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2023-06-14 19:32:15

Aftermath of Hurricane Ian - LZ Compound Update

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Last night , I closed my video in this exact spot and I want to reassure you as you begin to watch this video that every single person here on the compound is safe .

And we got very lucky with this hurricane Ian .

I know a lot of people on the west coast of Florida dealt with some insane life threatening flooding .

We made it out and we were very fortunate and although we didn't have the crazy winds , the rain hit us hard .

You can see Colette's ready for what we're about to find with her little penguin rain boot outfit .

And we got the old trusty seed here who were actually not going to take through some of the deep waters that you're about to see because it's left us stranded now three times and we'll take the side by side .

This house is actually on pretty high ground .

So the only thing really dealt with back here was just a lot of down debris , definitely going to be quite the clean up process .

The storm is technically past here .

We still have some trailing wind and a little bit of light rain that we have to expect .

But I think the bulk of it is gone over here .

Nothing too bad .

I'm surprised more of these trees didn't fall over since they don't really have that much foundation with how they're built into the bank .

Knock on wood .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Having hurricane raided pool screens has come in handy .

They're all still in one piece .

See if old trusty starts up .

This thing's a jokey .

Your pristine chair awaits right now .

We're going to head over to the main building where the brunt of the water is located .

Definitely had a little bit of down debris here .

Nothing too crazy .

A new little pond to the left that didn't used to be there .

Oh , wow .

All this year , I've never seen this area flood looks like we've actually had the water receipt .

This pond is pretty much just level with the ground .

But thankfully if we look over by the building , the water never got high enough to get into the main shop .

We did find some leaks over on the right side of the building from the roof , but we did make the call real late last night and we got every single thing off the floor in the main building .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The dino was probably the biggest challenge since that thing was pretty much touching the ground , but vehicles stayed on the ground .

I figured if we were going to get enough water in there to ruin anything , it would probably just be boxes and stuff on the ground .

And thankfully , we made the right call .

Otherwise our backup plan , we don't have enough Jackson just putting cars on wheels .

I've never seen this pond get that wide and you can see all around the back .

The pond is pretty much level with the ground .

This is where I messed up the bumper on the X which by the way , get your entries for a chance to win on the sx fresh painted bumper coming soon .

Oh my God .

Yeah , that pond is crazy .

I'm going to point them at it so they can see it's literally level with the ground here .

Head to the other side of the building now .

Nothing too extraordinary back here .

I mean , I guess it's a decent amount of water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is where it starts to get bad coming back through here , going through the starting line .

You can see over here the water from this pond that used to be an L shape has completely breached on all corners .

Yeah , I got to show them .

I don't even know how deep we can go with this .

We're going to grab the side by side , but now we might get soaked if we do .

That .

Looks like we had our first big casualty , a large tree over here that appears to have downed this water here out estimates a few inches deep .

But yeah , we're not getting around that tree , that's for sure .

Wow , that is insane .

Here's another look at what once used to be a grass field .

Now , mind you , we've always known that this area is flood prone .

We are very close to sea level and at a certain point , there's just not anywhere for water to go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All the ponds that have overflown were made with the intention of catching water .

But then it gets to a certain point when , you know , I think we had three months of rainfall in one day and the ground just can't hold it quick enough .

Proceeding with caution back here .

You can see where the water changes color here to the left .

That's where the Nico Drop was and it probably gets up to like three or four ft there .

So I'm going to try to follow the area that I know isn't that deep because the engine on this truck is pretty low .

This building I know did just barely get a little bit of water in it but nothing got damaged .

Thankfully , everything was raised .

This is just kind of like an auxiliary merchandise building where we do some of the fulfillment .

Collette shop appears to have stayed fine from the rain .

No rain in there .

That's good .

Oh , no , my E 46 .

Oh my God .

Yeah , the C 46 you guys don't really know about .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was , uh , it was actually a gift to be a parts car or a roller or a shell that might have gone to someone else might have gotten used or whatever .

But , uh , it looks like where it was parked , it did just probably barely get some water inside of it .

Um , again , it's just a roller .

