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2023-06-14 19:31:50

Riding Solo 15 - Late Night Motorcycle Campfire Cooking in Wyoming

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I'm in the state of Wyoming right now .

I've been on the road for two weeks filming my way across the west .

I made it all the way up to the northwest corner of Montana and now I'm heading back home to southern Arizona , but I still have a couple more weeks of riding left to do and I want to work my way back there as slowly and as creatively as possible .

So I'm looking for back roads , side roads , forest roads , scenic byways , all of that kind of thing .

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Super excited to ride in Wyoming .

I've been here a few times in the past and I know that it's a really beautiful , sparsely populated state and we're going to see what we can find out there .

We're going to get on the road pass through Cody today and then try to find a place to camp .

I went down one of these lost lonely highways .

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Butler maps rates their roads , the red , the yellow , the orange G , one G , two G three on how good of riding they are for motorcyclists , but they also have this other classification called lost highways and those are like the really remote desolate stretches of road that just don't have anything out there .

There's no services and just really nothing just like empty lost highways .

And so I went down the lost highway today from Cody to Thermopolis .

So I'm going to continue now and , you know , we'll catch up with you down the road somewhere .

I'm not sure where it's going to be , but we'll see you at the next place .

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I got a hustle tonight because it's a late one .

I rolled into this campsite and the sun is already down behind the mountains over there .

So , first thing I'm gonna do is get a fire going since there's a fire pit here .

And I'm in a campground and then I'm gonna get the , um , fire box going , gonna cook up some steak tonight .

Can set up the Hammock next , prepare some dinner .

But first , I've got one of these left over from yesterday .

So I'm gonna get the evening started with a little shot of Pendleton here .

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Well , this isn't make believe this is really just to show you guys that even if you do roll into camp late how quickly you can actually make a good dinner and get your camp set up .

So I'm doing pretty good here .

I still have a ways to go .

But this is kind of like real time in a hurry .

Get something made , get a fire going and get camp set up and then sit back and relax .

But , you know , every time you go out on a big trip it's different .

It just seems like , you know , things change , your gear changes , you get something new or something wears out or maybe you want to try something new .

And so every time you go on a big trip , it's a , it's a new chance .

It's a new chance to do it a different way , different way than you've done before .

And on this trip I've really been trying to make an effort to cook some really good meals .

That's a big part of it .

It's a big part of ending .

My day is finding a nice campsite to do some good photo and video work .

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Cook a good meal , have a good sleep and just make that part of the experience , you know , all too often .

I think motorcycle travelers , we end up eating in restaurants and convenience stores and we don't have to , you know , I'm showing you right here tonight how easy it is to grab something at the grocery store before you hit a campsite .

And with a few simple tools , make an awesome meal .

As you can see , I've got two fires going here and that's a good thing because I've got a few different things to cook .

I'm gonna put the steak on this fire and I've got the water boiling over here for the corn and then I'll probably throw a pan on here for the vegetables as well .

And what I wanna do here is get these guys to get down to some nice embers for cooking the steak out .

I don't want too much flame , just some nice hot coals .

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And now I'm probably gonna take off my boots and my riding clothes slip into something more comfortable for the evening and pitch my hammock over here in the trees .

And then I'll be at home , I'll be at home here in Wyoming , at least for one night .

And I've got everything I need to be really happy and content for a night on the road here .

Say that these embers are just about perfect .

So let's put the little grill plate on here .

We'll start cooking up some steak .

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Also , carry some leather fire gloves with me so that I can move around hot things like this .

I'm gonna put some more .

Oh , that's getting pretty low .

I might have to stoke this fire up with some more coal .

All right , I've got the corn in there and that should be boiling up here any second .

Ok .

Let's say those are looking pretty good .

Put the steak back on there .

Let's get these veggies right down in the coals .

That way they took a little faster .

That steak over here is doing just fine .

That is gonna be one tasty steak .

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I don't know how well y'all can see this but dinner is served .

Oh , what , see how the corn is .

Hm .

I would say that's a proper meal .

Hm .

Well , guys that was dinner tonight and it was awesome .

It was so good .

There's only one last thing left to do now and , and that's clean up .

I need to really clean up my dishes and everything as good as I can .

Consolidate all my food .

Put it in my lockable pans and then change out of these clothing that smell like steak and put on my long underwear for sleeping .

So that I don't smell like a steak in the middle of the night .

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So that's it for this dinner .

I hope you enjoyed it .

It was awesome .


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