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2023-06-14 19:34:14

My Most Expensive Car Yet - New Car Week Finale

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The grand finale of New Car week .

It's been a lot of fun .

I've shown off quite a few new cars all in the same week .

Unfortunately , this video was supposed to go up yesterday , but we ran into some weather delays .

This car I have said in the past is the best car I've ever driven .

And to me , it was definitely the one that got away .

This isn't a content car .

This isn't a car that's going to be a lot of build content on .

Honestly , most of the content you'll probably ever see from this car in this video right now because this is one of those cars that just for me , it's not a youtube car , although I hope you guys are gonna like this video .

I've been filming it over the past couple of months .

It's been a long process .

It's been a big secret , but I thought it would make the perfect finale for New Car Week .

Enjoy .

I got picked up by my buddy Zach from portion of Naples in this pretty sweet Cayenne and we are back at the dealer for something spicy .

We're back in a familiar spot with Zach .

If you remember we were in this room last time when we saw the G T three .

Now there's a turbo s which ironically is similar to the car that I sold back to you guys .

I'm running out like no sleep .

So my enthusiasm is going to be pretty low .

But I want to go over the car with Zach over here .

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This is pretty rad , dang .

I had such big , such big regrets of not getting the arrow kit seeing it .

I'm so hyped .

We've got another turbo s but this one is a 2022 .

My other one I think was a 2021 or 2020 2020 .

I think it was a 21 .

Uh the Porsche mug and the red guts .

So biggest difference with the new model year , it's got the updated gauge claw surges like his G T three and then the radio is updated .

So it's got better Apple car play and things like that .

Otherwise , it's pretty much the same car .

So I guess I need to backtrack a little bit and give a little more back story .

You guys know , I sold the black car , I think you came and picked it up to the compound , right ?

It was probably one of my favorite cars I've ever owned .

I really didn't want to get rid of it , needed cash flow at the time .

Got rid of it on the contingency that we could order another and like this spec , which I'll go over a little bit more with you guys is pretty much everything that I wanted in the black car that I kind of changed my mind about or I was on the fence about deciding between .

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So I'll give you guys a little bit more walk around , but for now I just wanna take it in .

First thing .

I'm super stoked on the steering wheel has no s on the back of it .

My black car had these little on the back and I tried warrantying and they wouldn't warranty it .

This thing smooth and it's great .

All right .

So Zach , feel free to help me in if I missed something , but I'm gonna try to go over all the changes that are different compared to the black car that I had the arrow kit .

My favorite thing about it is when the wing is up , that little like connection between the two looks super cool , the wheels are different , but those are going to get changed .

The car does still have carbon ceramics , but for them to be painted black because I thought yellow would look a little weird .

The red interior , the chalk color .

The biggest thing for me , the black drove me nuts because every time I drove it , the concrete dust was so bad that I decided to order a car .

That's the color of concrete dust , carbon roof this time , which now supposedly you can hook a bike , crack up to it , but I don't see how to do it .

That might not be a thing because I don't see it .

It's not the end of the world if we can't .

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But this is one thing that I can add FOMO on and then the bumper changes a little bit when you have the arrow kit .

But , uh , today we're gonna be going and dropping this car off to go get P P F and ceramic coated .

And I'm wondering , I'm gonna need to make a decision if I want to do the gloss , black stuff in satin .

Um just to kind of match some of like the class accents and stuff , but different look .

I'm pretty soaked .

Also having to put these things in what a nightmare .

We're moving all the adhesive under these things .

So this time I splurged and I got them from the factory , so I don't need to do it myself and worry about all the wiring and broken clips , taking all this stuff apart , got about a three hour drive and I just wanted to reiterate like I am so stoked .

My black Turbo s was probably the best car I've ever owned today .

And I think I even made a video where I thought I sold the best car that I've ever owned .

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Quite honestly , I think it is , you know , obviously the G three is better in some ways , but in terms of comfort , sound system looks handling power , the 9 11 Turbos specific specifically the 992 ticked every box with flying colors and it killed me to get rid of the black one .

But I was in a situation where I needed to free up some cash flow and I was able to make money on that car while trading it in with the promise of being able to build another one .

And knowing that it would come at the end of the year when I was hopeful that I would be in a much better financial position and having it in the back of my head that this car was coming .

It was kind of motivating for me to really grind and really bust my ass hard so I can get into a place .

We're owning another car of this caliber would be possible .

And I'm stoked this car as I'm sure will tell you is actually almost her identical spec to what she wanted me to originally get .

But I wanted to be an old black boy .

I lived out that fantasy and drove my OCD up the wall with all the concrete dust .

