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2023-06-14 19:31:52

Carly OBD Bluetooth Scanner Full Review! Long Coding & More for Audi & BMW

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What is up guys , so of Canadian Rider here today , I'm going to be doing a full review of the Carly O D two scanner for a lot of you guys that are di mechanics , you're looking for a solution or something that's going to help you identify any of the gremlins that are happening in the car or just keep up with maintenance like this car .

For example , that's going to allow me to look at the Audi R , check the maintenance , check the history of what's happening .

Look at the Lexus , see what's going on if there's a check engine light .

What does that actually mean ?

So I'm going to run you through kind of how I'm going to be using the Carly to identify this on my Lexus .

See what it can actually pull up what insights it can give me and just give you my thoughts on the Carly O D two scanner .

I just put the car in into the O B D two ports on my Lexus is 350 I'm going to open the app .

So the app is available on I Os and Android .

I'll go ahead and open up the Carly app and I'm going to go ahead and click connect .

So this is now going to be connecting to the adapter via Bluetooth .

So you have to make sure your Bluetooth adapter is on it .

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It does this automatically so you can see here that it's gone ahead and connected .

And now it is scanning the car I am in the app .

It's just scan the Lexus on the initial piece .

So it's giving us some insights about the car on kind of the main features of the car lease .

So number one is the health diagnostics .

So that's where you're going to find all the engine codes , the diagnostics around any issues that are on the car and then the used car check , which is kind of a great feature where you can go ahead and see if there's any been tampering of the mileage and it's reporting in the system to help you better understand is this car like legit or not or if there's some other things that you need to check out .

So let's just go into the health diagnostics here .

So right now it's saying , you know , health diagnostic or health check right now is good .

There are zero issues and we can just click check for issues and it's going to be checking all of the stuff in the system right now and it's going to go through that process .

So this probably takes about the time that I use on my Audi and then on my Lexus about a minute or two to go through this process .

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So that actually took about five minutes to get all the systems checked a little longer than I thought , a little longer than some of the other products that I've used in the past .

But this is what it ends up coming out .

You know , it's giving me a health check that my Lexus is very bad for two issues and the two systems that have the issues are the abs brakes and the engine .

So I can go ahead and just click into this and A BS brakes and they will give me the fault code that I'm looking for if I'm diagnosing what the issue is in my car .

So it gives me the fault code here .

I can actually go ahead and get any other additional information through here and I can go online and just research and understand a little bit more about that fault code .

And if I go back , I can see an engine , I have one issue and it's letting me know that my catalyst system efficiency is below threshold .

This is potentially because I have a little rust hole in the exhaust system that I'm looking to get patched up .

So two issues here and I can go ahead and if I want , I can clear these issues as well , but I'm going to go ahead and go back and so that's the health and diagnostics piece of the software , which is great .

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There's the customization and use car check and then live data .

So this will give you actually live data into your engine parameters .

My engines off right now , but I'm gonna turn it on and I'm gonna start readout and I'm going to go into the read out here and we can see it already .

Great .

It's reading engine speed .

I have oil temperature mass airflow sensor , engine speed of average of all cylinders , the battery voltage , I click on this .

For example , there's a whole set of parameters here that I'm able to go ahead and read from .

So maybe I want to look at engine run time .

Now it's letting me know the engine run time or maybe it's going to let me know engine speed and it's going to give me my engine speed .

I'm going to start readouts and I'm gonna give it a second and it's going to go live .

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So now I have live diagnostics of the car and I go back to current car , I can switch between multiple cars .

So I mentioned to you guys , I was doing some , a little bit of the coding and the other stuff on my R eight , you can switch between these at will .

So if I go back to the Lexus , you know , I'm here , I can see , ok , this was the last diagnostics I did very bad at 150 four PM today and I clicked back into here and I could see , ok , this is kind of what was happening with the Lexus and as well , if I go into here , I can look at previous history and diagnostics that I've done with this car , which is really cool as well .

So you can see I was playing around with it a couple of days ago , a couple of weeks ago around the diagnostics feature and you have that history , which is really nice .

I really like to see that .

And if I go back here , the other neat thing that I really like if I go into um features , you can go into your digital garage here .

And what you can do is you go to your digital garage and you can have the diagnostics reports set up as PDF reports .

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So if I go here , it loads up the diagnostics reports that you've done in PDF format .

I think this is cool for a car junkie like me , you know , you do your diagnostics and you're doing your , you know , your maintenance .

This is cool to have , you can print it out , keep it in a log or keep it digitally .

You have these P D PDF printouts of your car for the used car reports , which I talked to you about earlier , the diagnostic reports from both of my cars in this case and coding backups .

They'll all be here .

I think this is a cool feature again that I really like and as well , you have additional parameters inside of here in features that goes into your digital garage , the used car check la parameter or the health diagnostics as well .

So I'm in the Audi R right now because I want to go ahead and go into the customization and use car check , which I think is the core features that you looking for .

If you want to get something with more than just checking the diagnostics or the codes that come out from a check engine light .

