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2023-06-14 19:31:54

Turkish Style Hash Brown - Savory Potato Kunafa For Breakfast

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Everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes in this episode .

I have a delicious recipe for potato lovers .

It is easy to make in a pan with crunchy crust and cheesy filling in the middle .

It goes well in any time of day , especially with a glass of Turkish tea .

And of course , since we are in Ramadan , it is a great option for Sahur Time too .

So let's get started .

I will cook six medium size potatoes .

I undercook them as you see , I taste with knife .

It is still hard how they cooked .

This is an important step when they cook , drain them right away .

Don't leave them in the hot water because if you do it soaks water while cooling which we don't want .

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So after it is cooled down , I am going to peel them and great with the large side of the grate .

The beauty of this recipe , you can make it ahead and keep in the refrigerator until you cook for the morning or so .

I'm going to use the egg yolk .

I will keep the white for other use .

I'm going to add one teaspoon each salt , red pepper flakes and ground black pepper .

I'm also going to eat about two tablespoon cornmeal first .

I'm eating one tablespoon and see how it goes .

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And last , but not least , I'm adding 34 tablespoons , olive oil for the taste and the texture .

When you stir it will begin to stick together , you may add more olive oil if needed or if it is too wet because of the potatoes .

Maybe you can add more cornmeal .

I have medium size nonstick pan .

I have grated cheese in the bowl .

And in the other one , I have large cheese which is kind of ritto .

I will mix them together .

You can use whatever cheese you have or mix of leftover cheeses as well .

So I drizzled some olive oil in the pan .

And at this moment , I decided to make an outer coating for my potatoes and to make it look like a so I sprinkled some but since the vermis pasta fried golden brown , it became a little too hard .

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We still like it .

But if you don't prefer , you can Sprinkle some if you have or cornmeal or even bread crumbs can be tried or you can leave it just plain too .

If you have other suggestions on your mind , please share in the comments .

After the coating , I placed one layer of potato and pressed down tightly .

You may dip your hand to water to prevent sticking and also make the potato layer thin for a better taste .

Don't use half of it .

If it is going to be very thick , it might change .

Depend on your pan size .

After the potato , I put the cheese layer and coat it with another layer of potatoes in here .

I figured out dipping my hand to water and you see how easy it is now to shape it .

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I sprinkled vermicelli pasta over too and drizzle more olive oil on top .

So we are ready to go to our lovely stove to cook it .

I wanted to press a little more with the back of a glass and I cooked my potato in a medium heat .

It takes about five minutes on one side .

You can check it from the side to see if it is brown .

I use the flat lid that I use to turn things like or fish .

When I bake in the pan , you can use a plate with kitchen towel to not burn yourself .

It is better if it fits inside the pan .

Mine was bigger for this .

Again .

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I drizzled more olive oil to the pan before transferring again and cook the other side .

I turned over 12 times more to cook until I heard the desired color on both sides .

Actually , I had a hard time here till it was too slippery that to show you on the camera .

I was almost going to drop this beautiful thing for two times .

It was really a thrilling moment for me .

So I decided to rush to the cutting board .

Anyway , I sprinkled some chopped pumpkin seeds to imitate pistachios over .

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What do you think ?

Is it looks the same .

Let me show you the inside .

It was so delicious with the cheese layer .

Maybe next time I put more cash or mozzarella cheese .

I bake the left old potato the next day as a petty and they turn out great too .

You can also shape and freeze them to use later .

So they would be a saver for rush time .

I think .

I hope you try and like the recipe .

Please share your thoughts with me and how it turn out .

If you try .

You can share your photos from my Instagram and Facebook accounts .

Turkish food recipes .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipe that .


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