So I'm hopeful that this car won't have as much of an issue and I really do like the chalk .

It's different , the wheels from either car are going to go on it .

So the black kind of tone it down a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know how I'm going to feel about it , but I was on the fence about the red interior pulled the trigger and I got a 992 turbo s and I'm back in the driver's seat .

I feel at home and maybe now it makes a little more , I don't want to say it makes a little more sense .

But like me getting rid of the crash turbo s would actually , is getting picked up tomorrow .

It might make a little more sense now that you guys understand .

I know I had this thing coming .

So even though it would have been cool to daily a crash turbo , it's cooler to drive .

Maybe not cooler but less stressful to drive , maybe more stressful .

I think not crash one is cool too .

I feel like the Porsches for me , especially the turbo S is like 100% a Me car and not a content car .

And I feel like the fact that I ordered almost an identical car that I've already had should reinforce that .

Like I'm going to probably do the same odds to it .

Sure , I'll include some clips , but there is zero incentive for me to own this car other than me just loving it .

And it's like my one guilty pleasure to say it .

I know that there's not an R O I on this car .

Although , you know , with most of the Porsches , you can be hopeful that it will hold its value or maybe even increase in value .

The fact that this car has a bigger radio is pretty cool .

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As with the first model years of cars , there could be some issues if you remember my black Turbo s actually had a bad transmission from the day that I got it and I ended up having to have the tire engine drive train dropped out the transmission change , even though I never really had an issue .

Just knowing that the car had been touched , I'd hear little rattles and stuff .

I don't know if we're just normal or if I had something to do with that and then the little burs behind the steering wheel and then the things that I messed up , it just drove me nuts .

So it was easier to let go of that car again knowing that I had something like this coming down the road , another update on this model , you're as stupid as it may seem .

You'll notice this is my eyesight .

You can't see the gas gauge .

It gets hit by the steering wheel .

So now you can enter a different view that brings the gas gauge closer .

So you don't need to be like peering around with your eyes .

It seems stupid and simple , but it's really annoying to always be hit by the wheel , stop by Billy to drop off the turbo s .

What do you think ?

I think it looks amazing .

Yeah , I'm , I'm pretty stoked on it .

So we're talking through a couple different options playing with some satin P P F .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna experiment and see what it looks like here .

Any other weird stuff we're doing on this weird stuff ?

Um , no , pretty straight forward .

We learned a lesson on the G T three though and we're doing full clear bra on the G D three and the , uh , the Smokies , we didn't do a full clear bra and it was almost starting to chip into the paint .

So we , we saved it and we ended up doing full P P F .

So we'll do that on this one .

This area here gets tore up pretty bad .

So way worse than the previous generations .

So anyway , it'll get a P P F coated and then we'll come pick her up from you , but good to see you .

We're uh taking notes in the front wheel drive stuff .

I'm gonna get that record with the C R X .

I know we're talking about , he's like one of the only guys of our friend group that knows how to drive front wheel drive .

So when Billy comes , he's gonna dominate in the C R X .

This thing is , believe it or not , like my fastest laptop I did at the firm which I didn't know at the time was on , cashed out cup twos was like the same time that you run in this car .

On what , in what car for you in my R ?

Ok .

So , wow , this thing moves or I'm really slow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One of the two turbo is in good hands , right ?

So we got the continuation of the Turbo S video .

I've been gone for the humidity in Florida .

Never fails .

About two weeks in Ireland .

I forget where else we were .

We had an event or something , man .

I'm going to keep on having to defog you guys .

Basically , I'm taking the 992 G three to go pick up the 9 92 .

Turbo Collette's coming with me .

We're making a little date out of it .

She's going to drive one of the Porsches back .

Which one do you want to drive is how I have really high heels on .

I feel like I should drive the automatic one .

The car was at Billy's and it got a correction P P F or a coating auto paint guard over there .

So that was the first leg of its journey .

And then it got trailer over to Portia of South Orlando where my buddy Kevin rebalanced the wheels that I used to have in my old turbo s did the lower ring springs again because he's the one that helped me when we did him at the compound last time and aligned it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that way when I get the car , it's not me driving back and forth doing stuff at the compound going there .

And one other thing he was able to send the T C U out to M engineering and now the car has a T C flash .

I'm not 100% sure what it changes , but I've heard that it makes it shift way more sharp faster and that was one of my complaints with the car .

So I'm excited to see how it feels different .

Also , when you turn the power up , I think the transmission starts to slip a little bit .

So I'm sure it helps with that , but not going to turn the power up until tomorrow .

When I do the down pipes , exhaust set up .

