off their voice .

All right , boys , we're almost to HPC .

I hope y'all can hear how crazy it sounds in here .

It does sound pretty damn nuts with this uh cam set up .

I do need more meth .

That is an issue .

I do need a meth refill .

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That'd be nice but not many places around around me sell meth like that HPC has gotten their tanks refilled because I need some and quite possibly the most important part of this entire video stop at Starbucks right there and get me a coffee when you have a loud car like this .

I don't know a drive through etiquette .

Do I turn it off ?

Oh Jesus .

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Oh they're closed .

Well boys , that sucks because I need coffee .

No .

Why Starbucks ?

Why ?

Alrighty .

Who got the pack C six out front ?

Mhm .

Alrighty boys .

We have made it here to HPC .

We're gonna go and get everything finished up .

Uh make sure the car is looking good and everything like that and uh get on back out on the roads .

So here we are we got the Gen two Viper here with the short block disassembled out of the car .

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Kind of weird to see a Viper looking like this but this car is in for a Greg good heads in a custom grind cam package from H P .

Oh Mama .

Look at that .

Alright .

So in the morning we are going to drop the car off for um upgraded meth lines like a dual nozzle system or something and going to get the car retuned as well this week and add the dino and we're going to see how much more power we can squeeze out of the set up on the stock fuel system .

So a little start up real quick .

Oh yeah , brother .

Let's get to it .

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This car sounds so freaking good man , man .

My car is so freaking loud .

I feel bad for anybody who's behind me under any sort of acceleration .

I wish the camera mics picked this up better because it's ridiculous .

Anyone that's heard this car in person can definitely tell you that and I wish I could portray it a little better for y'all but camera mics are only so good .

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He brother , his car is wild rowdy aff and it's not even done yet .

Oh my goodness , brother .

Hell yeah .

Well , boys , we need ourselves some E 85 the Stripes is like the best E so let's get to it .

All righty guys .

Hope you enjoyed this video .

Picking up the cam C 7006 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not going to be back out the shop for long before it goes back in for some new stuff , pick up a little bit more power and we'll get a Dino video with that stuff on it .

As of right now , the car makes eight oh five to the wheels , but it should be making a little more than that this coming weekend or just like over the course of this week .

And um , yeah , hopefully you're happy with the BUILD .

I plan on doing lots of crazy stuff with this car .

So stay tuned for all that and subscribe , hit the bell .

Leave a like on this video , leave a comment what you think you should do next with the car and I'll see you in the next video guys .


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