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Hey guys , I'm Adam .

This is my evil five .

This is my pride and joy .

All right .

If I die , I wouldn't be buried in my Ebo Five .

If you're new to the channel , I have to add a quick disclaimer , the mustache .

100% a joke .

Please don't be bothered by it .

Please don't comment .

What is it on his face ?

It's a joke .

It's supposed to bring smiles to , to say Children all over the world .

It's a joke .

OK ?

It's a joke right now .

To my regular folk here on the channel , please be mindful .

If you did put two and two together by the intro , there's a chance we might have some new people on the channel in today's video .

So please be nice to them in the comment section if they don't understand some of our inside jokes because there's a lot of them maybe help them understand how stupid we are .

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But I forgot the most exciting part of all is that today we're going to get A , I tend to make these videos and like super hype it up and hype it up , hype it up and then end up giving away the title on the thumbnail .

Anyway , so I might as well come out and say it , we can talk a little bit about it before I get it .

Right now .

I'm going to the bank to get a cashier's check .

And then we're driving to New Jersey .

They were one of the first places that I was able to find that was willing to sell me one at M R P and didn't want a bunch of her stickers .

So right now we're doing that .

The last time I went to New Jersey to get a car was actually for my 335 like four or five years ago with Jimmy Oaks .

We took my dad's pre lou down , picked up the 335 off a private cellar and drove it back .

So New Jersey Turbo BMW S are bought , get it when you're at the bank , dealing with a very large sum of money and all of a sudden your phone starts playing .

I set my friends on fire .

The bank tellers are going to give you a funny look .

Let me tell you .

So technically , I've never even driven the new Super , let alone seen it in person .

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So I'm pretty excited .

I think it will be interesting to kind of hearing how I feel about it considering ideally a 98 Mitsubishi evolution , which I think it is questionably one of the most raw feeling Japanese sports cars kind of the era you can argue and say maybe a 32 GTR would be a little more raw .

But I honestly think the IVO is just a little bit lighter and less plant feeling in the rawness .

The 32 GTR feel a lot more plant .

So they don't feel as raw .

They feel a little bit more mushy just because they are a little bit heavier .

We're at like £2800 on this thing and make 400 wheels .

So it's fun .

All right .

So we are at Tommy Shop real quick , Tommy .

What are we doing ?

No , no , no .

Like where are we going ?

I've already said what we're doing .

So it's kind of relevant .

You don't need to say anything , but I'll tell you what we're doing .

We're about to buy the most controversial car of 2019 .

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Um So I already , I already said what it was in the title and in the video earlier , I think it's funny how long have you been telling me to get one of these since the day ?

I told you I wanted , I wanted to ask you to buy me one .

This has been going on for like three weeks .

I think Adam buy the super .

Adam buy the super .

Adam buy the super where you buy your friend a super , it'll get a lot of use .

And then that , that day he comes up with , with this idea to buy one for himself .

Yeah .

So Tommy was like he wanted me to get one for myself because he wanted to drive and stuff and I was just super resistant to the idea and then just something clicked in the shower and , and now I was like , hey , and I was like , hey , hey , Tommy , I have a great idea .

I think I'm gonna get a super .

You're like , hey , Tommy , I'm gonna stand on your Yankees and talk to you with seven ft tall dude .

Look at what is following us right now .

Literally there is a car that was my dream .

That thing is clean before I got my 3 35 .

It was like my dream .

I gonna take a blue .

He's ripping God .

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They're so pretty that color like , yeah , like in person it looks so much cooler than a dozen photos .

Is that s why I'm big enough , Tommy .

Let me interrupt you five minutes away .

We're almost , I'm so excited to what , what I stop trying to control my video like everything else in your life .

Let me , let me be excited .

Check out that rav four .

So anyway , who , who , who , who , who , who ?

No , no , no , no , this is how I was doing .

Listen , I , I OK , I really enjoy driving around my old Japanese cars and my right hand drive stuff .

I'm excited to drive around a new car , right depot .

So listen , get excited as excited as I am .

That's it .

I was literally trying to film a clip about how excited I was .

And you cut me off .

As excited as I am .

You aren't excited .

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You are an old man that never files in a van for you because I'm not excited .

Who , who , who , who Tyro two hours in the back of a van .

He's , he's sharing my excitement .

He's sharing my excitement .

We're about to get a Super .

Can we talk about that ?

I've never owned a Super .

Have I driven ?

Oh , yeah , I drove .

Driver Super .

Thank you .

That's exactly what I thought I was like , I'll wait for the new one .

That guys look how much I'm shaking .

This is how excited I am right now .

It's under your gas pedal .

You should have had the towel off .

Suck , dude .

Power breaking wall doing 60 shaking .

You're shaking too .

Is it because of the coffee ?

