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2023-06-14 19:32:37

Pulled over in my Audi R8 by Canadian police in Toronto...

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Well , I've been pulled over and I don't know exactly why .

Just driving baby , I'll call you in a bit .

Ok .

Just go find parking .

Ok , bye .

Hello , officer .

How are you ?

Yes , I , I play for part of my correct , sir .

I got the car from Quebec .

I'm still in the process of getting the front bumper wrapped and then I'm going to , I have bought the underneath plate as well , sir .

Driver's license .

Yes , sir .

I'm just gonna grab it back here .

Oh , it's actually right here .

Oh , never mind , uh , driver's license and I'm just gonna go on there .

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Is the insurance , my driver's license and the ownership , sir .

It's pretty ironic there .

I know .

I know , but you guys can't accept digital ones .

I heard that's why .

Oh , ok .

That's what the girl at the M T O told me .

She's like they don't even have .

Ok .

Yeah .

Right .

So kind of depends .

Right .

I'll give you an example .

Ownerships like this .

Right ?

A lot of times people have , they used to run their own .

Right .

That's not good .

It's not the right .

Especially if you go on this .

Right .

Right .

Yeah , the , the car is a Montreal car and I knew I , I didn't even know , actually didn't have front plates but they don't .

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The police .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yes .

So , I had , I had to get some stuff done to it first and I still , I have to order that there , some other stuff I'm ordering for it .

Thank you .

Well , he's nice .

At least .

So .

Yeah , it got me on the no front plate piece .

I've been driving for two months without the front plate .

I've been , I've been through so many different cops and it's only in Toronto , I get pulled over by the police for the no front plate , please .

Oh man , everyone's probably looking at me like I'm a huge bad ass like I must have ran from the cops .

I just don't have a front plate and you know what I knew he was , I knew he was gonna take me because I let him go through the intersection .

But he was like , no , you go through the intersection because he wanted to get behind me .

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That's what it was .

I fricking knew it .

I knew it .

This cop is too nice right now .

He's letting me go through the intersection when he stopped ahead .

Yeah , my friend .

Ok , I really appreciate the finding of this .

What it is on the record that I really appreciate that officer .

Ok ?

Thank you very much again .

You have a great weekend .

Thank you got so fucking lucky right now .

Oh my God , he gave me a warning .

He gave me a warning .

Good guy .

Canadian cop gives me a warning .

Well , I , I thought he came back with the paper and I'm like , he came back with his paper and I'm like , shit , this is a fine , I'm like , I'm screwed .

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Gotta pay 100 and 10 bucks or how much , what more can I do ?

Just be a nice dude .

You know , give my insurance , give my paperwork just be super respectful .

Got away with a warning .

Oh good old Canadian cops if I was in the States for sure .

I think like I'd be punished for my sins .

See guys , the best thing you do if you get pulled over by police , you know , don't be super respectful , you know , just say I spoke to him .

I like hello officer , I had my hands on the steering wheel .

I asked him if I can go get my insurance documents just to be safe .

I know this is not America where they're going to shoot me for putting my hand somewhere , but it's just nice for them .

So they feel like they have authority and power which they do .

So you kind of reiterating that to them making them feel good .

So give them everything , you know , all my stuff sorted , all my paperwork , my insurance , my driver's license , all that jazz .

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So it's not a big deal but just going that extra way to be super respectful to the cop and giving all the documents super easily and making his job super easy .

Like I think that is what saved me from getting a fine if I was like a douche bag like , oh then I would have got a ticket for sure .

So being a clutch nice guy worked out for once and it doesn't always work out where you're a nice guy .

All right guys .

So now that I didn't get that ticket , I can afford this ice cream .

So , subscribe to my channel guys like this video and I'll see you guys in my next video .


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