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2023-06-14 19:33:29

How to make Simit (Turkish Sesame Bagel Bread) at Home _ Best tips to shape and two coatings

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Hello , everyone .

This is a , from Turkish food recipes .

Today .

I would like to share a recipe which is a very traditional , best known , uh , street food from Turkey .

And yes , you can make it at home too .

First , I'm gonna make a starter dough .

I have a one cup warm water , one tablespoon yeast and one tablespoon of sugar .

I let it sit for five minutes to activate the yeast .

And now I'm gonna , uh , I'm gonna add 1/4 olive oil and one cup more warm butter for the flour .

You can use bread , flour regular .

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But I use one cup , a CS flower , which is a , uh , ancient acorn flower , I guess in English , uh , you don't have to use it .

Actually , it doesn't have , uh , whole wheat flour in the , but I wanted to make it more tasty and more kind of , um , organic and healthy .

So I added two cups of flour , whichever type you use and waited for about 20 minutes .

And for the rest , I add two teaspoon salt and four cups , more flour and begin to knead .

The dough should be a little bit sticky .

So add the flour little by little bit because sometimes it takes more and less .

Depends on the type of the flour you use .

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And I needed about 10 minutes .

You can knit by hand too and cover the dough .

Let it sit until it gets doubled .

About one hour .

I Sprinkle some flour over the counter top and begin to shape .

This dough makes uh uh first I cut it in half and then I cut to five pieces each dough .

So now I can begin to give the shape it .

After this point .

I don't Sprinkle if any flour on the countertop .

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So I can make a tin piece first , I fold the piece and then twist .

As you can see after twisting , roll the middle of the door just once as you just see it and then stick together each side by helping from the uh counter top .

Uh It is really hard to explain .

But um I think when you see it uh carefully , you will understand the shape .

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I'm gonna do one more twisting and I'm rolling on the middle just once , not too much done making it uh together with the help of the hand on and the counter top .

So I continue to give the shape to other pieces and let the mits rise again with a , a cover with a damp cloth .

About uh 15 minutes .

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If the kitchen is warm , it doesn't take too much .

Meanwhile , we can prepare the sauce .

We will soak the which is a molasses and water mix .

I used uh two tablespoon grape molasses and about little more than half cup of water .

And for the coating , I will use roasted sesame and sunflower seeds .

So my sis are risen again .

I soaked them in the molasses , both sides and time again to do sesame seeds .

You can stretch the , a little bit more when you place them to the baking tray .

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And also if you cannot find uh roasted sesame seeds , you can just roast them by yourself in the pan or maybe in the oven .

So five of the summits I coated to sesame seeds and other ones to the sunflower seeds .

You may use whatever seats you have , maybe uh poppy seeds or other kinds of um seeds may be used .

My summits are ready to be baked in a 180 Celsius degree oven , preheated .

I baked until golden brown on top and the bottom .

It took about uh 25 minutes .

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It might changes uh depends on your oven , but it's really delicious when , when it is warm , still warm , very crunchy .

Uh We usually eat it with a cup of Turkish tea and feta cheese , some olives .

It's , it's a great food for breakfast and I'm also planning a make a vlog some time to time about Turkish street foods .

Uh Let me know your thoughts about this on the comments .

Where would you want me to go and show you in Istanbul ?

Turkey about foods or uh some places to visit maybe mosques .

Uh I , I'm really excited about this .

I hope you will try the recipe .

Please don't forget to give thumbs up .

And if you haven't subscribed , please subscribe to my channel .

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Hopefully see you in another great Turkish recipe .

I'll see you all soon .

Bye .


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