It doesn't have a good engine or anything , but it's a nice looking car .

Poor thing .

This little area shouldn't be too deep .

But you can see pretty much everything that was once concrete .

Wow .

Look at that storage building there to the left .

This is insane .

I wonder .

I , I honestly don't know that we've ever had rain this bad before that caused this much flooding .

Wow , it just keeps going too .

Look at that .

It like forms a river around the whole back through that trail .

That is insane .

This area is probably a few inches deep .

Nothing insane , insane .

This is what looks wild .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Joel was actually out earlier today with a canoe going through this and I had joked with Zach about bringing his airboat out here , but I genuinely think this area is probably deep enough for his canoe .

But when you look right , I feel like this is the wild shot .

This building doesn't look like it got too bad .

But this whole area , it's just one big ocean .

This is insane .

I literally feel like we're , we're driving a boat .

Well , we're making waves .

We're literally making , you just made a wave when I'm driving .

This is what I see in the re review .

It looks like we're making a rudder , then you stop and it like I said , you make a wave like a boat .

This is insane .

Right ?

We're treading through the deepness .

You can see where the color starts to change to brown .

It starts to get a little bit less deep .

The clean up is going to be insane .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All this brand new concrete is probably going to be a little muddy and gross .

But thankfully , at least of all of the buildings that could have been elevated .

The main building still appears to be completely dry just high enough to avoid water getting into it .

So , very thankful for that .

I'm just taking everything to fight the urge to do a donut in the truck right now .

Ok .

I'll fight it for now .

Maybe later .

I will come through here .

Go back towards the lift building where I know a lot of you guys are very concerned since that's where all the cars are stored .

We have a lot of lifts but we have twice as many cars as lifts .

So that doesn't really work out that great .

It looks like we've got another little river access road over here going the what ?

Oh , yeah .

Thankfully back here , it looks like we still have a solid foot of safety .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This building , it looks like the most intention was put into the actual like landscaping of getting .

You can see the concrete is low here .

The rain runs in the middle and this building still has a few feet of high ground .

So no water has even come close to breaching the main left building where cars are stored this pond though .

Like , I don't know how it works and how long it's going to take for all this water to recede .

I mean , it needs to go somewhere .

So it's not just going to be like an overnight thing .

This is insane .

I think this area coming up here , we're going to need to go back and get a side by side for because this gets very deep .

This is probably the most damage that we had .

You can see in front of us .

That's the whole drift HQ shop .

There's a few cars behind it that we'll show you , but I imagine it probably gets to be a few feet deep up here and I don't want to risk us getting stuck in the track .

This pond completely up to ground level overflowing over here .

Wow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'd imagine there'd be a lot of displaced wildlife after something like this .

I don't see any wild body parts or anything floating around .

That's good .

Yeah .

Even going through this , I'm a little bit nervous about the side by side .

I think we'll be ok .

I can still see the ground .

I'm just nervous because the truck is a map .

Yeah .

Once the map gets wet it gets mad .

Oh , this is , this lake is new .

Wow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're about to be going through this very water .

No , no , no , I went too fast .

We're stranded and you're making waves .

I got excited .

This is exactly what happened last time I started going too fast and the math sucked in water .

Yeah , this is worse than last time .

It was pitch black outside and a big stone was on the roof and it was way more dramatic .

So I figured out the solution when this happens , I crank it over a few times .

It gets mad .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Doesn't want to start , stop it , stop it .

I'm leaving .

I usually do this a couple of times .

Then I try to start it in gear .

No , no , no .

Wait , you're not leaving yet .

I'm gonna get us out of here .

Yes , I will leave the truck .

We will do this .

Imagine I will .

I will get it started .

I promise the second you leave , I'm gonna get it started .

I'm not giving up .

Goddamn it .

All right .

Sorry K truck .

I've officially given up on you .

Collette has chosen a kayak .

I'm gonna go get the side by side .

Are you gonna actually just kayak around this ?

I think you're supposed to use a rudder or an , or I'll tell you in the side by side .

It sounds fun .

Right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , at least give me the shovel .