Me too .

No , it's because you almost killed us three times with that bottle .

Uh Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So uh we're coming out here .

Uh a friend of mine , you guys know Brett .

He has good relationships with a lot of the dealers around here .

So he was able to get in touch and find the Super and the color that I wanted at M R P .

So that's why we're driving out here .

Um I knew of a couple in Florida for sale , but the problem is if I got one in Florida , I wouldn't be able to have fun with it and mess around with it up here .

There's no roads to drive in Florida that are cool .

And by that he means he wants to drive it is that it is that it , is that a , that one is giving away ?

We drive two hours .

Adam has to go to the bathroom instead of looking at his new car .

I would have waited here for a new , what vehicle is this ?

Hey , we're building one of these just from 1996 .

So you into those .

I know the best .

This is what Adam looks like when he's not excited about getting a new car .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He's so stoked , detect it .

I did .

Yeah , I think so too .

They know you're here for , they saw me , they saw , they saw the camera is what I think .

Jeez , they really got this thing in the lot in the back of the lot here .

Check out that .

Look at these two .

It's like a match made in heaven .

Wish Adam and his cargo pants on .

Don't you zip off my car ?

I thought this would be a good video , but we're walking like a half a mile .

He can't believe he's meeting you .

Chill chill .

He just gave it away .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is unreal right now .

But trust me , bro .

Ok .

You sure you don't want that lime green Jeep .

Sure .

You don't want that lime green Jeep , dude , they got this thing in the lock up the Oh hell yeah , the lights in here .

Is this your personal garage out here or ?

Dude , have you ever seen ?

Yeah .

At the New York Auto Show .

Have you ?

What do you think ?

Tiny , smells weird in here .

It smells like a chopper .

Smells like a New Subra .

Yeah , that's the best angle you can pass .

It's kind of hard .

We're in the dungeon here .

Oh , the camera's got it , pull it out into the light .

I'm gonna get , I mean , you kind of own it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna hit this van .

Oh , he's got it .

I know you're very close .

If it's my ear , it's so quiet .

It's quiet but sounds good .

You're too close .

Oh , he kind of gunned in there .

He put launch control on .

I think I like the little side diffuser thing .

That's rat .

I didn't notice that .

What's on the window ?

Oh , that's Monk from the Dungeon .

I think .

Beam , beam , look at the headlights are sick .

The van is making me a little uncomfortable driving around for 10 minutes , dude .

It is nice inside .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He , hell yeah .

No , it feels like a , like a nice car .

Like there's a lot of leather , like it feels like nice leather .

You know what I mean ?

I know what you mean .

It's a BMW .

But I , I kind of expected it to like , be like cheap on the inside , dude .

It's got a decent size trunk too .

Put your bike in it .

I don't know about that .

That's true .

And a joke .

I , I might be able to make it fit , dude .

I'm pretty hyped .

I can't wait till you , uh , do some cool stuff with us and then let me drive it .

They see .

Rages too .

You don't have to deal with that .

I'm honestly like , there's this like a , it's funny because I could see how stoked you are now .

But for the last week , I mean , I've been trying to talk you into getting the reality doesn't set in until I get .

I'm actually like in it in it .

This is so Bluetooth speakers .

Apple car play .

It's carbon fiber .

I think it's real .

No , I used to like , when I have carbon fiber in a car , usually it's because the previous owner like wrapped it in some vibe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Put a sticker on it like dang , this thing is red , a better person .

The red is like a little bit less metallic than I thought .

Like it's red .

It is red , like do some paperwork and get the hell out of New Jersey .

Are we on a deal ?

Are we yo don't show that dude ?

Got a check number on it .

What are we doing here ?

People filming your excitement .

He's coming back the camera .

I kind of want to get in real time .

He doesn't even know .

Done .

Finally , dude , you ready to go , you want to go get some pizza ?

You know , I do .

He's excited .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's good .

It's good when you buy a Got to Sylvia , it's good when you buy a $60,000 car and get excited .

$57,000 whatever you guys knew what I meant , right ?

Uh You looked embarrassing on your own blog .

Don't edit that out .

This truck is pretty sick .

You sure you don't want to leave with ?

Two trade the van , trade the van .

Oh , here we go .

L Z .

What , what's , what should we call them , Miss , Miss ?

Give a massive massive shout out to Brett .

He came here yesterday .

Put a $500 deposit that I'm not gonna pay him back for on my , found this car .

It's coming , it's coming .

So Brett actually convinced me to buy the Mustang too .

If you guys remember , I was like to that out .

That was , that was all Brett .

These two right here .

Bad influences .

We make them buy everything .

How much money combined if we got them to spend , I bet give this guy a month and he'll have one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I be , give me a year , I guarantee I broke the type R .

So you just got a type R already told that .