I haven't seen the interior at all .

I haven't even seen , by the way , I showed her never seen any photos .

So I the first time and this is the spec that I originally wanted literally when we went into the dealership the first time and speck out the all black and yellow one .

This and I was like , I want chalk , I want the red and black interior .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm excited to see that be the first one they get .

Can you imagine a purple G T three going by ?

You and the dude's hot girlfriend is filming your Z drift car .

It was cool .

I liked it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We were trying to figure out from a farm had , were supposed to drop the GT three there .

But it made me remember that I needed something done to the E C U to turn a check engine light off and I might as well have the tune .

I've been wanting to tune it , but it's like a pain to pull the E C O to pull over your end apart .

So I dropped it off and instead of us having the two cars , we were planning , we're just taking this one home .

Once I get it back to the shop , I want to talk to you guys about a few things .

Maybe you noticed in the video with the car now that I'm still like teeter tottering on and I'm curious what your guys thoughts are .

I'm talking to you guys from the future compared to other footage .

This video has kind of been filmed over a long period of time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Originally , I wasn't a big fan of the gloss , black accents .

They've kind of grown on me .

But what's weird about it is the sad and black wheels don't mesh well with the gloss , black accents kind of throws off the vibe of the car .

I feel like it makes it look cheap .

So I'm actually going to mount the tires to the stock wheels that it came on because I think might look better .

And if I really like how it looks , I can just have these powder coated and then I can sell my cool lightweight champion gloss and wheels on this thing .

Uh But in a color that looks better , not a huge fan of the black .

And when I grabbed this satin black , it's because I didn't like the gloss black and it drove me nuts that this was satin , but that was gloss , but I don't like how that looks satin now because of this being gloss and I'm probably going to unwrap the V V F on it and then just rock the gloss .

Only other thing I think left on this car to get it , how I want it to look is to smoke the reflector and that center light .

And then that plus having the glass black again there and some glossier wheels .

I think this thing looks like when it was on silver wheels .

So I'll do that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But the most important thing I've put 250 miles on the car so far , but I've yet to do my favorite thing .

J C R Titanium Exhaust time , baby .

Let's see what we've got .

I'll tell you the same thing I had on my other bike car because it was perfect .

Favorite thing about that car .

I've reached an unfortunate delay which required refreshments that Michael just delivered .

Whoever assembled this car factory was a real jerk and they put these allen bolts that you need to take off the cost way higher than they were in the last one .

So again , an A one up here is proving a real challenge .

I tried to do it from down below .

I feel like I filmed the same exact thing and then we did the same exact thing and wound up reaching the same conclusion .

We probably did .

The worst thing is I didn't even go back and watch my own video , which probably would have helped .

Oh , well , she just brought this whole thing here .

How sweet he knows even sweeter what you haven't seen behind you .

Oh , wow .

Yeah .

But you know , it's even sweeter .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , you haven't seen that's in front of this on the pitch of the voice change .

It is , it's like super nice for the , for the age .

Yo , did you know that this car is older than Adam ?

Really ?

Why does this deal be the running joke ?

Because the car is 40 years old and the that's like basically 40 years old .

That's like classic .

The first thing you look at me , it's older than me .

It's like , no , it's 15 years older than you .

I love these cup folders but it is super nice .

Seats are comfy too .

Yeah , you did a great job making a great deal .

How beautiful crispy .

I only know how to cook food in the microwave .

So when something's crispy , it's a delicacy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is like everything coming together because at this point this is the last new car week video and Collette still hasn't seen all the cars .

Yeah , I haven't even this .

That was the first new one I saw .

Right ?

Yeah , I don't like the mismatch seats .

I don't like that blue seats upstairs .

What's that blue thing in the middle ?

This mat is pretty .

No .

Keep going on Collette's cars .

Wait , wait , wait .

Oh , I bet you love this .

Look at all those gauges , bro .

Adam loves gauges .

If you guys ever have any cars for sale that you think he's looking for ?

As long as it has a lot of gauges he'll probably buy .

I just noticed the gauges match the instrument cluster trim on the outside .

So that , all right , look , they're , and there's no holes in the dash so it could be worse .

But I agree there love a good stuck on gauge .

Sticky gauge .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's like little men in my head right now that are like pulling out daggers that are like stop touching , stop , get out of there , get out .

What's this , the whole E C U just flopping around .

Good car .

I , I just wanted to try and roast it as best as I could that I was solely focused on only seeing what was wrong with it for a solid minute .

Uh Pretty cool .

Good job .

Babe .

Congrats .

You're so cool .

That thing is the real , the real looker .

I forgot how .