Where is it ?

Oh , yeah , that's , I don't have shoes for that .

Have fun .

I'll pick you up in a few .

I've got a strap on back if you want to grab on .

It's an orange one .

What do you want me to do with that .

Right .

That's just so scary .

Ok .

I might have to bail , we jumping into the lake .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is probably the worst flooding on the , yeah .

So if we do get stranded by vehicle again , luckily I will have us a way out .

So this building over here is the one that was the most susceptible .

It's safe to assume that there's a few inches in it , but we don't want to open it up and risk more water getting in .

Thankfully , everything was elevated , but this building just kind of been plagued with flooding issues .

I think there was just one of the first that was poorly planned and , oh , wow , looks like quite a bit of water in there too .

Hopefully , everything that's important is elevated .

You can see that transition in there is pretty low .

I'm about to go into the tree .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was , it says you went , don't have to worry about gators .

Well , what's lucky for you too is I have a lot of experience towing skiers on boats .

So I knew not to whip around that tight corner and send you into the trees around here .

Gators are scared of ethanol so we'll be good .

So this is probably some of the worst area .

So most of these cars are either rollers , missiles , shells and they've always been parked behind this building .

It doesn't look like the water got too high , but it definitely might have gotten inside some of the lower cars .

I know there's been a lot of comments talking about , you know , why didn't we put more thought into planning and flooding ?

And we did , you know , when we did that bank corner around my house , we set up new drains .

We actually a decent portion of the new concrete work was reworking this building because it used to just a normal rain flood because the gutter system was non existent on one of the buildings and then there was like a drain that wasn't really working on this building .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But even still this , this kind of rain , there's not a lot you can do .

Um , as you guys are watching this , we still have power , we still have internet .

So I'm insanely thankful for that .

Hopefully , I'm not jinxing it , but usually we're the first to lose it and the last to get it back .

So , um , if you're watching this and it's still Thursday , then that's crazy .

Gle , do you want me to go faster or was that a good speed ?

Um , I think that is a good speed .

I just , I can't stop thinking about alligators in this area .

Just literally so deep .

Yeah , you'll be fine .

The front , the cab of his .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No .

Yeah , I went hard drive .

Yeah .

Hm .

My God .

It is pretty .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wins .

Yeah , it's raining .

Yeah .

To go really fast and then try to , like , skim across it but then you can't see and then it's not your cameras .

Try a different line .

We've been through quite a bit of stuff in the past week .

Huh ?

Yeah , that , yeah , it's , uh , it's been something else we're trying to make the best of the , uh , not so great situation .

We're very fortunate that , uh , most of the buildings stayed dry .

We got to most of the stuff in time .

Um , but like we said , not everyone in Florida is so fortunate .

You know , we're thinking about all our friends on the west coast .

We've seen some pretty gnarly footage from over there .

Hopefully power and internet stays good .

We're still on the front side , on the back side .

There's going to be quite a bit of clean up , who knows what foundations or grass areas and buildings and things could have potentially gotten damaged by the water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But we're very thankful even though we basically got hit directly by the bull's eye , by the time I got here , it kind of narrowed down into , I don't even do you know what scale it was once it hit here , I feel like it was probably like a one .

Yeah , but it's just the amount of rain here .

That's pretty gnarly .

Um I appreciate the heck out of you guys .

Everyone's been reaching out , checking up on us .

Sorry , it took a little while to get this video up .

But yeah , it was pretty gly out this morning .

So I got a little all got to kind of show you guys , what's up ?

Thankfully , not too much worse from the last video , but I wanted to make a quick update for you guys and probably going to be a little bit more back to normal content .

Um If you guys notice the gate , you pretty much can't get anything other than a pickup truck through there .

So that's going to be a pretty limiting factor .

I can assume .

It's probably going to be not until next week until we're back on the shop on stuff .

I was gonna make some funny joke like we should do coil overs on your car or something today .

But that wouldn't be that funny of a joke because we would actually just do that .

We , we know are no limits when it comes to doing things .

So shout out to the penguin and uh , yeah , we'll see you guys soon when .


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