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So if I go into used car check , for example , on the R eight , then I'm going to check this and here we go right now .

It's basically saying you're able to see a bunch of these different categories of your used car with the car um that you're not able to in a other device , for example .

So I'm going to start the used car check .

So the car is going to start running .

Now , what I'm going to be able to see is that if there's been any mileage tampering and it's going to give me a little bit of the history of what's happened with the car in terms of terms of the mileage reporting .

So the used car check has been completed on the Audi R eight .

So it's going to give me some details around this .

So the carly's detected no tampering .

Well , thankfully , obviously this car is my baby and it's a beauty , but I can go ahead and see it's found one data point around the Vin .

So it gives you the VIN number .

That makes sense to make sure that everything is genuine with the E C U .

So the Vin is matching great and then the mileage .

So the carly scanned and it's identified as a sports car .

It was built in 2008 .

The current mileage is 29,216 miles .

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This is in miles .

You've driven 2921 kilometers annually to this date .

That makes sense .

And it's giving me a statistical result based on the year .

You know , I'm very low mileage .

Of course , the number of saved readouts that has happened is seven .

You know , there's no tampering or manipulation of the mileage .

We're showing a higher mileage of a stamp previously versus what the dash is saying .

So this all comes really useful when you're looking for a used car in this insight .

Like I would have never been able to check a car's E C U quickly like this to see if there's been any mileage tampering by just connecting an O B D two reader to the car .

So this is actually a really cool feature that gives you that peace of mind when you're looking to purchase a used car .

This is really cool .

Now , let's get out of this and go into the customization , which is the other piece I talked to you guys guys about .

So now let's get into the customization , which is the other piece that I talked to you guys about .

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If I go into customization and I continue to customization , it's going to check the compatibility for your car to actually do this stuff .

And in the Audi's case , for example , on like the Lexus , I do have that capability .

I was playing around with this earlier where you can go ahead and customize some of the features around the car , like your headlights , how your car operates .

And the minute thing that you can customize that you wouldn't otherwise be able to without the O B D two scanner like a car .

So here are all the different codings that I can go ahead and adjust for the car .

So I can see there's a whole bunch of stuff here that I can go ahead and sort by .

I can also click on the top here and sort by , you know , what kind of things do I want to adjust ?

Maybe I want to adjust my parking lights .

I can go here and then just the brightness of the parking lights .

Um How long are the turn signals as a parking light ?

I can make them if I click on brightness , for example ?

Ok .

So it's on the current value or I can bring the brightness down to 20% 40 60 or 80% .

That's great .

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So I can make all these adjustments or I can turn that off completely .

Um I can go to the outer tail lights , do the same thing .

I have all these ability to customize a whole bunch of stuff .

Interior lights , foot well , light dimming .

I can adjust that .

Do I want to keep it at its current value ?

Do I want to make it stay for a short amount of time ?

A medium or a long amount of time ?

I have all these abilities to change all these things within the car , which is really cool .

And then here the KS G system .

So I'm going to say , ok , read from the car and it's going to be again backing up this data and the coding data for the car .

So that when I go into it , if I go back to a change , I can just revert back simple .

The backup is successful .

Click .

Ok , great .

I have even more stuff here .

You know , this is a lot of different stuff that you can look at , you know , comfort functions confirmations for when the vehicle unlocks the audible confirmations , the key fob the comfort clothes on the windows .

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It just gives you so much capability to modify and customize to your heart's delight .

This is kind of that long coding stuff that I know a lot of people may be interested in .

Overall , I think the car lead delivers an exceptional experience .

I wish the connectivity of it with the car was a lot quicker .

It is a little slow compared to some other products that I've used .

But in terms of if you think about health diagnostic checks , the customization features , the used car , check the live data functionality , the functionality that you can export your reports , the PDF and keep them digitally or you can print them out to your liking .

Um There's a lot of cool stuff here , the fact that you can have multiple cars here connected .

So currently right now , I can disconnect the R eights and I can go ahead and reconnect to the Lexus very easily .

And simply if I want um is very um very intuitive , very functional .

I like the app .

Only little gripes are like the gimmicky stuff about saving money like this .

I think they can do without that .

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Overall , I'm impressed with the car .

I'm going to be using it for both my Lexus and R eight to make sure that functionally they're tip top shape and I'm gonna be using it for my maintenance for record history .

Um with the PDF printouts .

I really like that feature .

I think that's really important as well .

It's available on Android and I OS .

So it makes it very easy to use .

If you guys like this video , give it a thumbs up .

I really hope it helped you if you're looking for a great O B D two scanner .

I think the car is a really great product .

Um You know , a little cheesy with some of the stuff , but it's very simple to use .

That's one of the core things here .

It doesn't take a scientist to use this .

And I think a lot of people will get a lot of value out of it if you haven't already subscribed to the channel guys .

Thank you guys so much for watching this video .

Again , the links to the description of the product are in the description box down below .

If you have any questions , leave them in the comment box down below as well .

Thank you guys so much .

I'll see you guys in the next video .


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