Jeez , this is the guy that crashed right next car when he's sleeping .

Will he will ?

What do you think TJ hunted when the super corner ?

Do you think ?

Like there it went up there .

You just did that while your super came around the corner , you were dabbing like TJ did that thing looks good .

Oh my goodness .

It's so tiny .

It is little .

Make it , make it pop Bob this thing sounds kind of cool .

Doesn't sound bad .

I feel so uncomfortable .

I have no idea how to , like put it in gear or anything .

I'm just gonna follow you .

Let's go get pizza .

I think I'm gonna drive .

I was too impatient to be walked through on how everything works .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're just gonna go with the flow .

Um , yeah , so I've never been in one of these .

I have no idea what to really expect .

Uh I have so much , I want to tell you guys about it because I still haven't really gone into too much detail .

I don't want to bore you guys , but um I'm excited .

Ok , so confirm not like the Porsche or you can pull both paddles and put it in neutral , but it does make lots of cool noises .

I'm excited .

It's like getting a new Xbox on Christmas and like playing with all the options and stuff .

Like I haven't looked at anything .

I have no idea .

I haven't watched any reviews .

Nothing about the Super .

Really .

So this is all just we're just going with it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I guess it's got the little farts , idiot crashes .

This super right off driving from the showroom floor .

That's me .

He lets you break boot .

That's sick .

My first impression with broader response and stuff as always , like new car is a big complaint of mine .

Is it kind of feels muddied down ?

I would say the response isn't very bad .

Definitely .

Not nearly as bad as my 92 .

Kind of a little weird visibility for parking .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's got parking sensors in the front that's sick .

My person doesn't even have that .

All right .

One of the worst you guys , probably one of the worst reviews you guys have ever seen because I'm sure you guys already know 10 times more about this car than I do .

Not that this is a review , but I'm trying to be as honest as I can and I thought that it would be cooler to not know anything about it first before I start delving into it .

All right .

So we just got pizza , had some time to think about the car .

I will say first impressions what it feels most like would be the M two , which I guess kind of makes sense , but it being a little bit smaller of a car feeling a little bit like a BMW just in the sense that it's really the only newer cars that I've driven that would be like in this realm and like the way that the power is delivered and stuff , but I'm going to play with it on the way home and get a little bit better feel from it .

And I'll let you guys know as I kind of learn the car a little bit more .

I didn't even know that this is a touch screen and I'm honestly pretty hyped now .

This thing makes such cool noises .

Little pops on the over runner stick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I just need to get comfortable with it right now .

It's like , kind of feel like a fish out of water .

And I'm in an area that I'm not familiar with .

So I think I'm just going to chill with the filming and then touch base first and only complaint that I have so far the roof line is really low in this car and I'm taller so to just see the light and I'm parked at a normal distance .

I'm like having to do this .

Like the car has got a windshield better .

Maybe I got to be more like this or something , a low max , but it's got like a long nose of the car .

So it's kind of hard to see over .

So it works that you say hi , like seeing the light is kind of tough .

We'll get used to it .

Not ok , man .

One thing I will say about this , obviously , I shouldn't be comparing this to things like Lamborghinis or other exotics .

But what I will say is there's a lot of new cars that have hopped in and the controls and where everything is isn't very intuitive with this car .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've been able to figure everything out pretty easily and it's not like too bad like the windows and the paddles .

It makes sense .

So I played around with the brakes a little bit to see what they feel like .

And I would describe them as like for me , I guess that's what automatics do .

They're touchy where they're sensitive , they're not too sensitive or it's annoying but it has like decent pedal pressure .

It's really tough because a lot of the things I'm comparing this car to are my older Japanese cars because it's what I drive all the time .

I'm not really someone that drives a lot of these newer cars so I can't really base it off M two or an M three or whatever would be in the realm of this A G R .

I don't even know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Not that they're on the same realm but you know what I'm trying to say , speaker , it has the BMW style adjustable like air bolsters , I'm assuming they're hair , which are really nice .

Me being like a skinny dude , it makes us eat to feel a lot sportier .

Let's talk about me and wanting a super .

So I kind of have this thing .

Um the best way to explain it when something is cool or hip or relevant or in kind of like the super , I'm like anti trendy .

So because everyone's so excited about it , I'm like , oh , it's not that cool , not really that into it .

And then what happens is a few months down the road .

Usually when things start to become uncool and start to lose their height , I'm starting to understand like , oh wait , that's kind of cool .

And I was kind of stupid for thinking that .

So this is me kind of going against how I would normally operate with something like this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Usually I'd want to be the first person or I wouldn't want it at all .

But I'm really good friends with a lot of the people over at and some of the stuff that's brewing in the back end for these cars has me really , really excited about it as a platform more so than as a chassis .

