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2023-06-14 19:31:10

DUMB Kid Tries Arguing With COPS After Friend Gets ARRESTED FOR DONUTS AT CAR MEET!

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What's up guys cards across Texas here today and we are out some little meat here in Texas and it's already pretty decent crowd .

So without further ado , let's get looking around , we got an S L C super light right here in front of me .

So let's take a look around .

That thing is nice .

All right .

So this is an S L C super light .

Uh If you haven't heard of it , I don't blame you .

It's a little kit car here .

Uh but it's packing the old L S seven back .

This thing is crazy .

I mean probably weighs what like £2000 maybe and things pretty sick .

Alright , I guess homeboy here is already rolling out .

Ok .

That sounds insane .

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You think he's gonna send it ?

You think he's gonna send it ?

Well , a little race truck action going on the boosted S S so we missed your easy cars here and the Boss three oh two that has just since finished installing big old single turbo on it .

Powder coated white .

I like the look .

I like that look but boosted Boss 302 .

You can't go wrong with that man .

We got the homie rainbow pulling up in the Tiffany Hellcat .

He just freshly got some new set of meats on the back .

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No , W S six rolling up and ad T 500 .

So fun fact for you , son and mother's car .

Now , if that isn't some family goals right there .

I mean , hell cats on Hellcats on Hellcats .

Old school mustang man .

And the bullet green .

I love it .

Z 11 L E in the building .

The big wang he was here for like five minutes .

It is guys .

I say it in every video .

I'm pretty sure but I want one .

I want to see five F R C man .

Fix Coop .

I love it so much , man .

So sick .

Then we got the rest of old y'all rolling through , man .

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I love it now .

Well , the nice , nice , nice , nice that early s 1 97 G T 500 rolling through .

Got the C T S V roll up right ?

Followed by the Hellcat .

Of course .

Squad Gold .

Yeah .

Got the homie Brandon .

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Amazing Dr Jenny Coop trying to kill me .

Kind of run me over , bro .

We got the Lamborghini even our S V rolling up .

That is amazing .

That color shift M three .

It's pretty clean .

That's amazing .

I can't pay my car yet .

I we got an M four rolling up to .

Is this even an M four ?

Yes , it is an important night .

I like those wheels .

That is gorgeous .

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F this I was like , fine better next .

Got a little bit hellcat action rolling up .

Nice .

My friend black on the orange .

Um , that it's the mama nona .

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He shoot little baby fla I'll be rolling up and like I just , so we got sheriffs over here and some idiot in a truck country burnouts over there .

Go over there , get him , get him back .

Thing .

Looks good to the G 500 bumper or grill .

Sorry grill .

That is not , that looks good though .

I do like it at the backup .

They got three constables over there .

One constable here and apparently D P S is on the way .

Oh , yes .

Oh yeah , there we go .

Don't be , don't be idiots .

Don't be idiots .

Yes , sir .

I mean the lesson has to be learned , right ?

I mean , don't do stupid stuff at parks so they're here to enforce that .

This is so clean though .

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Alrighty .

So when you want to be dumb , this is what happens .

You play stupid games .

You win stupid prizes .

I mean daddy's not getting his truck back anymore .

Yeah , you have the state trooper joining the party , man .

You play stupid games .

You win stupid prizes .

That would be the moral of tonight's video .

All right .

Ask me if I feel bad .

Najib .

Ask me if I feel bad .

You feel bad .

I don't feel bad .

We got the puppy over there .

He's about to sniff out the lost las Dr and the dog .

We got 1235 tow trucks coming in to fight over .

Who gets the toe ?

I mean , what , what do they do in this situation where there's like five of them ?

It's just like whoever got the biggest dick gets the toe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I need some .

Yeah , I just , I probably put , this is the winner right here .

What is this dude doing ?

Dude ?

Imagine thinking you're this hard , man .

Oh , what is going on ?

I bet they all run like pussies when that dog come out and say how dude , all these little high school kids are yelling at the cops , man .

I I wanna see the cops come into water burger where they work and yell at them for doing their jobs and , and I on that said you heard me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So on this episode of dogs across Texas puppy does not care about the camera .

He just wants to , wants to smell legs .

What am I missing ?

This kid thinks he's way harder than he is .

The CS V .

Sounds pretty gnarly .

You're trying to get some runs in boss .

This thing is nice that gray .

This looks good as late as rent .

I love it .

4 48 Savage .

Get rolling up .

Alrighty guys .

That is it for this meeting .

It took a very entertaining turn to say the very least but play super games to win super prizes , but it's time to go out to Mexico now .


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