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2023-06-14 19:31:20

I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at THE D in Downtown Las Vegas... 🥤

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He wants to make some mistakes and get in some trouble here today .

We made it to the deed down on Fremont Street .

We booked the cheapest room we could get at the D for the night .

Now , they didn't have any kings available .

So we just ended up getting a two queen .

We don't normally do that but it was available right now .

We didn't want to wait .

The heart is pretty neat .

We have not just one but two queen beds , maybe we'll have to split up tonight .

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Our view is ok .

We're on a higher floor .

You can see the back of the golden nugget , this teeny tippy top of circa .

So the bathroom is actually pretty legit .

To be totally honest , the sink and everything looks brand new , pretty renovated .

The shower is really decent .

Like as far as like the rest of the room , the bathroom is pretty legit , not unhappy about it .

First impressions .

I'm a little surprised at how bare bones this is , especially because the price point at this hotel is more than some of the other Fremont ones .

Obviously , we've never stayed here before .

So we're still kind of excited to see what else they have .

I really want to go get something to eat soon .

There's a pool to check out .

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I have been in this casino and it's a lot of fun .

So there's plenty to show .

You said there are three restaurants only here at the steakhouse for dinner .

There is a coffee shop at the D for coffee and American Coney Island chili dogs , which is where we decided to go for lunch .

This place is open 24 hours a day and they do cheap hot dogs .

Here .

We got two coney dogs , beef chili cheese , hot dogs for 4 50 cheese fries .

3 90 cheap quick option .

We see how it is .

It's pretty good cheese fries are awesome too , food hit the spot .

I'm not gonna lie .

It was really decent and now I'm gonna show you the big advantage of the best thing really about being at the D on Fremont .

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The So if you're staying at the D , you are literally right in the center of Fremont street .

You're in one of the best locations on Fremont .

You can be .

There is so much to see and do down here .

We don't normally come down here during the day .

So we thought we would come and check out the vibe and she Oh yeah , I forgot .

It's Halloween .

So we got some supplies for Halloween later tonight .

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Night time on Freman is always a blast .

Fremont during the day is a place So it's time to go check out the pool here at the D I know nothing about it .

I've heard nothing about it .

We're gonna go see what it looks like .

Made it down to the pool at the D .

I am surprised this is probably one of the smallest pool areas I've ever seen that being said .

I mean , it goes to five ft .

It feels pretty good .

It's not that bad one perk to staying here at the D though is that you do have access to Stadium Swim at circa circa made kind of a day club slash sports viewing area out of their pool called Stadium Swim .

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It is 21 enough only .

So if you are under 21 you're out of luck , but it is a nice perk to being here at the D and I definitely think you would enjoy that if you go over there .

That no .

Ok .

Before I start though .

Serious question , Mr Ruby , do I look like the rock in that picture where he's wearing that fanny pack ?

Yes , I was there , finish up at the pool .

It is time to get some dinner .

We walked one block over , over in Fremont , East District and we are having a real treat .

We are going to park on Fremont .

I have mentioned this place a dozen times to you guys , but I've never shown it to you guys in a video before .

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Ok , we got seated .

Absolutely .

Make sure you sit on the back patio .

This place is especially gorgeous at night .

Seriously , the lighting is so beautiful .

They have a great cocktail list here and they have an extensive beer list .

Lots of ciders .

I am having the unicorn .

It's kind of like a cross between a mule and a moto .

Really excellent .

The cocktails here are all great .

They even have ones to share that come in like a giant flamingo .

We typically like to share small places here even though they do have a full menu with burgers and fries and stuff .

Let me show you what we got .

So these are the garbage fries , runny egg chips , uh avocado and then Nashville chicken bites , which looks spicy and delicious .

There's a little slaw underneath and a pickle .

Also , they do make the garbage Ries vegan for my vegan friends .

But our food looks amazing .

Obviously , the portion is large enough for us to split .

We are gonna enjoy this and then take you to show you a secret spot .

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Yeah , it's kind of fun .

Me .

We all right guys .

It's Halloween .

We are getting ready to go down to Fremont Street .

It's a huge party right now .

We can hear it from the windows .

We're gonna go down and party .

Probably go to bed .

Super late story that the holiday were now .

Yeah .

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Oh , good morning .

You guys , it's time to get up .

Ok .

Bear with me .

I'm a little tired .

It's so loud on Fremont .

And you can hear everything in this room .

I do not know how people get any sleep in here .

I definitely didn't .

But the show must go on first .

We absolutely need to get a little bit of coffee in us .

So we're gonna go head down to the coffee shop and get some there .

Luckily check out is at noon here .

So we have a little bit more time .

He's killed .

All right guys stopped and got ourselves some breakfast .

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So the coffee shop at the D has great prices , 2 50 for this cup of coffee and then a breakfast sandwich was five bucks and these are huge .

I got bacon egg and cheese .

Really good .

We actually found the perfect place to stop and enjoy our breakfast out here on the view deck .

So you can only take an escalator up .

You have to walk through the casino to go back down , which is tricky of them .

We're gonna enjoy some coffee and then I think it'll be time for me to give you guys my final thoughts .

Ok , let's start by talking about room and price .

So this room normally is like between 50 to 70 bucks altogether during the week .

It can go as high as above 100 weekends .

It can be more .

We actually paid quite a bit more to stay here because it is Halloween weekend .

The room isn't bad .

There's nothing along with it .

It's just the most bare hotel room we've ever stayed in the bathroom was good .

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I did really like the bathroom .

The shower is nice and the toiletries , the bath and body works , toiletries were great .

So that was a good , positive .

The room is just plain .

It , it's not even the decor , I don't care about that .

There was just things that I felt like were lacking pool .

You know , the little pool is fine .

I , I wish they had a couple more chairs .

There's nothing wrong with it and to have access to stadium swim is fantastic .

Fremont doesn't have as many amazing pools unless you're at the nugget location .

You're under the dome , which is , you know , great and not great .

I am shocked at how loud it was up here .

We're on the 19th floor .

We're pretty high up .

I was not expecting it to be as loud as it was .

It was incredibly loud .

Let me know in the comments if you guys have stayed at the D and if you notice it being really loud or not , because for us it was loud .

I also didn't realize they have a mcdonald's here .

We went and got mcdonald's really late last night before going to bed .

That's a great cheap option if you're hungry and you just need something quick .

The casino is great .

I , I do think that's the main reason a lot of people stay here is , it's a fun casino .

The bars are so lively .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There are so many people hanging out in Bar , Canada and the view bar .

I mean , it's 10 in the morning and people are already down there hanging out watching sports , drinking , partying .

It's great .

It's a great atmosphere .

Those are my thoughts .

Overall , it was a fine stay .

Just some pros and cons as usual .

I hope that this was helpful for you guys if you did like it and you're new .

I have a ton of videos on downtown Fremont .

There's gonna be more to come .

If you like Vegas content , consider hitting and subscribe and hopefully I will see you guys all in the next one .


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