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2023-06-14 19:34:30

Turkish Spicy Fried Chicken With 2 Side Dishes 🍗 Turkish Food Recipes

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Hi , everyone .

This is a tan .

Welcome to Turkish Food Recipes Channel .

Today , I would like to share a chicken recipe which becomes very , very delicious with different kinds of spices .

I bake it in the store up with two different pans .

I will also give you two ideas to serve it .

Here .

I have three chicken pieces .

These are legs with tie together .

I'm going to separate them .

Yeah , I'm getting rid of excess fat .

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And here from the middle you can cut from all the way and then uh pull apart it uh parts , it gets uh break easily in this way .

And now I have two pieces .

I will prepare the others also at the same way .

Now let's season the chickens .

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One teaspoon , red pepper paste , one tablespoon yogurt , teaspoon of each oregano , red pepper , cumin , red pepper flakes , salt curry and all spiced and two cloves of garlic .

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I pour some olive oil about two tablespoons and mix everything with hand cover it and let it rest if you have time about two hours or overnight to cook it .

I use the copper pan which I bought from a travel zone .

One of the biggest city of Turkey in the Black Sea .

Ok .

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In the same bowl , I cut some potatoes in veggies and again , mix everything in another pan .

I just pour some 23 tablespoon olive and cook it in .

As you see , it's not too much oil about a medium heat .

Cover the pan .

It really makes it a very delicious this way .

And you use , you don't use much oil .

Let's check the chickens .

They are getting ready to cook .

I'm just going to uh turn it .

Hm .

My potatoes are browning .

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I wanted to add some green pepper also .

Actually , you can put them in at the same time .

And my chickens and potatoes looks ready .

I serve it with traditional Turkish pia .

It's the uh best companion actually .

Don't forget to drizzle some oil over it .

It's really delicious .

Uh So this is the second time I make the same recipe uh which I used another different pan .

It has two sides .

I wanted to try this way also .

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But uh you can actually use whatever plan you have .

I just wanted to show uh this way also .

And this time as a side dish , I wanted to make spinach with potatoes which is very easy to make .

I saute some onion in olive oil , little bit of tomato paste and then spinach and uh the potatoes , I cut it uh kind of thinly and cook everything , which was very delicious .

I seasoned it with some red pepper flakes and black pepper and serve it with pasta .

Hope you like the recipe and give it a try .

Please leave your comment .

How would you serve it ?

This delicious tasty chicken ?

And how do you make in your region ?

Thanks for watching .

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Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and see you in , in another recipe .


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