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2023-06-14 19:31:35

Ramadan Turkish Iftar Menu - Ottoman Lentil Soup _ Kofta With Potato Yogurt _ Walnut Dessert

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Hi , everyone , man .

This is a tan .

Welcome to Turkish food and travel .

It's the first day of Ramadan and for the whole month Muslims fast during the day .

So the iftar dinner times becomes more festive gatherings for us .

I will share a complete menu with you with an Ottoman lentil soup , potato and yogurt from the Black Sea region .

Rice with and an easy walnut filled and coated syrup dessert .

They all are simple dishes with ingredients you can find easily at home , but we'll make a different festive menu .

So let's get started .

First .

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I'm going to make the table for the purchase from city for this .

I have 300 g ground beef , one medium size onion , one clove of garlic .

First , I'm going to uh chop the garlic and onion in my food processor .

You can also grate it if you like .

But this way is more easier adding the ground beef and quarter teaspoon , salt and black pepper and about eight of a teaspoon .

I can say just a pinch of baking soda .

The baking soda gives some chivi to the balls .

Uh So we added in this recipe .

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Just give it a good mix again , you can mix it by hand just like needing a do and it's ready since we don't use any uh bread crumbs in our , it is more like a kebab .

But uh if you prefer , you can also make a classical style of a Turkish by adding some stale bread in it and uh mix it , mix it with the mixture , just shape it into small size balls .

I'm gonna cover it with a stretch feel and let it rest in the fridge .

You can make the step in the morning .

So it will be easier and ready .

I have six medium sized potatoes just going to boil it .

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And meanwhile , I'm gonna make my mini Ottoman style lentil soup with mix sauce .

My soup pan is heating and I'm dicing one big size onion , adding olive oil to my pan about uh five tablespoons and going to saute the onions first .

I saute the onions for about two minutes until I have nice golden color and adding one tablespoon heaped flour , all purpose flour and going to brown it together a little bit about 30 40 more seconds .

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Here is my one cup of washed and drained red lentils and it is about four cups , hot water , adding one teaspoon salt .

I'm going to cook on low medium heat until the lentils are soft .

Meanwhile , I'm going to make the sauce for the soup which is egg yolk , little more than half cup of milk and about one tablespoon or more lemon juice and the sauce will give a , a regular lantern soup kind of a creamy and lemony taste , which will make it very uh delicious and different .

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At the same time , my lentils are soft in about 10 to 15 minutes .

I just blend it .

Pray it with a hand blender .

And now I'm going to add the sauce , make sure to drizzle some hot water or from the soup to the milk and yolk mixture to heat up a little bit before heading back to the pan .

So it doesn't curdle .

I think I didn't feel it there and just mix it slowly and cook until it is bubbled again .

Simmering and it's ready to serve .

We just gonna make a quick butter sauce before we serve it .

My soup is almost ready .

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So the main dish is like halfway done .

I can begin to make my dessert in a small pan .

I heated up one cup plus third of a cup of sugar and two cups of water just boil for five minutes , drop some lemon juice and after two minutes turn off the heat to cool down to speed up the process .

I just transfer it to another cop for the dough .

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I have 100 and 30 g butter at room temperature half cup monin for coating two tablespoons for the dough , quarter cups , sugar , teaspoon each baking powder and vanilla half cup walnuts one big size egg and about two cups plus quarter cups , flour .

And I also use fourth of a cup of vegetable oil .

I didn't put it there .

I'm gonna add it now , just going to mix the butter and sugar first for about 30 seconds .

And here is my vegetable oil , quarter cup 18 .

And before I add the baking powder and vanilla , I'm gonna add my , uh , flour .

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I added two cups first and give it a mix and if it's too soft and you can add more flour in total , I add added uh two cups plus quarter cup .

But uh it is better always , as I said uh to add the final half cup gradually until you have nice , smooth and sticky playable dough .

The baking tray I'm using is a little bit smaller than the the oven tray .

So when I pour the syrup , it holds it and soaks it better .

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I just uh mixed a little bit of cinnamon about teaspoon along with some sugar with the walnuts .

It is optional but gives a nice taste and they are ready to shape .

Just get a little bit bigger than a walnut sized doll , flatten it with the help of your hand place about a teaspoon of the filling it , close it and shape it into oval shape .

Lightly debuts to semolina one side and it is ready .

You can't , when you close the do you can just make it like squeezing so it can easily shape and it's ready .

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My oven is preheated to 170 Celsius degree .

I'm gonna cook until it is nice .

Golden color .

My potatoes are cooked .

I'm just going to peel them and to read them .

I suggest you mash the potatoes while they are still hot .

It was like a bit cold .

So I had a problem and mashing them .

I just greeted first .

I'm going to keep it on the side until I fry my curve balls .

I have medium sized pan just adding about three tablespoons of olive oil .

I'm going to cook my character .

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Just shake the pan from time to time and cook all sides .

You can cover it for a time and cook .

Truly transfer the cooked to another plate and in the same pan just add a bit more oil and transfer the potatoes .

We will also this way get the taste of the cures and the oil , the fat coming from it in the potato curate .

And here is the sauce that will make the regular potato to another level .

In a medium sized bowl .

I'm mixing two cups of thick yogurt , half teaspoon salt , one egg and two cloves of garlic .

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And this my friends , it gives it like a tangy savory taste coming from the yogurt to your potato puree base which makes everything really different and so powerful in taste .

My potato puree is warm little by little .

I'm adding the yogurt sauce and you give it a good mix again .

Normally it should be like a silky puree .

So it is always better to create the potato .

And while there it is still hot , I just helped it little bit a bit uh hand planter and it's done is a final touch before I assemble everything and put it into the oven .

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I'm making a quick butter sauce and also rice pila with on the sides .

I just melted some butter and olive oil and edit about one tablespoon of tomato paste along with paprika and red pepper flakes .

This rice beloved or is probably our favorite side dish at home .

And from my childhood too , you can check the links for the recipe .

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I'm pouring my potato puree potatoes to nine by 30 inch medium size pan , deep dish pan , placing the balls on top and drizzle the tomato and butter sauce .

It's ready to go to the oven just to heat up before serving .

Everything is already cooked .

You can cook for about 15 minutes .

Meanwhile , my desserts were done .

I waited for five minutes and poured the cold syrup over it .

It easily soaks to syrup in about half an hour .

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It is better to wait at least one hour and after it soaked it completely , you can take out from the syrup or drain the excess syrup because it will be more soft after a while .

If you don't is the final touch for my , I heated some butter and olive oil added dried mint red pepper flakes and paprika .

After 30 seconds with a nice smell coming from the sauce .

I'm ready to serve all my dishes .

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After pouring the spicy butter sauce over the soup , just gently mix it .

Not too much and make sure every plate has some of the delicious sauce on top .

Traditionally , we add some breakfast items to the table , but this time I only serve dates .

I hope you enjoyed the episode .

If you do , you can support me by sharing and commenting so others can see it .

I have many episodes for complete menus , check the links for more in the description box below .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .


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