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2023-06-14 19:33:15

Barra Swapped GT350 - FIRST DRIVE!

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Right guys .

Welcome to today's video .

I promise this is not going to be a new thing where we're starting off with Nerf battles .

However , over the weekend , one of my projects was modifying this .

It typically takes like seven volts and I put a three cell 12 volt Lipo in it .

So it shoots a lot harder and I didn't tell Schulman and he's just getting the basic one that runs on D batteries and doesn't hurt at all .

And I'm going to challenge him to a battle .

So , rather than Shulman being on his own , we're going to uh do a little , I'm so excited , little , little gun shop .

What do you think about what you're gonna do ?

I don't wanna admit on camera that I think it might be a little entertaining .

We're gonna do it in here too , in the office .

So it's gonna be , it's gonna be , but I think he's gonna have just as much enjoyment just trying to hit you with even a regular one .

You won't even realize that this is hard , I think .

Um Also we're tuning the transition on the G 50 today for sure , for sure .

So that's exciting .

But this is more exciting .

I just forgot to bring the extra balls .

So I'm gonna have to give him some of mine .

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What the fuck ?

What I should ?

Oh , shit , I'm broke .

No , I'd beat Adam or I beat Adam for one .

It , I broke mine .

Oh God .

Big sad .

What the prick ?

Yeah .

It keeps getting jammed because I'm trying to work that .

You can , you fix my gun ?

You just get in jam .

I wonder if the battery is just done .

We load it .

Yeah .

Oh , yes .

You got a big shield of Call of duty .

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About , about right .

And I was starting to cut this temporary exhaust hangers off and we're gonna put rubber exhaust hangers in place .

So previously , we bent this kind of approximating the thickness of this bushings .

I'm gonna put this on .

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This one seems to be around maybe where I want it .

So I'll end up welding a raw to a bracket that I can put on this stud and then this side is done .

But then this side I bend it too much so the bushing will not fit .

So I have to bend this one down a little bit .

I didn't .

That's , you know about right .

Yeah , that's what we wanted .

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So , one of the things that I've been working on , if you remember , I think I mentioned this briefly .

The fans that we're using are the stock fans and they're controlled through the Mustang's body control module .

Now , the stock fans don't turn on until like 2 10 or 2 20 which is hotter than we want them to turn on for the Barra .

The aluminum blocks run a little bit hotter .

And what I've been trying to do is figure out a way to lower the threshold through the stock E C to get them to turn on .

So , if you remember , I had a lung tune on this car before I really read 85 race tune on it .

And what I was able to do is contact them and they were actually able to build me out just a generic map , but with a different trigger for the fans to turn on .

So we're going to play out with a couple of things .

But because the temp reading is a little bit all over the place because it got mad stealing the signal from the other cool temp sensor until I add a second coolant temp sensor and just run both in tandem .

I'm just basically going to have the fans on all the time .

So I'm about to test it and see if it works .

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So if you look tune fans on ASAP .

Right .

Yeah .

Good .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Hard easy is .

Right .

It's funny because it's like a new car .

So some stuff is so much easier but also harder at the same time .

So as an example , I know we might have been able to do that with a different tuning software or something .

But the fact that you can just go on the computer and tell it to do that differently .

If this were , let's say 10 year older car , we'd probably be finding the relays and just sending a trigger to them from the stand alone .

But because it's all controlled through like a variable speed module thing and it's kind of complicated , we can't just trigger the relays up there and we would have had to rewire them and it would have been a headache .

But instead I called them the homies at London .

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And now we , so the guys at H C G tuning have been working tirelessly trying to get everything set up so we can get this car ripping .

So they're going to log on now and test all the changes and everything they've been doing to build the tune for this transmission , which will be the first six or 80 they've done .

I know right now one issue is with the actual gear position .

So for whatever reason , we can't figure out how to send that to the G C U right now .

So we're just not going to be able to use the gear select .

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We're going to have to go in our person pedals .

So the guys over at C G have been going through pretty much all the main stuff they're concerned with like map sensor tps and the paddle shifters , which are connected directly to the G C , the T P S and the map sensor get sent via can from the whole tech .

They're just going through and making sure everything is ok .

And I think the next time we turn this car on , they're about to start testing the paddles and go through the gears , which is exciting because if it works in theory , we could go drive this thing around the block .

That's so exciting .

Dude .

That's huge .

I'm so pumped like this thing looks like a legit car now .

It feels like a legit car .

It doesn't even have that many air lights .

Like I'm pumped .

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It's pretty delayed , but I think that we'll be ironed out .