So I realized I remember this being way easier than it actually is , but I also wasn't the one that did it .

This is like the first project we did in a new shop and I think Johan did the majority of it and I was just there for moral support .

But the G G three I've got pretty good at , but that's a little bit different .

I think I'm gonna need to take everything off at once .

You don't find one of these at the Porsche dealership .

I gonna say someone should invent like a quick adjust version of those .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , I smashed my fingers .

If you listen closely , you can hear all the Karens yelling from their doorstep .

I'm gonna call this friend in a box .

Get your own auto zone 419 400 .

And hey , is this hot 20 God .

Yeah , everyone you guys remember 2010 when planking was a thing .

This is actually a new thing that I haven't done before .

J C R makes really cool billet shift paddles .

Uh We're definitely not gonna have time to do these tonight , but when I have time to do these compared to stock , these things are gangster .

Yeah , they are very cool .

I forgot about this .

This is actually very cool Titanium toe hook with a built in GoPro mount so it spins in and then you can pop your GoPro in the front .

OK .

That is , that is pretty cool .

I've had my GoPro fly off the front of my G T three .

Plenty of times .

This is Titanium dudes .

Sick dude .

I like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That just seems silly that you don't see the G C R logo .

I guess that wouldn't work because the exhaust comes out of there .

You didn't have to do that part yourself this time .

What ?

Little light up turtle bar ?

Oh dude , I already mentioned that in the video , huge selling point ever putting those in the game .

Uh I still have nightmares .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm Yeah .

Really .

Very good .

Very good .

Before we see what this car can do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's take a look at the lap times that the previous cars have put down , man .

Right .

Just as a reminder , this is essentially a stock brand new turbo s with AJ C R exhaust system and engineering engineering , engine tune H and R Michelin Cup two tires .

Ok .

I guess it's not really that stock , but it's going to be really fast .

The only thing I want to disclaim on this , all the areas where I dirt dropped , the other cars have like standing water and mud right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm going to have to stay on the concrete .

But if this thing doesn't shatter the times of all the other cars , I will be baffled because this thing is probably going to get 100 miles an hour on that street by the building automatic just because there's so much going on .

I think it will actually be faster that way there is traction control on .

Let's see what this baby can do .

The amount of speed through this corner is ridiculous .

What a grip Jackson control is definitely helping us .

How do we do this ?

A B I use all man .

Not bad .

This thing is stupid .

What the F Jesus Christ ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , Marco's hopping in for a ride in the turbo s .

You've never been in it .

Not even the black one , not even the black one .

This is probably one of the most terrifying environments to ride in this car .

It's great .

Can't wait , breaking her in .

She's got 250 miles on her .

You ready , ready to rip with ?

Oh , my God .

I am a confirmed .

Oh my gosh .

All the there , that might be my fastest lap .

I gotta watch out for that one .

Yes .

K this is stupid .

God , I love this little layout .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The fact that you could rip it with a Corolla or a Turbo s , you know , right now is the fun part and I want you to go in and see what kind of time it did .

Mhm .

Good .

Fun .

Yeah .

Oh , man , I'm out of fuel .

Your old Audi made me feel things I've never felt before in a car , but that was crazy .

Yeah , I still , that is nuts .

Marco approve .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You guys constantly keep telling me that I need to have magnets with the times .

This is a carbon fiber hood so I can't use magnets , but I'm sure there is a system that's more intelligent than erasing and rewriting every time like this big brain .

And just as I expected , the Turbo s broke every other car's record , but I didn't expect it to dip down past the thirties .

So the official time for the 992 Turbo s is a whopping 29 19 and I'm sure that car could have gone way faster if I was a little bit more careless .

And if I just drove through the mud , which also could have ended up with me into a tree , but there you have it new car week .

It's been a lot of fun .

I got to drive a lot of different cars and took a little bit different approach versus revealing these cars over the next couple of months .

You guys got to see them all now and they'll continue to pop up in the future .

I know you guys have liked this concept a lot .

I've been really loving the comments on it and just as a reminder , this was the plan with the C R X except doing it with guests .

However , I see a lot of comments .

You guys want to see some of the other cars that lap times .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm personally curious what a Go Kart would do around the lap .

So expect this to be continued to be built out , but it will probably just wind up as random filler and other vlogs .

So make sure you watch them .

I hope you guys enjoyed the series .

I'm really stoked on the car and I appreciate all the support on these videos because it's been a lot of fun .

Yeah .

What's this ?

The whole E C U just flopping around ?

It's a good car .

What's up ?

So I was solely focused on only seeing what was wrong with it for a solid people .

He knows God .


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