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2023-06-14 19:31:23

Riding Solo 5 - I Almost Quit My Motorcycle Adventure

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I left my campsite on top of Moy Dugway and took pavement over to Saint George Utah .

And the only reason I went there is to buy a replacement drone that drove a couple 100 miles and 100 degree heat on the pavement .

And then I got into that big city and traffic and stoplights and parking lots and strip malls .

And I went to that store and I went in there to get that new drone and they didn't have it .

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Honestly , I thought about calling off the whole trip right then and there , I was just ready to pack it in and head home and say , you know what July is not the time of year to do this trip , going into the city and dealing with parking lots and pavement and traffic and congestion and all that stuff really soured my trip .

And that combined with the many days of riding and the heat made me feel like I just wanted to give up and go home .

But I thought , you know , I'll give it another chance .

I'll make a beeline for the mountains .

I'll see if I spend a night up there .

Wake up in the morning .

Maybe I'll feel differently .

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Had a good night camping and I woke up feeling pretty refreshed like I should continue on .

Well , I think things have turned around a little bit now that I'm up in the high country .

I'm heading on highway 14 east and instantly just getting up an elevation and into the mountains , it just changes everything .

This is what I was looking for .

So , let's head north and see what comes around the next corner .

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We are at the head of the rocks .

It's a viewpoint overlooking the million dollar highway .

It's rated G one according to Butler maps , which means it's one of the best roads that there is for motorcycling .

So we're going to go down the million dollar highway here and then we'll head into the town of Boulder , which incidentally before the roads were built here in the 19 forties .

Boulder was the last city in America to receive its mail by mule train .

So it's Saturday today .

I've been on the road since Monday and I'm in the middle of Utah .

Had a fantastic day of riding today , mostly twisty tarmac pavement that some of the best roads that I've ridden out anywhere .

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The scenery has been outstanding and fortunately , it's cooled off quite a bit camped out near a place called Fish Lake .

I couldn't find any campsites at the lake .

It was completely packed .

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So I went past the campgrounds and was kind of looking around for some dispersed camping and I found this campsite which is no less dramatic in its own way .

I'm sitting here on a hillside overlooking a valley .

There's an insanely loud herd of cows across the road that have been mooing all evening .

The ranchers came by with their truck and did something with their cows for a while and caused a little traffic jam and then the play of light on the mountains across the way .

So even out here it's , uh , it's quite a little scene , but right now it's absolutely pleasant and I'm going to continue on as much as I can in the mountains in the higher elevation because that's just what I have to do at this point .

I'm thinking at least a couple of days to get up to northern Montana , the border of Canada and then I'll have a few weeks to meander even more slowly going back home .

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So that's the plan right now .

And as we all know , plans are subject to change , but that's where we're at .


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