So I just got the ok from the guys at H T G .

We're all good to go take it for a test drive .

So they have no idea how it's going to respond .

It's basically a base map based on the six HPC F box , which is slightly different .

This is the first ever 680 that's being controlled using their software .

So it once that disadvantage , but once I get it figured out , we're going to be able to do so much more of this strand and it's going to be sick .

But if I can ski to move this thing under its own power , I'm pumped .

Oh , we're on the ground .

Look who's here too just in time in public .

Did you take that back ?

You think I burn it down ?

It's not just the first time driving a new engine .

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It's the first time that this thing is driving after being , you know , we don't talk about that anymore after it's like doomsday in car .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

This link out narrowly .

What ?

Ok .

I'm not shifting because it makes Johan fly out of the seat right now .

It's kind of aggressive .

What is more first or second ?

Uh , for a second ?

I mean , first , this is those things out .

You kill me not to step on it .

It doesn't sound like England six .

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You did the last fly by , by me .

A huge flame , dude .

Such a huge accomplishment .

Oh , it feels so good .

Look , dude .

Some people were worried that maybe uh that turbo would be too laggy and I can tell you I barely even crept in a boost and it felt like it felt like it was meant for it .

I'm excited Clay .

You gotta ride with me real quick real quick .

Come on .

Look up , Peter Harris said I love it .

Yeah .

About the uh you're gonna have to sit in the back in the back this time .

It's OK .

You having flashbacks a little bit but hopefully this ride goes much better than my last one in here .

Wait , do you feel this thing ?

Shit actually shouldn't I buckle up .

Can we just check oil real quick ?

Just for the heck of it ?

Could you just check oil ?

No , on the engine .

Can we check the oil filter ?

No , no , no .

Can we check the oil ?

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I mean , I'm in here .

I might have , I don't know , caused something to happen .

Yeah , that , that it would be , don't burn yourself .

Hashtag you the flame this room .

It is so cool .

I'm so excited .

It takes me a little while to get in the gear right now .

Is that hard to converter ?

Yeah , but there's still a lot that needs to be tuned on the side .

So exciting .

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It's been so awesome .

I'm so excited .

I can just drive loops around my warehouse all night long .

That shit is not good .

It sounds so cool .

I just read that on downshift can see .

Yeah .

It literally feels like the faster I drive it , the more it feels like the gearbox and my BMW or sorry , my super that was , I don't know it like slipped it .

Yeah .

When I shifted into a gear like throttle got mad .

Oh , I probably should have been lagging .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Love it and the engines team .

So now they will help .

Right .

Way .

Too much fun and like the base map on the whole tech dude .

Like it has a hiccup once .

I'm so unbelievably excited .

I hope that the video doesn't justice .

This is huge that come on .

I've never been about what happened in this car because this is the most special thing I feel like we've ever done .

It sounds crazy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm like , I'm driving .

I don't even know how to explain it .

Like I'm towing , like my , my piggy toe is on the gas pedal and it just feels like it's this beast just waiting to be awoken and it , like you can see , I started getting a little carried away and a little bit excited and in the back of she's like , do a burn out , do a donut back , resent you won't .

Uh , it's just , it's sick and like , I felt like the harder I drove it , the more it actually resembled the super , like it kind of shifted like super dead .

Even the down shift sounded like a match and I had a little burble .

It was cool .

Um , definitely some stuff to like dial in with how like the torque converter grabs or whatever , automatic fancy words there are .

But the guys are telling me that with the G C U , they can do so much and because this is the first six hour trends , they've actually tuned on it .

There's a lot that they're going to have to kind of figure out .

But for now we know it works , it drives , they can just throw all the torque , handling , handling capacity at it .

They can .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that way on the Dino Freddie can get this thing making some power and uh yeah , we can start going through it and like it drove and it felt good .

Felt the weight balance .

Like , mind you , I just like drove around the block a couple of times other than it missing the front sway bar , which I could barely feel .

It still felt like a , a solid car .

Like it , it felt like a sports car .

It felt better than a stock mustang .

Um I do think maybe some alignment stuff got messed up because the car kind of a little bit , but the steering wheel is also a cricket .

So maybe that add into it .

But I'm super excited .

I hope you guys are huge achievement .

Thank you Johan for staying here late with me and uh thank you Collette for filming in the back seat .

Thank you , Mike for hanging out of the back of the f 2 50 .

And uh yeah , I wish Alberta was here so I could thank him and he could be stoked too , but he'll see the video tomorrow and he'll be pumped .

So anyway , thank you guys .

I'll see you soon .


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