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2023-06-14 19:31:31

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Royal Balloon in Cappadocia Turkey!

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What is up guys ?

Are you guys ready ?

Because we're an iconic Cappadocia Turkey Capo has become the premier spot for hot air balloon rides .

Not only because of the weather but because of the landscape .

So I'm gonna take you guys along .

We're going for royal balloons .

We're gonna see the beautiful region of Capa tourky from the eyes of a bird on the hot air balloon ride .

All right , we're in the bus .

We're excited to go , darling .

Are you excited ?

Fuck .

Yeah , it's cold though .

I know I kind of wish I did bring my jacket or a jacket .

I'm in a T shirt , I'm gonna freeze , but I have my hair .

I have hairy arms .

They're lighting up .

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It's like a little part of it .

So there's this couple here that's getting married and they're just waiting for all the balloons to get lit up on this beautiful dark silhouette and they're gonna take their wedding photos here .

That's awesome .

What a clutch .

But you can probably see behind me , some hot air balloons are already up there .

They're filling the rest of them right now and our balloons being blown up right now right here .

And it's just incredible how many people are here .

One people are having a wedding , done their wedding photo shoot right over there right by the hot air balloons .

And that's going to look amazing with all the boons up in the air .

So they're very smart for doing that .

All right , you got permission to lift off , you have to call Turkish Aviation to lift off .

So you got permission we lift in the air .

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105.419 --> 191.3

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No way .

They actually landed on the back of a truck .

Oh my God .

If you told me after we left this balloon that they could do that , I think you're crazy .

Oh my God .

Literally landed on the back of a flatbed on this truck .

Look at this .

This is insane when I say three 123123 .

That was amazing .

So we're off the balloon .

That was breathtaking , huh ?

I feel so relaxed and serene right now .

What did you think ?

Pretty good .

Pretty good .

Don't listen to her .

It was me saying stuff is pretty good .

I mean , it's pretty good .

That clarified a lot .

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Only at the home , we have a celebration for you .

This is the tradition of the open champagne area of the flight .

And our table had a guest book if you want .

You can write what you want , but just good thing .

Ok .

And we have some strawberry .

We have some cookie .

This champagne is local champagne for the royal .

If you don't like champagne , we have the juice this for our ground crew .

They are working very hard .

If you want , you can give something for our grand crew .

This medal is for you .

I will give you a special gift from our company because had a 25 company , the other 24 companies given some certificate of the flight and we are given the medal because you are special gift for us .

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And we are and now I open campaign pop it the boss , the king of the balloon flying if you actually go to go royal balloon .

So we had some champagne .

We're headed off to the bus now .

It was amazing .

Honestly .

And this is why I tell all my friends , I just told my sister all inclusive suck .

You have to go and travel the world and do this stuff .

Why waste your time sitting on a beach when you come in here doing this ?


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