So I want to kind of be on the forefront , not of making it look the coolest being the first one to bag it .

I know that TJ will have me beat on that .

I really , really , really want to understand this engine more , especially watching the video that Papa has made was really , really phenomenal and kind of give me a little bit more respect for it as a platform and hearing what's kind of brewing right now for this engine .

Has me very , very excited .

So hopefully my goal is to be at 500 horsepower within the next week or two within the next month .

I want to be one of the first supers that makes 600 horsepower .

So I think it's very , very doable .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

God , that great being very interruptive to you guys .

So that's my goal with it and I'm sure there will be a lot of other people doing it and stuff , but whatever , I think it's cool .

I think it will be fun and I just really want to push it like , I wouldn't be mad if I was the first person to blow up .

A super , I think that would be sick .

Although I'm sure someone's already blown up .

I could be the first youtuber .

I don't know .

I'm excited .

I wanna learn more and you guys can learn more with me and we'll just have fun with it .

I'm hoping some of you are in the same boat as me where , like , you haven't had the craziest amount of attention for this car .

Like I wasn't really paying much attention to a lot of the stuff that people are making with it .

So hopefully a lot of stuff that I'm saying doesn't sound redundant .

But one other thing I'd like to make note of is that being inside this car , the way that it drives , the way that it feels the build quality of the interior , at least for my first impression resembles nothing of what I would expect from a Toyota .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So in the areas where to me it matters most like it feels like the price that it is like , it doesn't feel like you're spending 60 grand for a Toyota .

It feels like a very , very nice car coming from the dude that's used to driving around nineties Japanese cars .

My opinion probably doesn't mean much .

All right guys , let's do a little 0 to 60 test .

I'm gonna try to break boost it just a tad .

I don't know if the car is going to freak out or if it's gonna let me .

But , um , we'll see not bad .

All right , since we , uh we kind of rushed at the dealer , not rushed , but I'm a little bit like vlog shy in front of dealers and stuff .

We'll do a quick walk around and I'll talk about some stuff , uh , with the car , kind of how I feel about it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think first off , my least favorite thing about the super is the front end kind of looks a little bit like a clown shoe .

I just feel like there's not like enough body lines on the hood and that black spot on the front bumper kind of makes it look a little funky like it's got like fuck teeth or something .

Um But I think like the aesthetic stuff will be fixed down the road and again , I'm getting this car more for the power plant and because I think it's the prettiest thing in the world .

Um the hood , it just kind of reminds me of like the hood of my mom's solstice the way that there's the line there .

And I don't know , I don't feel the best about it .

These probably get paint matched wheels .

I hate polished in black .

So those will have to go .

Brakes felt phenomenal on the drive back .

Um If you notice the car is not clean , there's some like spots and stuff on it .

I told the dealers not to wash it .

I didn't want them putting scratches or swirls in it .

The paint actually looks pretty good like they haven't really messed it up too much trying to detail it or polish it .

But I'm walking around back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think this is my favorite angle of the sura the more like I see stuff come out of these , they look so cool from the rear and it's pretty rare that they come from the factory on 2 70 fives is that means we can probably fit maybe as wide as a three oh five on there with all that clearance .

So should be good for putting down the power comes from the factory with I think pilot fours or whatever calls them P S four S S .

But uh no , it's a cool little car kind of uh a little bit harder to see out of what I thought .

Um I never test drove one , never drove one , never talked to anyone that drove one .

I just decided to send it .

So in my little clown shoes four .

Hope you guys like her quite obviously , I've left a bit on the table with the new super in regards to content filming exhaust clips , raging around with it and really getting to understand the car a little bit better on back roads and stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um I will say , I don't think at least in my existence in my lifetime since 1995 there there ever been a car to come out that has had such an impact on all the shops and tuners .

It's crazy seeing BMW shops , seeing super shops , seeing general tuning shops , all getting supers starting a toy with them trying to make power because this truly could become one of the next biggest platforms , which is kind of funny since the engine has existed .

But just because it is got that super name and the history and everything behind it and all the hype , I think that it's going to be something big and I'm excited to be part of it and to hopefully get some of the first power bits on this thing and make this thing super fast .

So anyway , guys , if you're excited , please drop that thumbs up button .

I promise I won't be annoying and ask you all the time , but it does make a big difference .

We're going to have some fun .

We have joined the Super race now tomorrow , uh If you guys want to know what to expect , we are hopefully fingers crossed .

If Kenny's around , we're going to take the R 32 to the Dino .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're going to make 600 horsepower , maybe we'll raise it with the Super , which won't be fair , but it will be fun .

So anyway , maybe we could throw this thing in the Dino too .

I know a lot of people have done it , but I'm curious to see the consistency in how the Dino numbers that we're on reads compared to a lot of other people's knows .

Thank you .


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