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2023-06-14 19:33:26

Cops Were WAITING For Me at INSANE Car Meet! (They Bought Shirts!)

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Oh listen , that rumble wasn't even a super , super duper cold start up guys , cars across Texas here today and we are on our way to some little car .

Me that I was invited to by several people .

Houston car me shouted it out and everything .

So I'm gonna go pick up Mike .

We're going to go check that out and uh , yeah , let's see what the night unfolds also .

If you ever see me a car , me , I'm typically packing the shirts and the stickers .

So just come up and say you want one , we'll show you the shirts .

I typically have one medium through two XL .

So just let me know and let's get on to the meat there .

He is the wild the MICU coming out lumbering .

Do you like ?

Do I like it ?

Do they just think I'm some hood rat ?

I know it .

Ok .

Good , good .

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How are you , Mr Cars cross Texas .

I'm great , Mike .

How are you doing ?

Good brother .

Are you ready ?

Of course , boys , boys .

We're Ferrari hunting .

We're Ferrari hunting .

I smell you , boy .

Got a four , we got a 488 and a slow ass K .

So come on boy .

Good boy .

They're a good boy .

Oh , it's nice .

It's like modern , lowered a little bit .

It's probably a piece of a young lad .

All right guys , we've made it to the meet .

We got the six .

It's included in the F R as well as mason in the golf A but I think we're a little early because there's not a whole bunch of people here except this incredibly loud me and that just comes two guards out , checking out the cars down here .

So without further ado , let's hop into the show .

Let me know what your favorite car in the video is .

You guys and hopefully you enjoy it .

Name it , brother .

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I think it's time for me to get to , can see a little tiny bit of wire on the other one .

So I need to melt the rest of these off and go get me some R triple eight S .

This car is not going to see any rain .

So don't you worry about that ?

You beautiful , beautiful people .

Look at that .

I'm not saying I really like those silver performance pack wheels , wide body MTA That's low key kind of clean , man .

I'm not mad about it .

It's like that's , that's two .

It's two brother .

That's , I like it probably change out the red .

But other than that , I mean , it's , it's clean .

Got some sort of 335 3 40 I or something .

We got a da and mustangs many mustang boys .

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It's a little baby muffler .

He's poking out a little bit .

Wanted to say hello , brother .

Hey , 40 year old kid .

Oh , my God .

The sheriffs are swarming us already .

Ha .

Z 011 .

Look at that .

Oh , man , those are sick .

There's another Z 01 over there and I think a hell cat .

It looks like , uh , Z 28 .

I must go investigate .

Oh .

Oh , multiple sheriffs coming in .

I gotta go look at the Z 28 though .

Brother .

Come here .

Oh , I'm too lazy to walk over there but it's a splurge .

Jeez , this is sick .

Yo , what's going on ?

The cops already ?

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I don't really know what's going on , but I ain't worried about it yet .

Yes , sir .

Yes , sir .

I appreciate it , man .

It's good to be back in a race car , man .

It's good to be back in a race car .

Splurge .

I appreciate it , man .

I appreciate it .

I , I don't know if I , is that a good thing ?

I appreciate it .

I don't know .

I appreciate it , man .

That's dope .

That's dope .

It's right down there , man .

I appreciate it .

I appreciate it .

Yeah , actually I pulled on , I was , and I saw you over there .

I was like , I think that's him .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah , that's me .

That's me .

That's awesome .

All the sheriffs here are cool security guards , a subscriber .

So we just can't be doing stupid stuff and we're good age time holding a dime baby .

Got like the 30 something in and the doors that go up , baby .

I think it's time to go investigate .

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Very clean .

300 Z .

I like it .

But look at this wide body hellcat .

These wheels are sick and this color is also very nice .

Oh , that's nice .

That's really nice .

If I were to get a hellcat , it'd be , be pretty damn close to that six G S S rolling in in the Tiffany Blue Hellcat , dude .

That's sick .

I like that .

Oh , that's pretty clean , man .

Go , he's saying something but nobody can hear him .

What he's saying .

What did you say ?

Fashion ?

We won't clear .

No , no .

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39 M five here in Baby blue .

That's pretty sick .

I like it .

Me meta muo I don't ever quit the bull , the man , the myth , the stock trading legend , the health care body with them too .

Damn brother .

Probably not the right place to be doing that .

Buster .

This hellcat sounds beefy .

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Oh brother , knocking me off , knocking my socks off over here , man .

The supercharged Lexus R C .

Yes , sir .

It's that boy , Brian .

What's good boss ?

How are you , dude ?

Look at this red carbon in this car .

I love it , man .

I love it .

I love it .

I love it .

Oh , there it is .

There it is your carbon fiber center console , man .

How you been ?

Oh , it's fantastic , man .

It's fantastic .

Oh , they don't wanna , they don't want you to rev it .

Wait .

Jeesh , man .

This sounds so good .

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This is Alan .

Oh my God , it's Allen and Das in the double trouble .

How are you , boss , man ?

Young Allen , supercharged mustang supercharged R C F I swear this is the reason I come to car meets right here , right ?

That 800 horsepower D M six C 63 .

And the pretty sure that's old Lux over there .

Some big old flames now .

No .

So we found the home looks .

I think he's got a little boo boo though , put a band aid on it .

So we got a school bus .

Yellow Boss three oh two .

Laguna Seca here , man .

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Apparently , he told me that um , the dealership didn't know it was just Laguna Seca and they sold it to him for a hell of a steal but told me a few weeks ago , he is a bad alternator .

Hopefully , uh you get the perception of my air quotes , but this thing's got some goodies under the hood , man .

I ain't gonna disclose too much for him , but it's quick and we got this like highlighter yellow six series .

That is a crazy color .

We got this crazy six in here .

This thing is absolutely nuts .

Homeboy went full weight reduction doesn't even have windshield wipers on the car .

Bill LX motor in a Nitrous met the whole nine yards .

This thing is pretty wild .

I was about to say rowdy confuse that for a second , but you can drop the homie and follow here C X block .

Cut that out of the video .

It's a Camaro R S on a drag pack .

It's a V six .

Don't worry about it .

Oh my God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't even who's Ravi wide body charger ?

Oh , this is pretty damn nice .

All right .

And it is .

Screw it .

Oh my God .

Everyone .

They're running scramble , brother .

Scramble .

I hope we to let I get everybody running if you ain't got anything to worry about .

If you ain't doing stupid stuff , man .

The Lexus , the flex .

It's pink .

That's kind of sick man .

R CS are so nice , man .

Baby .

Look at this .

I love this color .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

All right guys .

That's the end of this video .

Let's count 12345 are visible to me at the moment .

Probably time to get out of here .

But we're going to head out .

Hopefully enjoy the video guys here in the security guard .

He was being super cool about it , but he had two rules for us .

No burnouts .

What was the other one ?

And no , no burnouts , no donuts .

That was all he asked and people can't listen .

And now the cops have swarmed and the thing was I didn't even call and he , he's cool .

Well , you what ?

Y'all gotta see you later , boss .

Y'all can't be doing all this nonsense , brother .

He was even cool with the revving and everything .

But like at the end of the day , we didn't even have permission to be here in the first place .

So don't destroy the property .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But on that note I'm out .


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