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2023-06-14 19:33:12


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Yeah .

Alrighty .

Uh So just have to sit in the car for a second and warm up a little bit because it's freaking cold for us .

Texas folk out right now but they are about to do the two step battle .

So I think we're going to watch that happen and then probably ski out because I'm cold and I missed my puppy .

So hopefully you guys enjoy this next couple .

What's going on ?

So we got two J X that's pulling up .

I mean , you know he's fast .

He got the big tire on the back on the drag pack .

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All right that no , the , the lax says I'm the only one .

Ok .

I'm going for a two step though .

That's not a two step .

We got the mustang coming through .

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I've seen this guy two step before .

Sorry , you bastard .

I'm Bruno .

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It's just , it's not a two step .

It's a water .

No , I was going Mustang man , dude , I already know in this comments on this video .

I'm going to get about 3000 comments about your mask goes .

Nobody cares .

All right , please for the love of God , let the mustang win , dude .

This 3 50 is not even two stepping .

Ok .

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Oh , what , 3 56 this thing coming in have , right ?

I think I like where is the exhaust coming ?

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What the hell , dude ?

I love it .

Oh my God , I got on , oh I said it for the , I love it .

That's what happens when you got a carburetor .

Fully open .

A what ?

So the flames are nice .

We're gonna vote with noise if you like the little truck breaking his little carburetor .

Bye .

But that Montreal .

Yeah .

How about the disease ?

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I , I , I tried , I tried , I tried , dude , I tried .

Yeah , absolutely .

I'm trying .

I'm , I'm the rally call .

I don't , if someone said do it again , I don't think this truck can take it one more time .

Ok ?

I think it already hurt .

Can you go again ?

No , you can't go again .

You , you gotta go , you gotta get pushed out .

Hey , good thing is not fucking heavy , dude .

You don't even have a sunroof .

Of course you gotta go like you got nothing here but well , who got some startup ?

Flew with smart asses .

That's it .

Bring it .

Look like that .

Get off the back and start pushing .

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Hey , so he blew his shit up that battle .

Everybody got one .

All right , right .

We got a Saturn is on .

Yeah , you got a Saturn eye on stepping up to the plate .

What the hell is going to happen to this ?

You no , let's hear it .

Mhm All right .

We got V Q on VQ crime here .

Let's hear it .

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That's , yeah , you not .

So this guy has a flame thrower kit on his car .

I also don't think he has a two step .

Let's see .

Oh , that feels good .

Keep it up .

It's nice , baby .

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We know , we know .

Hello .

Oh .

Mhm .

Mm .

Oh , that hurt my eyes for some reason , bro .

I swear to God at the viper .

Actually two steps would be great here .

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I , he won .

He won .

Yes .

Not care .

It's a Viper , bro .

I swear brain worms , dude , boys .

I swear to God .

The 350 beats this guy .

I'm retiring from cars across Texas .

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Oh no .

Oh we got back up so we can do we have to do we have to vote , vote , vote .

Thank you .

Thank you guys .

My God .

I swear to God .

Y'all didn't make me retire today .

Bring some shit up .

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Jason shit out .

You take some shit up .

I know what ?

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

Why was that earlier ?

I wasn't working .

I don't know how get out that car .

Ok , dude , I don't know .

That's not fair .

I don't know , man .

That's just close .

Ok ?

No , I I'm sorry , my friend .

I'm sorry .

Oh oh my God , bro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , so super can do that stuff .

Oh bye for sure .

Give up for job .

I'm sorry , dude .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It sounds good but I , I mean I , I think in terms of like sound and tone this wins .

I think this sounds better .

But my God , in terms of just like destroying my ears , right guys just in time for my last battery , we are about to head out .

My throat is killing me from all the yelling during the two step battle .

That is freaking crazy .

And there's a ton of cool cars here for Paul Walker's tribute .

Meet .

Hopefully you guys enjoyed today's video .

Let me know what your favorite car was down in the comments below and I'll catch you next one guys .


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